2012 Antivirus and Browser Security Report: How to Profit by Engaging the Gen Y Consumer Today

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  • April 2012
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Security software suppliers and potential distributors (including financial institutions, billers and issuers) have the opportunity to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship to provide consumers with PC security software. Suppliers can explore underserved markets, expand their customer base and build loyalty, while distributors can use the partnership to deepen their relationships with consumers. This report explores the benefits of establishing a partnership and ways to create the most effective distribution channel once the partnership is established.

Primary Questions:

- How are antivirus companies responding to the current market?

- How are consumers adapting and responding to man-in- the-browser threats?

- What are new distribution channels that security software suppliers can consider?

- How can financial institutions (FIs) and other entities invested in creating a secure online environment leverage a relationship with security vendors to further their interests?

- Which consumers are not using security software, and how can they be reached?

- Why aren't consumers utilizing security knowledge?


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Primary Questions


Executive Summary and Key Recommendations

Antivirus and PC Security Industry Update

Antivirus Software and Antimalware

Browser Security

Exploring Market Opportunities


Partnering to Improve Services

Managing Expectations

Targeting Gen Y

Importance of Onboarding Gen Y Early

Suggested Ways to Reach Gen Y

Creating Effective Distribution Channels: Reframing the Security Discussion

Establishing Effective Education

Rethinking the Reward System

Value to the Distributor

Meeting the Need for Security

Retaining and Satisfying Customers

Using Security Software to Modify Consumers' Behavior


Related Research

Table of Figures

Figure 1: Consumers' Familiarity with Malware, 2011

Figure 2: Consumers' Familiarity with Man-in-the-Browser Attacks, 2011

Figure 3: Benefits Distributors and Security Suppliers Gain from Establishing a Partnership

Figure 4: Level of Familiarity with Malicious Software by Generation, 2011

Figure 5: Reasons for Not Using Antivirus Despite Familiarity with Malware by Generation, 2011

Figure 6: Smartphone Ownership by Generation, 2011

Figure 7: Man-in-the-Browser Protection by Primary Bank, 2011

Figure 8: Perceived Riskiness of Activities by Consumers' Familiarity with Malware, 2011

Figure 9: Importance of Security to Consumers Choosing Financial Providers, 2009–2011

Figure 10: Relevant Factors for Consumers Considering Online Bill Pay, 2011

Figure 11: Consumers' Use of Security Precautions on PCs and Browsers, 2011

Figure 12: Perceived Riskiness of Online Activities, 2011

Figure 13: Services Consumers Would Like from FIs, 2011

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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