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Indian Chemical Industry 2012 Product Image

Indian Chemical Industry 2012

  • ID: 2125568
  • May 2012
  • Region: India
  • 56 Pages
  • Gyan Research and Analytics Pvt. Ltd

This report encompasses an assessment of the chemicals industry in India, within the context of the global industry, and the opportunities and challenges it presents. The report analyses the diverse segments of the industry. The dynamics that propel the industry, namely opportunities, competition, infrastructure investment and regulatory policies are also studied in the report.

Executive Summary

A key constituent of the Indian economy that accounts for about five percent of the GDP, the Indian chemical industry has vital associations with several other industries such as automotives, consumer durables, food processing, iron and steel, textiles, paper, and engineering, among others. It is the eighth largest sector in the world and the third largest in Asia by volumes, after China and Japan. This report encompasses an assessment of the chemicals industry in India, within the context of the global industry, and the opportunities and challenges it presents. The country's chemical industry was estimated at USD 91 billion in 2011 and the authors believe that it has the potential to reach USD 134 billion by 2015 growing at a CAGR of 10 percent. The growth is expected to be driven READ MORE >

1. Executive Summary

2. Overview
2.1 Global
2.1.1 Market Size
2.1.2 Market Segmentation
2.1.3 Outlook
2.2 Indian
2.2.1 Market Size
2.2.2 Outlook

3. Indian Chemical Industry
3.1 Market Segmentation
3.1.1 Basic Chemicals
3.1.2 Pharmaceuticals
3.1.3 Petrochemicals
3.1.4 Speciality Chemicals
3.1.5 Agrochemicals
3.1.6 Biotechnology
3.2 Industry Trends
3.2.1 Trends in Basic Chemicals
3.2.2 Trends in the Pharmaceutical Industry
3.2.3 Trends in Petrochemical Industry
3.2.4 Trends in Speciality Chemical Industry
3.2.5 Trends in Agrochemical Industry
3.2.6 Trends in Biotechnology Industry
3.3 Industry Structure
3.4 Export & Import

4. SWOT Analysis

5. Regulatory Framework

6. Issues and Challenges
6.1 Investment in R&D
6.2 Cost of power
6.3 Development of Infrastructure
6.4 Quality Issues
6.5 Labour
6.6 Safety Concerns
6.7 High Cost Structure
6.8 Technological Issues
6.9 Low Capacity Utilization
6.10 Environmental Challenge

7. Opportunities
7.1 Technology and R&D Opportunities
7.2 Speciality Chemical Opportunities
7.3 Opportunities in Fertilizer Segment
7.4 Per-Capita Consumption

8. Cost Structure
8.1 Basic Chemicals
8.2 Petrochemicals
8.3 Agro-Chemicals

9. Investments
9.1 Domestic
9.2 Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs)
9.3 Major M&A Deals

10. Major Players

11. Outlook

List of Charts
Chart 1: Global Chemical Industry Market Size (2006-2010)
Chart 2: Forecast of Global Chemical Industry (2011-2015)
Chart 3: Top Five Chemical Producing Countries (2010)
Chart 4: Global Chemical Industry Segmentation- 2010
Chart 5: Percentage of Global Chemicals Sales- 2010
Chart 6: Global Export and Import of Chemicals - 2010
Chart 7: Indian Chemical Industry – Market Size (2006-2010)
Chart 8: Total Chemical Production in India (FY2007-FY2011)
Chart 9: Forecast of Indian Chemical Industry (2011-2015)
Chart 10: Chemical Industry Segmentation in India - 2010
Chart 11: Regional Concentration of Indian Chemical Industry- 2010
Chart 12: Total Installed Capacity of Major Chemicals - 2009-10
Chart 13: Indian Pharmaceutical Industry Market Size (2006-2010)
Chart 14: Total Installed Capacity of Major Petrochemicals - 2010-11
Chart 15: Segments of Indian Biotech Industry - 2010
Chart 16: FDI in Chemical Industry (except Fertilizers) - FY2007-FY2011

List of Figures
Figure 1: Segments in the Indian Biotechnology Industry
Figure 2: SWOT Analysis of Indian Chemical Industry

List of Tables
Table 1: Production of Major Basic Chemicals (FY2007-FY2011)
Table 2: Production of Major Petrochemicals (FY2007-FY2011)
Table 3: Export of Major Chemicals (FY2007-FY2011)
Table 4: Import of Major Chemicals (FY2007-FY2011)
Table 5: Comparative Cost Structure of Basic Chemical Industry
Table 6: Comparative Cost Structure of Petrochemical Industry
Table 7: Comparative Cost Structure of Agro-Chemical Industry
Table 8: Government Investment in Chemical Plants
Table 9: Major M&A Deals in Chemical Industry-FY2011
Table 10: Financials of TCL (FY2008-FY2011)
Table 11: Financials of RIL (FY2008-FY2011)
Table 12: Financials of UPL (FY2008-FY2011)
Table 13: Financials of GACL (FY2008-FY2011)
Table 14: Financials of Pidilite (FY2008-FY2011)
Table 15: Financials of IGL (FY2008-FY2011)

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