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Strategic Analysis of the European Trailer Telematics Market

  • ID: 2137039
  • February 2012
  • Region: Europe
  • 83 Pages
  • Frost & Sullivan

Is Trailer Telematics Perceived as a Catalyst for Fleet Optimization?

This research service provides the strategic analysis of the trailer telematics market in Europe. It discusses the penetration of telematics in different types of trailers such as dry box, curtain sider, flatbed, reefer, and tanker. The research provides valuable insights into the market's dynamics, trends, challenges, outlook, and the different packages offered by current telematics vendors. The study also provides a detailed market outlook in terms of market measurements covering the trailer vehicle in operations, subscriber forecast for both Western and Eastern Europe. The study identifies the benefits and challenges that vendors face and showcases trends that provide the foundation for them to increase their market presence

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1. Executive Summary

1.1 Definition and Overview of Trailer Telematics

1.2 Evolution of Trailer Telematics

1.3 Comparative Market Snapshot of Trailer Telematics

1.4 Product Life Cycle Analysis of Key Trailer Telematics Services

1.5 Levels of Solutions Offered by Key Market Participants

1.6 Opportunities by Country

1.7 Solution KPIs

1.8 360° Market Findings

2. Research Objective, Scope, Methodology, Background

3. Total Market Outlook

3.1 PESTLE Analysis

3.2 Industry Challenges

3.3 Market Drivers and Restraints

3.4 Trailer Telematics Product and Service Package

3.5 Trailer Telematics Technology Roadmap

3.6 Trailer Telematics Services Roadmap

3.7 Services Value Chain and Revenue Stream Tracking

3.8 Competitive Force Analysis

3.9 Choosing a Telematics Vendor

3.10 Return on Investment (ROI) Case Study

4. Trends and Analysis

4.1 Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

4.2 Effect of Persistent Recessionary Environment

4.3 Transport and Logistics

4.4 Partnerships to Understand and Gauge Industry Know-How

4.5 Reduce Vehicle Risk by Managing Driver Behavior

4.6 Durability and Power Management

4.7 Trailer Security Applications

4.8 Trailer Telematics Needs to be Bundled as Broader Service Offering

5. Market Measurements

5.1 Total Trailer VIO and Addressable Market in Europe

5.2 Trailer Telematics Subscriber Forecast by Scenario

5.3 Trailer Telematics Subscriber Forecast For Western and Eastern Europe

5.4 Replacement Demand Versus Original Demand Forecasts

5.5 Hardware and Service Revenue Forecast

5.6 Average Service Cost by Trailer Type

5.7 Trailer Telematics Penetration and Service Revenues by Trailer Type

5.8 Market Share Analysis of Market Participants

6. Company Profiles

6.1 Novacom Europe

6.2 Schmitz Cargobull (Cargobull Telematics)

6.3 IDEM–Krone

6.4 Transics

6.5 Qualcomm

6.6 Wabco

7. Strategic Conclusions and Analysis

8. Appendix

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

This Frost & Sullivan research service titled Strategic Analysis of the European Trailer Telematics Market analyses key dynamics and trends, projects the future outlook for the market and the opportunities it offers to the different members of the value chain. In this research, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the penetration of telematics in trailers, especially in reefer, dry box, tanker, curtain sider and flatbed trailers. The technologies covered include: trailer tracking, remote diagnostics, prognostics and cargo/temperature sensing.


Trailer Telematics Makes Strong Case for Being an Essential Component of Fleet Optimisation

The trailer telematics market is fast developing into a major growth engine for the commercial vehicles telematics market in Europe. Immense opportunities await telematics vendors as a majority of the trailer population in Europe (as well as North America) remains underpenetrated. Within the trailer telematics market, trailer location and tracking is the most developed application. However, security concerns and the need for effective mobile asset monitoring and management are creating several new applications that are positioned in the growth development phase. The cost of trailer telematics hardware is declining, and fleets and leasing companies, along with their customers, are realising the benefits of several emerging telematics solutions.

“Consolidation, horizontal collaboration and joint ventures among logistics operators is expected to increase the need for an integrated supply chain solutions provider providing end-to-end asset visibility,” notes the analyst of this research. To stay in business and survive competition, fleets must maximise efficiency in all aspects of their operations. Fleets are becoming aware of the tremendous productivity maximisation benefits that trailer telematics can offer to their day-to-day operations, thereby reducing costs.

Telematics Vendors should offer High Quality and Reliable Product-Service Mix

As trailers are an integral part of freight movement, enhancing elements such as productivity, security, and utilisation of these mobile assets that haul the bulk of industrial and consumer goods in Europe, is emerging as a key issue. “As the fleets' and leasing companies' operations get increasingly interfaced with that of their customers, the need for effective trailer tracking for productivity improvement is more critical now than ever before,” explains the analyst.

Efforts are being made to standardise enabling technologies and to absorb steady price declines, without compromising on profitability. In the medium-term, price-sensitiveness of the market is expected to ensure a future where price declines in both hardware and services market will be evident. “Aftermarket vendors are re-thinking their strategies and have decided to form partnerships with other trailer telematics vendors to market and test their respective low- to high-end trailer solutions, allowing them to gauge and understand the industry know how's,” remarks the analyst. Ultimately, telematics vendors offering services that are reliable and superior in quality are expected to be the most sought after. Participants will need to provide the right product and service mix to strengthen their value proposition.


Expert Frost & Sullivan analysts thoroughly examine the following market sectors in this research:

- Reefer trailers
- Dry box trailers
- Tanker trailers
- Curtain sider trailers
- Flatbed trailers

By Technology

- Trailer tracking
- Remote diagnostics
- Prognostics
- Cargo/temperature sensing

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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