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Consumer Electronics and Wireless M2M – 2nd Edition

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  • Report
  • May 2012
  • 135 Pages
  • Berg Insight AB
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Consumer electronics devices with embedded mobile broadband are now becoming increasingly popular on many markets globally. Berg Insight estimates that worldwide shipments of wirelessly enabled consumer electronics products (tablets and PCs not included) will grow from 7.1 million in 2011 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 39.8 percent to 37.9 million in 2016. Get up to date with the latest trends from all main product categories and regions with this unique 130 page report.

Consumer Electronics and Wireless M2M is the second consecutive report from Berg Insight analysing the latest trends on the worldwide market for embedded cellular connectivity in consumer devices.

This strategic research report from Berg Insight provides you with 130 pages of unique business intelligence including 5-year industry forecasts and expert commentary on which to base your business decisions.

This report will allow you to:

- Understand the key enablers for growth in the connected consumer device market.
- Identify key players in the connected consumer device ecosystem.
- Benefit from detailed forecasts for eight different device categories until 2016.
- Learn about the dynamics of the consumer electronics market in Europe, North America and ROW.
- Evaluate the business opportunities in the emerging connected consumer device segment.
- Predict future market and technology developments.

This report answers the following questions:

Which consumer devices offer the best potential for embedded cellular connectivity?
What are the main drivers behind growth in Europe, North America and ROW?
When will cellular connectivity be a common option in consumer devices?
What are the experiences from adding cellular connectivity to consumer devices so far?
How will the global consumer device market evolve over the next five years?
In what ways will LTE impact the consumer M2M device market?
How can the mobile industry contribute to the adoption of wireless technology in consumer electronics?
Which are the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics products?

Who should buy this report?

Consumer Electronics and Wireless M2M is the foremost source of information about the adoption of embedded cellular connectivity in consumer devices. Whether you are a consumer device equipment vendor, telecom operator, content provider, investor, consultant, or government agency, you will gain valuable insights from our in-depth research.

About the Author

Johan Svanberg is a Senior Analyst with a Masters degree from Chalmers University of Technology. He joined Berg Insight in 2007 and his areas of expertise include embedded connectivity and wireless M2M markets.
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  • Amazon
  • China Mobile
  • Hanvon Technology
  • LG Electronics
  • Novatel Wireless
  • Sierra Wireless
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Executive summary
1 Introduction to consumer electronics and wireless M2M
1.1 The consumer electronics market
1.1.1 Consumer electronics market trends
1.1.2 Regional markets
1.2 Introduction to wireless M2M
1.2.1 Value chain
1.2.2 Device connectivity
1.2.3 Wireless networks
1.2.4 Wireless M2M applications
1.2.5 The wireless M2M communication provider market
1.2.6 The wireless module and chipset market
1.3 Wireless M2M and consumer electronics
1.3.1 Mobile data device categories
1.3.2 Consumer M2M devices
2 Media and entertainment
2.1 E-readers
2.1.1 The e-book market
2.1.2 The e-reader market
2.1.3 E-readers and cellular connectivity
2.1.4 Business models for connected e-readers
2.2 Portable media players
2.2.1 The portable media player market
2.2.2 PMPs and cellular connectivity
2.3 Gaming Consoles
2.3.1 The gaming console market
2.3.2 Mobile gaming
2.3.3 Gaming consoles and cellular connectivity
3 Imaging
3.1 Digital cameras
3.1.1 The digital still camera market
3.1.2 The digital video camera market
3.1.3 Digital cameras and cellular connectivity
3.2 Digital photo frames
3.2.1 The digital photo frame market
3.2.2 Digital photo frames and cellular connectivity
4 Navigation, tracking and monitoring
4.1 Personal navigation and traffic information devices
4.1.1 The personal navigation device market
4.1.2 Connected personal navigation devices
4.1.3 Speed camera warning devices
4.2 Personal tracking and monitoring devices
4.2.1 Consumer oriented personal tracking devices
4.2.2 Wellness and fitness devices
4.2.3 Sensor devices
5 Market forecasts and trends
5.1 Global market outlook
5.2 Market trends and drivers
5.2.1 Devices
5.2.2 Cellular networks, modules and chipsets
5.2.3 Providing international coverage
5.2.4 Business model innovation
5.3 Market forecasts – Media and entertainment
5.3.1 E-readers
5.3.2 Portable media players
5.3.3 Gaming consoles
5.4 Market forecasts – Imaging
5.4.1 Digital cameras
5.4.2 Digital photo frames
5.5 Market forecasts – Navigation, tracking and monitoring
5.5.1 Personal navigation and traffic information devices
5.5.2 Personal tracking and monitoring devices
5.6 Regional market developments
6 Consumer device vendors
6.1 Key consumer electronics vendors
6.1.1 Samsung Electronics
6.1.2 Sony
6.1.3 Apple
6.1.4 LG Electronics
6.2 Media and entertainment device vendors
6.2.1 Amazon
6.2.2 Barnes & Noble
6.2.3 Hanvon Technology
6.2.4 Nintendo
6.2.5 Microsoft
6.2.6 Archos
6.3 Imaging device vendors
6.3.1 Canon
6.3.2 Nikon
6.3.3 Olympus
6.3.4 Panasonic
6.3.5 Fujifilm
6.3.6 Pandigital
6.3.7 Isabella Products
6.4 Personal navigation and traffic information device vendors
6.4.1 Garmin
6.4.2 Navigon
6.4.3 TomTom
6.4.4 MiTAC
6.4.5 Coyote Systems
7 Telecom industry players
7.1 Mobile network operators
7.1.1 China Mobile
7.1.2 AT&T
7.1.3 Vodafone
7.1.4 Verizon Communications
7.1.5 Deutsche Telekom
7.1.6 Telefónica
7.1.7 NTT DoCoMo
7.1.8 KDDI
7.1.9 Softbank
7.1.10 Telenor
7.1.11 KPN
7.2 Wireless M2M module vendors
7.2.1 Sierra Wireless
7.2.2 Novatel Wireless
7.2.3 AnyDATA
7.2.4 Huawei
7.2.5 Cinterion
7.2.6 Telit
7.2.7 SIMCom
7.3 Chipset and M2M platform vendors
7.3.1 Qualcomm
7.3.2 Intel
7.3.3 MediaTek
7.3.4 ST-Ericsson
7.3.5 Ericsson
7.3.6 Jasper Wireless

List of Figures
Figure 1.1: Leading consumer electronics companies
Figure 1.2: Consumer electronics market share by segment (World 2006–2011)
Figure 1.3: Consumer electronics market share by region (World 2006–2011)
Figure 1.5: Wireless M2M device value chain overview
Figure 1.4: Core elements of wireless M2M solutions
Figure 1.6: Cost versus time diagram for wireless technology integration
Figure 1.7: Theoretical peak data rates by technology
Figure 1.8: M2M subscriber data for the top ten global telecom operators (Q4-2011)
Figure 1.9: Top wireless module vendors, by M2M sales and shipments (World 2011)
Figure 1.10: Cellular chipset revenues by vendor (World 2011)
Figure 1.11: Mobile data device categories
Figure 1.12: Examples of consumer M2M devices
Figure 2.1: 3G connected e-readers
Figure 2.2: E-book revenues as share of total book sales (US 2004–2011)
Figure 2.3: The book market value chain
Figure 2.4: E-reader shipments (World 2008–2011)
Figure 2.5: E-reader market shares (World 2011)
Figure 2.6: Prices of popular e-readers (January 2012)
Figure 2.7: E-readers with cellular connectivity (Q1-2012)
Figure 2.8: PMP shipments (World 2005–2011)
Figure 2.9: Portable media players
Figure 2.10: Apple and Sony PMP shipments (World 2008–2011)
Figure 2.11: Non portable gaming consoles
Figure 2.12: Non portable gaming console shipments (World 2007–2011)
Figure 2.13: Handheld gaming console shipments (World 2007–2011)
Figure 2.14: Nintendo 3DS and Sony PlayStation Vita
Figure 2.15: The Apple iPod Touch
Figure 2.16: Mobile and handheld game software revenue share (EA 2009–2011)
Figure 3.1: Digital camera shipments (World 2005–2011)
Figure 3.2: Digital still camera shipments by region (World 2005–2011)
Figure 3.3: Digital still camera vendor market shares (World 2011)
Figure 3.4: Digital video camera shipments (World 2005–2011)
Figure 3.5: Canon Ixus 510HS and Panasonic GX1
Figure 3.6: Digital camera shipments by segment (World 2005–2011)
Figure 3.7: Digital photo frame shipments (World 2005–2011)
Figure 3.8: 3G connected digital photo frames
Figure 3.9: Examples of cellular connected photo frames
Figure 4.1: Evolution of portable navigation solutions
Figure 4.2: Annual PND shipments and revenues (World 2005–2011)
Figure 4.3: PND vendor market shares (World 2006–2011)
Figure 4.4: Latest connected PNDs from Garmin and TomTom
Figure 4.5: Connected personal tracking devices
Figure 5.1: Consumer M2M communication market by segment (World 2010–2016)
Figure 5.2: Hardware and content sales symbiosis for media and entertainment devices
Figure 5.3: E-reader shipments and cellular connectivity (World 2010–2016)
Figure 5.4: PMP shipments and cellular connectivity (World 2009–2016)
Figure 5.5: Handheld gaming console shipments (World 2008–2016)
Figure 5.6: Non portable gaming console shipments (World 2009–2016)
Figure 5.7: Digital camera shipments and cellular connectivity (World 2008–2016)
Figure 5.8: Digital photo frame shipments and cellular connectivity (World 2009–2016)
Figure 5.9: PND and traffic information device shipments (World 2009–2016)
Figure 5.10: Connected tracking and monitoring device shipments (World 2010–2016)
Figure 5.11: Connected consumer device shipments by region (World 2010–2016)
Figure 6.1: Amazon e-ink Kindle shipments (World 2008–2011)
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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  • Amazon
  • China Mobile
  • Hanvon Technology
  • LG Electronics
  • Novatel Wireless
  • Sierra Wireless
  • MORE
Shipments of consumer M2M devices will reach 37.9 million in 2016

According to a new research report from Berg Insight, the number of shipped consumer M2M devices with cellular connectivity grew to 7.1 million worldwide in 2011, up from 6.4 million in the previous year. This relatively new breed of connected devices – neither classified as handsets, PCs, tablets nor traditional M2M devices – have strong growth potential. E-readers and PNDs are the most common consumer M2M devices already shipping in millions. Handheld gaming consoles, personal tracking devices and wellness devices are promising categories as well. In the next five years, shipments of consumer M2M devices are forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 39.8 percent to reach 37.9 million devices in 2016. "Cellular connectivity gives the freedom of being connected everywhere and there are already 12.7 million consumer M2M devices in use worldwide" says Johan Svanberg, Senior Analyst, Berg Insight. Consumer awareness, decreasing prices of modules and chipsets together with massive global deployments of high speed cellular networks such as LTE will have a positive impact on the market. "In a not too distant future, a substantial part of all content and services will be delivered through mobile channels. All companies – from device vendors, content owners to service providers – need to prepare for this change and have a well thought out mobile strategy in order to stay relevant", added Mr. Svanberg.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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- Amazon
- Apple
- Archos
- AT&T
- Barnes & Noble
- Canon
- China Mobile
- Cinterion
- Coyote Systems
- Deutsche Telekom
- Ericsson
- Fujifilm
- Garmin
- Hanvon Technology
- Huawei
- Intel
- Isabella Products
- Jasper Wireless
- LG Electronics
- MediaTek
- Microsoft
- Navigon
- Nikon
- Nintendo
- Novatel Wireless
- NTT DoCoMo
- Olympus
- Panasonic
- Pandigital
- Qualcomm
- Samsung Electronics
- Sierra Wireless
- SIMCom
- Softbank
- Sony
- ST-Ericsson
- Telefónica
- Telenor
- Telit
- TomTom
- Verizon Communications
- Vodafone
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown