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B2C E-commerce Market Sizing Report India 2012

The B2C E-commerce Industry in India has come a long way since its early days. This market has matured and new players have entered the market space. Indian digital consumers are showing a great propensity and inclination to search and buy things online. Retail on Internet is witnessing very positive growth trends with various new E-commerce vendors hitting the market and each diversifying to meet the competition. As a result the B2C E-commerce space is witnessing a spur in demand with diversified range of services on offer. The present study captures all these trends by defining the B2C E-commerce ecosystem and sizes the B2C E-commerce market space in India inclusive of all of its key segments. Including online travel, classifieds, digital downloads and online retail in terms of the goods and services sold online either through a catalogue site or through a branded site. The report is a one stop referral point for the B2C E-commerce Industry in India.

The present study sizes the B2C E-commerce market space in India inclusive of all of its key constituent segments; and forecasts this market in terms of revenues of the lead vendors. All the key B2C E-commerce segments revenue sizes have been used to arrive at the total size of the entire B2C E-commerce market in India. The present report chalks out a growth trajectory for the B2C E-commerce space in India by sizing the B2C E-commerce market for the year 2010 to 2015.This report covers the following key B2C E-commerce market categories for the year 2010-12;

a. Airline ticket/Reservations, Tours/ Hotel Reservations

b. Classifieds (Matrimonial Services & Jobs)

c. Digital Downloads

d. Clothing/Accessories/Shoes

e. Consumer Electronics/Computer Hardware (Recreational)

f. Jewellery & Watches

g. CDs/MP3/Video/Cassettes/DVDs/ Computer Software (Communications)

h. Beauty Products/Cosmetics/Nutrition Supplies & Toilet Products Personal Non Durables

i. Event & Movie Tickets (Entertainment),Leisure (Books, Gifts, Music, Flowers & Gifts), Sporting Goods

j. Videos & Games Download

k. Food, Home Provision, & Groceries

The category-wise sizing of each of the market, Internet buyers coming from each of these segments and the demographics of Indian Internet users and Internet buyers make this study a first of its kind in India. B2C E-commerce vendors now for the first time have latest most reliable stats and numbers in their hand to make crucial business decisions in their respective B2C E-commerce category.
1. Executive Summary
2. Methodology
3. Situation Overview
4. Introduction to B2C E-commerce landscape in India
5. Number of Internet users, Mobile users, and their Penetration rates
6. Demographic Profile of Regular Online Buyers in India, 2008-2015
7. Prevalent B2C E-commerce Business models/Revenue models
8. B2C E-tailing Business Models,
9. Lead B2C E-commerce Shopping Portals in India
10. Indian B2C E-Commerce Market Ecosystem
11. B2C E-commerce market drivers in India
12. Indian B2C E-commerce Value Chain
13. Lead Indian B2C E-commerce Vendors
14. Total India B2C E-commerce Market Sizing (In terms of revenues INR) 2008-2012
15. B2C E-commerce and Social Networking Sites, Mobility,
16. Conclusion
17. Figures and Tables

Figure1: E-commerce Value Chain
Figure2: Characteristics of M-commerce
Table1:B2C E-commerce Product Categories Including E-retail
Table2: Internet Users and Broadband Households in Select Countries in the Asia-Pacific Region, 2006 & 2011
Table3: Mobile Phone Subscribers, Population, and Penetration in the Asia-Pacific Region, 2009-14 (in thousands)
Table4: Population in India (In million), 2010-2012
Table5: Internet Users and Penetration in India, 2010-2012
Table6: Broadband Households and Subscriptions in India, 2010-2012
Table7: Type of Mobile Phone Users in India, (in millions) 2010-12
Table8: Internet Buyers in India, 2008-2012
Table9: Mobile Internet Buyers in India, 2010-2012
Table10: Demographic Profile of Online Buyers in India 2008-2015
Table11: Lead B2C E-commerce Shopping Portals
Table12: Branded Sites in Indian B2C E-commerce Space
Table13: Break-Ups of B2C E-commerce Vendors (In terms of Channels of Delivery) 2011
Table14: Indian B2C E-commerce Market Size in Rs. Billions, Category-wise, 2010
Table15: Indian B2C E-commerce Market Size in Rs. Billions, Non-Retail Categories, 2010-12
Table 16: B2C E-commerce Market Size in Rs. Billions, FMCG or E-Retail, 2010
Table 17: B2C E-commerce Market Size in Rs. Billions, FMCG or E-Retail 2010-2012, and CAGR
Table 18: Indian B2C E-commerce Market Internet Buyers Category-wise 2010-12, millions
Table19: Female Hygiene Sanitary Napkins Market Size, Rs. Millions (In terms of online sales) 2010-2012, and CAGR
Table 20: Baby Diapers Market Size, Rs. Millions (In terms of online sales) 2010-2012, and CAGR
Table 21: Comparative Estimates: India Online Leisure/Unmanaged Business Travel Bookings, 2008-2012 ($ Millions)
Table 22 : Top Earning E-commerce Portals, 2011
Table 23: Top 10 best selling FMCG or E-retail categories 2011 (Ranks In Terms of their Shares of Market Size 2011, Rs. Billions)
Table 24: Total B2C E-commerce Rankings, Top 10 Selling Categories 2011, and Size in Rs. Billions
Table 25: Top Brands on in India 2012
Companies Mentioned
- Citibank
- Reliance ADAG
- Maruti Suzuki India
- Honda Siel Cars
- General Motors India
- Hyundai Motor
- Colgate-Pamolive
- Airtel
- Nokia
- Vodafone
- Bharat Matrimony
- Yahoo
- Sify
- Indiatimes
- FersnPetals
- Naaptol
- Snapdeal
- Flipkart
- irctc
- Reliance
- PhoCusWright
- ETC e-Business Academy
- BlackBerry
- Sony Ericsson
- Xbox 360
- Samsonite
- Facebook
- Socialbakers
- internetretailer
- Mckinsey
- Nielsen
- hedge fund
- Tiger Fund
- Softbank Asia Infrastructure Fund (SAIF) Partners
- Helion Venture Partners
- Sierra Ventures
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