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Advanced Oracle SQL Queries Product Image

Advanced Oracle SQL Queries

  • ID: 2155606
  • January 2012
  • Region: Global
  • 22 Hours
  • Webucator

This Oracle SQL training class helps students master SQL using an Oracle database and prepares students for a PL/SQL course. Note that this course covers SQL, not PL/SQL.

This class is hands-on and interactive, with exercises, presentations and readings to ensure students stay engaged and learn the material presented.

Approximately 22 hours of training.

This course is valid for One Year after purchase.

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Users and Schemas
- Introduction to Users and Schemas
-- Definitions and Client Tools
-- SQL Developer Login
- About the HR Schema
-- Sample Schemas
-- HR Schema Entities
- Creating An Application Schema
- Exercise: Create a User

Pseudo Columns & Functions
- Using The Dual Table
- Functions
- Exercise: Use the SYSCONTEXT function
- Pseudo-Columns
- Using Rowid
- Using Rownum
- Exercise: Use ROWNUM

Using Subqueries
- Simple Subqueries
-- Definition
-- Nested Subquery
- Inline Views
-- Subquery in the HAVING clause
- Correlated Subqueries
- Scalar Subquery
- Exercise: Subqueries

Joining Tables
- Review of Joins
- Equijoins
-- Inner Joins
-- Outer Joins
- Cross Joins
- Reflexive Join
- Non-Key Join
- Natural Joins
- Semijoins and Antijoins
- Using Named Subqueries
- Exercise: Join Exercises

Rollup & Cube
- About Group Processing
- Simple GROUP BY
- ROLLUP Function
- GROUPING Function
- Using Cube
- Exercise: Practice GROUP BY, ROLLUP and CUBE

Using Set Operators
- Set Operators Defined
- Relationship to Mathematical Set Theory
- Restrictions on Set Operators
- Exercise: Set Operators Exercise

Conditional Processing
- The DECODE Function
- The Case Expression
- Exercise: Conditional Processing

SQL Functions (Character)
- What Are SQL Functions?
- Character Functions
- Regular Expressions
- Exercise: Character Functions

SQL Functions (Non-Character)
- Numeric Functions
-- The TO_CHAR Function with numbers
- Date/Time Functions
- Date Format Functions
- Date Arithmetic Functions
- Null Value Functions
- Exercise: SQL Non-Character Functions

SQL Data Manipulation Language
- The INSERT Statement
-- INSERT Statement Categories
- The UPDATE Statement
- The DELETE Statement
- Transactions
- Complex Table References
- The MERGE statement
- Exercise: Data Manipulation Language (DDL)

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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