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Transparent Conducting Oxides and Applications: Volume 1315. MRS Proceedings

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  • November 2011
  • 146 Pages
  • Cambridge University Press
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Low-cost, high-performance transparent conducting oxides are of great interest for reduced-cost optoelectronics, while amorphous oxides of ranging conductivity have attracted attention for interface modification, transistor and other technological applications. The basic material and physical properties are still being illuminated in these oxide systems, even as they become integral in a number of optoelectronic devices. Symposium MM, 'Transparent Conducting Oxides and Applications', held during the November 29-December 3, 2010 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, discussed the basic materials issues in transparent oxide systems, such as structure, doping, carrier transport, and optical properties. These topics along with the development of solutions and other novel deposition techniques for development of these materials and process-related properties were covered. This volume includes a cross-section of the research on basic materials properties and the technological applications of these materials covered during the symposium.

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1. Thermoelectric materials discovery using combinatorial chemistry Matin Amani;
2. Data mining-aided crystal engineering for the design of transparent conducting oxides Changwon Suh;
3. Novel fabrication method of ZnO films utilizing solid-phase crystallized seed layers Naho Itagaki;
4. Deposition of zinc oxide thin films using a surface reaction on platinum nanoparticles Kanji Yasui;
5. Visible ITO pattern in capacitive touch lens: cause and countermeasure Duk Su Kim;
6. Growth of CuO and CuGaO2 thin films by spin-coating method Katsuhiro Uesugi;
7. Atomic layer deposition of gallium-doped zinc oxide transparent conducting oxide films Paul Chalker;
8. High rate deposition of high quality ZnO:Al by filtered cathodic arc Rueben Mendelsberg;
9. ZnBeMgO thin films based UV detectors by spin coating Neeraj Panwar;
10. Bandgap engineered high mobility indium oxide thin films for photovoltaic applications R. Gupta;
11. Optoelectronic characterization of morphology-controlled zinc oxide nanowires Shou-Yi Kuo;
12. High mobility ZnO thin film transistors using the novel deposition of high-k dielectrics Richard Cross;
13. Surface characterization of Ga-doped ZnO layers Alison Baski;
14. A study of increased resistivity of FTO back contact for CZTS based absorber material grown by electrodeposition-annealing route Prashant Sarswat;
15. Progress in oxide-based electrochromics: towards roll-to-roll manufacturing Claes Granqvist;
16. Thermochromism of VO2 nanoparticles: calculated optical properties and applications to energy efficient windows Shuyi Li;
17. Effect of growth conditions on electronic and structural properties of GZO films grown by plasma-enhanced molecular beam epitaxy on p-GaN(0001)/sapphire templates Vitaliy Avrutin;
18. ZnO thin films of high crystalline quality deposited on sapphire and GaN substrates by high temperature sputtering Michal Borysiewicz;
19. Optimal design of a CIGS module grid Yiyang Li;
20. Thermal conductivity of amorphous indium zinc oxide thin films Ryo Endoh.

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Joseph J. Berry National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado.

Elvira Fortunato
Julia E. Medvedeva
Yuzo Shigesato Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan.

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