The Enterprise Mobile App Market Status Report 2012

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  • June 2012
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  • Alcatel-Lucent
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  • Euro RSCG
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The Enterprise Mobile App Market Status Report 2012 provides a comprehensive overview of the market for enterprise mobility. It provides data, key market figures, technological and social trends and an analysis on the enterprise mobile app market. It highlights and discusses strategies employed by enterprises currently deploying mobile solutions and how enterprise mobility service providers are fulfilling the demand for services and products. It is targeted towards enterprises aiming to further their mobile capabilities and developers, both new entrants and those that already operate in this market, that want to understand what other market players are offering and what enterprises are looking for.

The Enterprise Mobile App Market Status Report 2012 covers three key market dimensions:

A) The market for enterprise mobile apps:
The report provides a detailed description of the drivers of mobile app adoption in the enterprise. It also includes a detailed picture and description of the enterprise mobile app value chain and where various service providers’ offerings fall into the value chain.

B) The current state of enterprise mobility and enterprise app sourcing:

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  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • Carrefour
  • Euro RSCG
  • HSBC
  • Motorola Solution
  • Sapient
  • MORE

1 Contents
2 Preface
3 Characterizing the market for mobile apps in the enterprise
3.1 Drivers of mobile app adoption
3.2 Enterprise mobile app value chain
3.3 Scope of the report
4 Status of mobile apps in the enterprise
4.1 How companies are using enterprise apps
4.1.1 Mobile device policy in the enterprise
4.1.2 Current and planned usage/functionality of mobile enterprise apps
4.1.3 Mobile enterprise app sourcing, platforms and distribution
4.1.4 Planned investments in enterprise apps and downloads
4.1.5 Barriers to adoption and issues of security
4.1.6 Benefits associated with app usage
5 Status of enterprise apps sourcing
5.1 Enterprise-relevant apps within the consumer apps ecosystem
5.1.1 Overview of stores and enterprise-relevant categories
5.1.2 Apps with high relevance for the enterprise
5.1.3 the 10 categories of “Core enterprise” apps
5.2 Enterprise-oriented mobile service offerings (legacy and emerging vendors)
5.2.1 Status of mobile offerings from traditional enterprise vendors
5.2.2 Status of mobile offerings from oem/hardware vendors
5.2.3 Status of mobile enterprise offerings from mobile os leaders
5.2.4 Status of mobile offerings from “mobile first” vendors
6 Mobile device and app management
6.1 Status of mobile device management (mdm) systems illustrated along top 5 vendors
6.2 status of Mobile enterprise application platforms (meaps) illustrated along top 5 vendors
7 Outlook: enterprise app market trends and challenges
7.1 Trends
7.2 Challenges
8 About research2guidance
9 Appendix
9.1 Enterprise mobile apps: reality check survey participants
9.2 List of business apps surveyed
9.3 additional examples of core enterprise app developer types
9.4 Glossary

List of Figures:
Figure 1: The proliferation of mobile devices
Figure 2: Factors driving the growth of mobile apps in the enterprise
Figure 3: Enterprise mobile app value chain
Figure 4: Vendors and service providers along the enterprise mobile app value chain
Figure 5: Broad classification of apps employed by the enterprise
Figure 6: Enterprise mobile devices policies (status quo and anticipated changes)
Figure 7: Mobile enterprise apps and their evolving importance
Figure 8: Enterprise deployment of b2e mobile apps by department
Figure 9: Enterprise deployment of b2p mobile apps by function
Figure 10: Enterprise deployment of b2c mobile apps by function
Figure 11: Types of apps planned to be launched during 2012 and 2013
Figure 12: Mobile platforms running enterprise apps
Figure 13: Current and planned development/sourcing of mobile apps
Figure 14: Enterprise mobile app distribution
Figure 15: Estimated investment in enterprise mobile apps in the next 2 years (in us$)
Figure 16: Change in annual budget for the development and management of mobile apps over next three years
Figure 17: total downloads number of b2c of apps
Figure 18: Barriers to mobile enterprise app implementation
Figure 19: Experienced benefits of using b2c apps
Figure 20: Experienced benefits of using b2e apps
Figure 21: Experienced benefits of using b2p apps
Figure 22: Total number of apps in os/oem stores (Q2 2009 – Q4 2011)
Figure 23: Number of potentially relevant off-the-shelf enterprise apps
Figure 24: Enterprise App Penetration in Major App Stores (q1 2012)
Figure 25: Paid vs. free apps & share of paid apps in enterprise-relevant categories
Figure 26: Share of apps in app stores according to their relevance for enterprises
Figure 27: Types of vendors targeting enterprise mobility
Figure 28: Sap app store apps by operating system
Figure 29: Example of sap app pricing categories
Figure 30: Cisco and lenovo app store comparison
Figure 31: Selection and source categories for apple's @work selection
Figure 32: Free and paid apps in apple's @work selection
Figure 33: Oomniza asset suite app
Figure 34: Taptera ""collateral"" for ipad
Figure 35: Survey respondents by region and country
Figure 36: Survey respondents by industry and country size

List of Tables:
Table 1: Classification of business apps
Table 2: Business app survey average displayed price results
Table 3: Categorization of “core enterprise” apps
Table 4: Examples of “audit/Evaluation” apps
Table 5: Examples of “business Intelligence” apps
Table 6: Examples of “collaborative” apps
Table 7: Examples of “crm” apps
Table 8: Examples of “erp” apps
Table 9: Examples of “it” apps
Table 10: Examples of “manufacturing/engineering/farming” apps
Table 11: Examples of “organizational/operational” apps
Table 12: Examples of “sales/marketing” apps
Table 13: Examples of “service” apps
Table 14: Overview of select traditional enterprise vendors’ mobile offerings
Table 15: Mobile enterprise app market trends
Table 16: Mobile enterprise app market challenges
Table 17: Examples of “mobile first” developers
Table 18: Examples of “back-end mobility” developers
Table 19: Examples of “diverse portfolio” developers

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Some of the 476 survey participants include:

- Alcatel-Lucent
- Altran
- American Express Travel
- AT&T
- Atos
- Barnes and Noble Digital Products
- BB&T
- Capgemini
- Carrefour
- Citi
- Citibank
- Citrix Online
- Dell
- Ericsson Nikola Tesla
- Euro RSCG
- Fujitsu
- Gemalto
- General Motors
- Havs Media
- Hennes & Mauritz
- Hitachi Data Systems
- HP
- IDS Infotech
- Infosys
- Ixonos
- JP Morgan
- LG
- Marks &Spencer
- Motorola Solution
- NIIT Technologies
- Nokia
- Orange
- Sage
- Samsung
- Sapient
- Siemens
- T-Systems
- Staples
- Steria
- Thomson Reuters
- Walmart
- Wincor Nixdorf

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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