Advanced Flash CS5 Training

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  • January 2012
  • Region: Global
  • 12 Hours
  • Webucator
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This advanced Flash CS5 training class starts with creating movie clip symbols and learning the basics of ActionScript. Students then learn to work with sound and video, to create Flash CS5 components, to load and control Flash content, and to publish their movies.

This class is hands-on and interactive, with exercises, presentations and readings to ensure students stay engaged and learn the material presented.

Approximately 12 hours of training.

This course is valid for One Year after purchase.

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Movie Clip Symbols
- Creating Movie Clip Symbols
- About Symbols
- Understanding Blend Effects
- Applying Filters for Special Effects

- About Interactive Movies
- Designing a Layout
- Creating Buttons
- Understanding ActionScript 3.0
- Adding a Stop Action
- Creating Event Handlers for Buttons
- Creating Destination Keyframes
- Playing Animation at the Destination
- Animated Buttons

Working with Sound and Video
- Understanding the Project File
- Using Sounds
- Understanding Flash CS5 Video
- Using the Adobe Media Encoder
- Understanding Encoding Options
- Playback of External Video
- Working with Video and Transparency
- Embedding Flash CS5 Video

Using Components
- About Components
- Adding a Text Component
- Using Components to Create Interactivity

Loading and Controlling Flash CS5 Content
- Loading External Content
- Removing External Content
- Controlling Movie Clips

Publishing Flash CS5 Documents
- Testing a Flash CS5 Document
- Understanding the Bandwidth Profiler
- Adding Metadata
- Publishing a Movie for the Web
- Alternative Publishing Options
- Hexadecimal Color Codes

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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