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Initial conditions: Germany has many attributes that are conducive to sustainable long-term growth, including a highly skilled workforce, good infrastructure and stable institutions. Its economic underperformance in recent years has in large part been the result of deficient consumer demand, although there are some supply-side rigidities in services. The structural adjustment of a shift towards a more service-oriented economy will affect Germany more than many other OECD members, because the share of manufacturing industry in Germany is still substantially higher than in comparable countries.

Demographic trends: The population of working age will remain broadly stable until about 2010. In 2011-20 it is projected to decline at an annual average rate of 0.3% per year. Until 2020, the decline in the working-age population should be partly offset by an increase in participation and employment rates (the labour force and employed persons as a share of the population of working age). The tightening of conditions for long-term unemployment benefits has increased the incentive to seek jobs, and additional measures in the same direction are likely in the long term. Incentives for early READ MORE >

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Automotive Report Germany

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Automotive report

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