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Retail Applications and Wireless M2M – 2nd Edition Product Image

Retail Applications and Wireless M2M – 2nd Edition

  • Published: June 2012
  • 153 Pages
  • Berg Insight AB


  • Allomachines
  • CCV
  • FARA
  • Margento
  • POM
  • Spire Payments
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What is the status for wireless M2M communication in the retail sector? POS terminals and on street parking solutions are two areas where the new technology is already widely adopted. The report also covers vending machines, ATMs and ticketing machines. Berg Insight forecasts that the number of cellular M2M connections in the retail industry will grow at a CAGR of 21.6 percent from 10.3 million in 2011 to 33.2 million connections worldwide in 2017. Learn more about the business opportunities associated with the transformation of the retail industry in this new report in the M2M research series from Berg Insight.

Retail Applications and Wireless M2M is the second consecutive report from Berg Insight that gives first-hand insights into the adoption of wireless connectivity in the vending, parking, ticketing, ATM and POS terminal markets.

This strategic research report from Berg Insight provides you with 150 pages of unique business intelligence including 5-year industry forecasts and expert commentary on which to base your business decisions.

Highlights from the second edition of the report:
- Insights from 40 new executive interviews with market leading companies.
- Overview READ MORE >

Executive summary
1 POS terminals and ATMs
1.1 Payment infrastructure
1.1.1 POS terminals
1.1.2 Automated teller machines
1.2 Evolution of electronic payments
1.2.1 EMV migration
1.2.2 Adoption of mobile data communication solutions
1.2.3 Rollout of NFC-ready terminals
1.3 POS terminal vendors
1.3.1 Atos Worldline
1.3.2 CCV
1.3.3 CyberNet
1.3.4 Equinox Payments
1.3.5 Ingenico
1.3.6 Key Innovations
1.3.7 Margento
1.3.8 PAX Technology
1.3.9 REA Card
1.3.10 Spire Payments
1.3.11 Thyron Systems
1.3.12 VeriFone
1.3.13 ViVOtech
1.4 ATM manufacturers and connectivity solution providers
1.4.1 Contour Networks
1.4.2 Diebold
1.4.3 Digi International
1.4.4 DPL Group
1.4.5 NCR
1.4.6 OptConnect
1.4.7 Triton
1.4.8 Wincor Nixdorf
2 Vending machines
2.1 Vending industry players
2.1.1 Vending technology providers
2.1.2 Vending machine manufacturers
2.1.3 Product suppliers
2.1.4 Vending operators
2.2 Payment systems
2.2.1 Coin mechanisms and bill validators
2.2.2 Cashless payments
2.2.3 Mobile phone payments and NFC
2.3 Vending telemetry
2.3.1 Remote monitoring of vending machines
2.3.2 Vending telemetry in Europe
2.3.3 Vending telemetry in North America
2.4 Vending telemetry solution providers
2.4.1 Allomachines
2.4.2 Apriva
2.4.3 BiTX
2.4.4 Cantaloupe Systems
2.4.5 Coinco
2.4.6 cStar Technologies
2.4.7 Mecsel
2.4.8 MEI
2.4.9 Microtronic
2.4.10 Nayax
2.4.11 Smarcom
2.4.12 USA Technologies
2.4.13 Vendon
2.4.14 VendScreen
2.4.15 Vianet
2.5 Vending machine manufacturers
2.5.1 Automated Merchandising Systems
2.5.2 Azkoyen Group
2.5.3 Bianchi Vending Group
2.5.4 Crane
2.5.5 Deutsche Wurlitzer
2.5.6 FAS International
2.5.7 Fastcorp
2.5.8 Jofemar
2.5.9 N&W Global Vending
2.5.10 Rheavendors Group
2.5.11 Royal Vendors
2.5.12 SandenVendo
2.5.13 Seaga
2.5.14 Sielaff
2.5.15 Westomatic
2.5.16 Wittern Group
2.6 Vending operators
2.6.1 Aramark
2.6.2 Autobar Group
2.6.3 Canteen Vending Services
2.6.4 Selecta
2.6.5 Sodexo
3 Parking meters
3.1 The parking industry
3.1.1 Parking industry players
3.1.2 Single-space and multi-space meters in Europe and North America
3.1.3 Pay-by-phone parking
3.2 Connected parking meters
3.2.1 Mobile data communication solutions for parking meters
3.2.2 Connected multi-space parking meters
3.2.3 Connected single-space parking meters
3.3 Parking solution vendor profiles
3.3.1 Cale Access
3.3.2 Digital Payment Technologies
3.3.3 Duncan Solutions
3.3.4 Hectronic
3.3.5 IPS Group
3.3.6 MacKay Meters
3.3.7 Metric
3.3.8 Parkare Group
3.3.9 Parkeon
3.3.10 POM
3.3.11 Siemens
3.4 Private parking operators
4 Public transport ticketing
4.1 Modal split of passenger transport
4.2 Bus and rail fleets
4.3 Fare collection systems
4.3.1 Fare payment
4.3.2 Fare collection devices
4.3.3 Installed base
4.3.4 Mobile data communication solutions
4.4 Fare collection system vendors
4.4.1 Cubic Transportation Systems
4.4.2 Scheidt & Bachmann
4.4.3 Thales
4.4.4 Vix
4.4.5 Xerox Transportation Solutions
4.4.6 Almex
4.4.7 FARA
4.4.8 Indra
4.4.9 INIT
4.4.10 IVU
5 Forecasts and conclusions
5.1 Wireless M2M in the retail industry
5.1.1 Cellular M2M device shipments
5.1.2 Cellular M2M network connections
5.2 POS terminals
5.2.1 Market developments and trends
5.2.2 Cellular POS terminal market forecast
5.2.3 NFC POS terminal market forecast
5.3 ATMs
5.3.1 Market developments and trends
5.3.2 ATM connectivity market forecast
5.4 Vending machines
5.4.1 Market developments and trends
5.4.2 North American vending telemetry market forecast
5.4.3 European vending telemetry market forecast
5.5 Parking meters
5.5.1 Market developments and trends
5.5.2 Connected multi-space parking meter market forecast
5.5.3 Connected single-space parking meter market forecast
5.6 Public transport ticketing
5.6.1 Market developments and trends
5.6.2 Market forecast

List of Figures
Figure 1.1: Installed base of POS terminals and ATMs (World 2006–2010)
Figure 1.2: POS terminal density by country (World 2010)
Figure 1.3: Stationary and mobile POS terminals
Figure 1.4: Card reader modules for mobile computing devices
Figure 1.5: ATM density by country (World 2010)
Figure 1.6: EFTPOS penetration in select countries (2010)
Figure 1.7: EMV implementation status (World 2011)
Figure 1.8: Shipments of POS terminals with cellular connectivity (World 2011)
Figure 1.9: Installed base of POS terminals with cellular connectivity (World 2011)
Figure 1.10: Shipments of NFC-ready POS terminals by region (World 2011)
Figure 1.11: POS terminal shipments by manufacturer (World 2011)
Figure 1.12: Equinox Payments POS terminals
Figure 1.13: Margento mPos data-over-voice POS terminal
Figure 1.14: PAX Technology POS terminals
Figure 2.1: Vending machine density by region (World 2011)
Figure 2.2: Examples of vending machines
Figure 2.3: Installed base of vending machines by country (Europe 2008)
Figure 2.4: Examples of product suppliers and brands
Figure 2.5: Examples of coin mechanisms and bill validators
Figure 2.6: Examples of cashless payment devices for open and closed systems
Figure 2.7: Vending telemetry vendor market shares (Europe Q1-2012)
Figure 2.8: Vending telemetry vendor market shares (North America Q1-2012)
Figure 2.9: Development of the vending telemetry market in North America (2009–2011)
Figure 2.10: Installed base of telemetry devices by vendor (World Q1-2012)
Figure 2.11: Product portfolios of vending machine manufacturers (2012)
Figure 3.1: Examples of connected single-space and multi-space meters
Figure 3.2: Share of connected multi-space parking meters by vendor (World 2011)
Figure 3.3: Share of connected single-space parking meters by vendor (World 2011)
Figure 3.4: Parking meter offering by vendor
Figure 3.5: Selected European and North American parking operators
Figure 4.1: Modal split of passenger transport on land (EU and NA 2008)
Figure 4.2: Bus and rail fleets in public transport (EU and NA 2010)
Figure 4.3: Evolution of fare payments
Figure 4.4: Fare collection device segments
Figure 4.5: Installed base of contactless fare collection devices (EU and NA 2011)
Figure 4.6: Scheidt & Bachmann fare collection devices
Figure 4.7: Almex fare collection devices
Figure 5.1: Cellular M2M connections in the retail industry (World 2011)
Figure 5.2: Cellular M2M retail device shipments by region (World 2011–2017)
Figure 5.3: Cellular M2M retail device connections by region (World 2011–2017)
Figure 5.4: Deployment of NFC and cellular technologies (World 2011–2017)
Figure 5.5: Cellular POS terminal shipments by region (World 2011–2017)
Figure 5.6: Cellular POS terminal installed base by region (World 2011–2017)
Figure 5.7: NFC POS terminal shipments by region (World 2011–2017)
Figure 5.8: NFC POS terminal installed base by region (World 2011–2017)
Figure 5.9: Installed base of wirelessly connected ATMs (EU and NA 2011–2017)
Figure 5.10: Installed base of vending telemetry devices (EU and NA 2011–2017)
Figure 5.11: Vending telemetry market forecast (North America 2011–2017)
Figure 5.12: Vending telemetry market forecast (Europe 2011–2017)
Figure 5.13: Connected parking meters (World 2011–2017)
Figure 5.14: Multi-space parking meter market forecast (World 2011–2017)
Figure 5.15: Single-space parking meter market forecast (World 2011–2017)
Figure 5.16: Installed base of contactless fare collection devices (EU and NA 2011)

Cellular M2M connections in the retail industry surpassed 10 million in 2011

The number of cellular M2M connections in the retail industry reached 10.3 million worldwide in 2011, according to a new research report from Berg Insight. Cellular M2M technology enables devices such as POS terminals, ATMs and ticketing machines to be used at new locations where fixed line connectivity is unavailable or impractical. The technology has a more transformational effect on markets such as vending and parking, where machine operators need to reorganize their operations in order to benefit from the availability of real-time information. Berg Insight forecasts that the number of cellular M2M connections in the global retail industry will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.6 percent during the next six years to reach 33.2 million connections in 2017. Shipments of cellular M2M devices for retail applications will at the same time increase at a CAGR of 10.7 percent from 5.2 million units in 2011 to 9.6 million units in 2017. “POS terminals will constitute the lion’s share of cellular M2M connections in the retail sector throughout the forecast period” says Lars Kurkinen, Telecom Analyst, Berg Insight. “But the penetration rate for cellular connectivity is today actually highest in the multi-space parking meter segment where it is well above 30 percent” he adds. Berg Insight expects that the vending machine segment will present a major opportunity for wireless connectivity in the long term and the study indicates that vending telemetry solutions will be the fastest growing segment during the next six years. In Europe, the installed base of vending telemetry devices is projected to grow from 75,000 units in 2011 to 324,000 units in 2017. Similarly, the installed base in North America is projected to increase from 0.25 million units in 2011 to one million units by 2017. “Every vending machine will eventually be connected, but costs for the wireless M2M hardware and subscriptions still need to come down significantly before this vision becomes reality”, Mr Kurkinen concludes.

- Allomachines
- Almex
- Apriva
- Aramark
- Atos Worldline
- Autobar Group
- Azkoyen Group
- Bianchi Vending Group
- BiTX
- Cale Access
- Cantaloupe Systems
- Canteen Vending Services
- Coinco
- Contour Networks
- Crane
- cStar Technologies
- Cubic Transportation Systems
- CyberNet
- Deutsche Wurlitzer
- Diebold
- Digi International
- Digital Payment Technologies
- DPL Group
- Duncan Solutions
- Equinox Payments
- FAS International
- Fastcorp
- Hectronic
- Indra
- Ingenico
- IPS Group
- Jofemar
- Key Innovations
- MacKay Meters
- Margento
- Mecsel
- Metric
- Microtronic
- N&W Global Vending
- Nayax
- OptConnect
- Parkare Group
- Parkeon
- PAX Technology
- REA Card
- Rheavendors Group
- Royal Vendors
- SandenVendo
- Scheidt & Bachmann
- Seaga
- Selecta
- Sielaff
- Siemens
- Smarcom
- Sodexo
- Spire Payments
- Thales
- Thyron Systems
- Triton
- USA Technologies
- Vendon
- VendScreen
- VeriFone
- Vianet
- ViVOtech
- Vix
- Westomatic
- Wincor Nixdorf
- Wittern Group
- Xerox Transportation Solutions

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