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  • December 2012
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Idea Labs Industry Scorecard Oil and Gas: Scope Overview

Executive Scorecard

This scorecard will analyze only the production, exploration, and pipeline management activities of the Oil and Gas industry.
-Refining and downstream activities are not included.
-Actionable insights are provided for each issue-based analysis.
-Automation opportunities in the Oil and Gas industry will be the subsequent study in this series.

Energy Needs: Second Wave of Energy Supply

-Technology and Capital

-Production risk
-Costs and scalability

-Subsea equipment and services
-Disaster recovery management

Shale in the United States: Could Eliminate Imports Completely

-Cost-efficient production

-Environmental risk

-Equipment and service providers
-Technology innovators

Capital: Fuelling Oil and Gas E&P Growth
Petrobras Plans Investment of $-- Billion in E&P Till 2020

-Doubling oil and gas production by 2020
-Developing local R&D expertise

Integrated Industry: READ MORE >

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-Executive Summary
-Oil Production
-Global Offshore Growth Prospects: East Dominates on Reserves, but Depends on West for Technology and Innovation
-Brazil's Deepwater Pre-Salt Finds and Global Partnerships likely to Position it in the Top 5 Oil Producing Countries of the World by 2030
Malaysia to Become Asia-Pacific’s Deepwater (DW) and Oilfield Service and Equipment (OFSE) Hub: At Stake, is an Investment of at Least $200.00 Billion by 2020
-Canada’s Dirty Oil to Increase Adoption Rate of Clean Technology and thus Attract Investment of $218.00 billion
-National Oil Company’s (NOC) Rise in Global Importance Requires at Least $5.0 Trillion Investment to Control Reserves by 2030
-Gas Production
-Technology Robustness and Substantial Shale Reserves May Supplant the U.S. Gas Imports by 2030
-Global Shale Gas Challenge Alters Geopolitics through Technological Exchange Strategies
-Existing LNG infrastructure in Qatar to Accommodate Short Term Increase in Exports while Opening Up Opportunities in Operation and -Maintenance Services
-South Korea’s Energy Security Efforts Opens up Infrastructural Opportunities, while Domestic Experience Drives Local EPC Firms -International Dominance
-Europe’s Increasing Natural Gas Consumption to Hike Supplies from Middle East and Africa, While Promoting Domestic Increase in -Renewable Energy
-Future Perspectives
-A CEO 360 Perspective
-Terms and Definition
-Appendix for Offshore
-Appendix for Brazil Pre-salt
-Appendix for Canada’s Dirty Oil
-Appendix for Shale in the United States
-Appendix for Shale outside the United States
-Appendix for Qatar
-Appendix for Europe’s Gas Imports

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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