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The Indian economy, Asia's third-largest, has been growing briskly at above 8 percent for last couple of years. Indian cities dominate a new catalog of the world's fastest-growing 100 cities in terms of urbanization, with three cities in the top 10. In the context of the global scenario, despite the worldwide economic slump, the personal care market in India is one of the fastest-growing with a growth rate of 13 percent per annum and valued at USD 8.6 billion in 2010; personal care product market at USD 5.7 billion and wellness service market valued USD 2.9 billion in 2010. The sector is expected to reach USD 20.23 billion by 2017.

The personal care industry is directly aligned with the population base. With the median age at 25 years, India is among the world’s youngest nations, as compared to 43 years in Japan and 36 years in the US. In addition, the country’s population base of 1.2 billion people is estimated to rise to 1.5 billion people by the end of 2030. Urbanization will also increase by 45 percent in the next 30 years. India’s 1.2 billion people can be roughly divided into 250 million households. In recent times, the Indian consumers are looking for READ MORE >

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  • Cosmos
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1. Executive Summary

2. Overview
2.1 Global Perspective
2.2 Indian Overview

3. Industry Overview
3.1 Current Scenario
3.2. Market size and Trends
3.3 Growth Drivers
3.4. Critical Success Factors

4. Market Segmentation
4.1 Personal care Products
4.1.1 Beauty Products
4.1.2 Health and Hygiene Products
4.1.3 Feminine Hygiene
4.1.4 Personal care Appliances
4.1.5 Men’s Toiletries/Grooming Products
4.2 Personal care Services
4.2.1 Spa Industry
4.2.2 The Fitness Industry
4.2.3 Ayurvedic and Alternative Medicine Industry

5. Market Dynamics
5.1 Demand and Supply Analysis

6. Industry Forecast

7. SWOT Analysis

8. Policy, Rules and Regulations
8.1 FDI policies
8.2 Excise Duty
8.3 Service Tax
8.4 VAT
8.5 Import Duty
8.6 Others

9. Investment

10. Issues and Challenges

11. Key Players

12. Outlook

List of Charts
Chart 1: Global Personal care Industry 2010
Chart 2: Outlook of Global Personal care Industry
Chart 3: Global Percapita Spending on Personal care in 2010
Chart 4: Industry Life Cycle
Chart 5: Market Share of Oral Care in 2010
Chart 6: Household Sizes in 2010
Chart 7: Aggregate Middle class Disposable Income at 5 year intervals
Chart 8: Market Share of Beauty Products - 2010
Chart 9: Per Capita Consumption of Hygiene Products -2010
Chart 10: Comparative Consumption of Personal care Products (Rural-Urban) - 2010
Chart 11: Segment wise Revenues of Top Five Players - FY2011
Chart 12: Country wise Consumption of Grooming Products - 2011
Chart 13: Indian Fitness Industry (2009-2011)
Chart 14: Market Share of AYUSH - 2010
Chart 15: Alternative Medicine Market - 2010
Chart 16: Segment wise Average Household Consumption
Chart 17: Outlook Indian Personal Care Industry
Chart 18: Outlook of Employment Generation by Wellness services
Chart 19: Outlook of Indian Fitness Industry
Chart 20: Segmental Revenues of HUL - 2011

List of Tables
Table 1: Country-wise Personal care Market Size 2010
Table 2: Revenues of Key Personal care Appliances Players (in USD millions)
Table 3: Average cost structure of Indian Spa industry in 2010
Table 4: Top Players in Personal care Service (as on June 2011)
Table 5: Approximate Cost Structure of the Indian Spa Industry
Table 6: Global Cost Structure of Spa Industry
Table 7: Cost Comparison of Product Segment
Table 8: Mergers & Acquisitions
Table 9: Financials of Talwalkar’s Ltd.
Table 10: Financials of Zydus Wellness Ltd
Table 11: HUL Personal care Products
Table 12: Financials of HUL
Table 13: P&G Personal Care Products
Table 14: Emami Personal care Product

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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