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How to Choose the Right RFID System: A Step-by-Step Guide for Energy Companies

This step-by-step guide walks energy, mining and utility executives through the processes of determining which type of radio frequency identification technology will best meet their needs for specific applications, such as personnel safety and asset tracking. It includes an explanation of the performance characteristics of passive LF, HF and UHF RFID systems, as well as different types of active RFID systems, real time location systems, RFID combined with other technologies, and alternatives to RFID.

Energy companies face special challenges in choosing the proper radio frequency identification system for their needs because their operations are complex, and they often operate in harsh environments. Now, for the first time, RFID Journal provides a guide to choosing the right system for the needs of energy, mining and utility companies, and explains the pros and cons of different RFID solutions for different applications.
This report details the many types of RFID technologies, including passive low-frequency (LF), high-frequency (HF) and ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) 433 MHz, 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz active systems; ultra-wideband (UWB); ZigBee; Wi-fi; and more. Plus, it features descriptions covering a wide variety of hybrid tags, including tags that combine RFID with infrared, GPS and sensors. This ultimate guide will help ensure that you choose the most suitable system to do the job at the lowest cost—get this newly released report now, at this special rate.

This special report was created to help energy companies choose the RFID technology that can best meet their needs in both the short and long term. It is designed to walk hospital executives through the process of determining their system requirements, and then matching those requirements to the proper RFID system. This document provides detailed information regarding the performance characteristics, standards, strengths, weaknesses and common applications for each type of passive, active and battery-assisted RFID system.

No report can conclusively determine the right RFID system for an energy company's particular needs, but this guide will help those charged with selecting a system narrow the options. Our goal is to reduce the time businesses spend researching the appropriate system, and to provide the information they need to choose a systems integrator and, perhaps, hardware and software providers (a good systems integrator will help with the technology-selection process).

Products mentioned in this report include:
- Passive
- LF
- HF
- and UHF; Active 433 MHz
- Active 915 MHz
- Active 2.45 GHz
- Zigbee
- Ultrasound
- Infrared
Part 1
What Is RFID?

The Major Types of RFID Systems

Part 2
A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Right RFID System for Your Application

1. Determine whether you want to deploy RFID as a point solution to solve one problem, or as an infrastructure approach to solve multiple problems.
2. Determine which objects and/or people you would like to track.
3. Determine over what distance each object or person needs to be identified and tracked.
4. Determine the location accuracy required for each item being tracked, as well as the layout of the environment.
5. Create a table within which you can place each item on your list.
6. Consider other factors that might influence which system is most appropriate:
- How large is the asset?
- How critical is knowledge of the asset's location?
- What other RF devices are in operation in the area in which the RFID system will be used?
- Do you need to monitor the item's condition?
- How much will deploying the system disrupt existing operational activities?
- Does the system need to be intrinsically safe?
- How important is data security?
- What is the total cost of ownership?
7. Prioritize the benefits of tracking and managing the objects, or groups of objects, on your list.
8. Engage the services of a good system integrator.
9. Pilot the system.
10.Roll out the system and expand it as needed.

Part 3
The Different Types of Passive RFID Systems


Passive Real-Time Locating Systems

Part 4
The Different Types of Active RFID Systems

-Proprietary Systems

Active Real-Time Locating Systems
-Proprietary Systems

Part 5
Battery-Assisted RFID Systems

Part 6
Hybrid RFID Systems
-RFID and Infrared

Part 7
RFID Sensor Networks

Part 8
Chipless RFID Systems
-RF-Resonant Fibers
-RF-Resonant Inks

Part 9
Alternatives to RFID
-2-D bar codes

1. The Components of an RFID System
2. RFID Health Care Applications
3. Leading RFID Technology Providers
Companies Mentioned
-Alien Technology
-Avery Dennison
-Blue Spark
-Guangzhou Zhensai Electronic Co.
-Identec Solutions
-Impeva Labs (now Cubic)
-Invengo Information Technology Co.
-Montalbano Technology
-National Instruments
-PolyIC GmbH & Co. KG
-RF Code
-RF Controls
-RFID Inc.
-Savi Technology
-Sealed Air (TurboTag)
-Somark Innovations
-Sonitor Technologies
-Texas Instruments
-Versus Technology
-Visible Assets
-Visonic Technologies
-Zebra Enterprise Solutions
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