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2012 Deep Research Report on China Urban Heating Industry Product Image

2012 Deep Research Report on China Urban Heating Industry

  • ID: 2155809
  • June 2012
  • Region: Asia, China
  • 254 Pages
  • QYresearch

“2012 Deep Research Report on China's Urban Heating Industry” is a professional and in-depth research report on China's Urban Heating Industry. This report introduces Urban Heating, its definition, classification, industry chain and relating information.

-Urban Heating technology and industry development status
-Urban Heating applications and related market demand /market supply
-Market development analysis
-Urban Heating related policies development status sub-industries and related market analysis. -China key Urban Heating Regional Market
-Key Suppliers analysis.

Finally, the report also introduces the Urban Heating industry investment environment and related investment risks analysis. In summary, it is a depth research report on China's Urban Heating industry.

Report contains 81 Table and Figures

Table of Contents

Chapter One Urban Heating Industry Overview

1.1 Definition and Classification of Urban Heating Industry

1.2 Characteristics of Urban Heating Industry

1.2.1 Urban Heating Product and Services

1.2.2 Urban Heating Pipe Network

1.2.3 Seasonal Characteristics of Urban Heating

1.3 Urban Heating Industry Position in China Economy

Chapter Two 2011 China Urban Heating Industry Operating Environment Analysis
2.1 China Macroeconomic Environment 2011

2.1.1 China GDP Analysis

2.1.2 Analysis of Consumer Price Index (CPI)

2.1.3 Analysis of urban and rural incomes

2.1.4 Total retail sales of social consumer goods

2.1.5 Investment Analysis of fixed assets

2.1.6 Goods import and export Turnover and Growth Rate Analysis

2.2 2011 China Urban Heating Policy Environment Analysis

2.2.1 Urban Central Heating Policy Interpretation

2.2.2 Some Regions Heating Policies Overview



2.2.5 Urban Heating Prices Policies Analysis

2.2.6 Urban Heating Charges Policy Analysis

2.3 2011 China Urban Heating Market Technology Environment Analysis

2.3.1 Technical Trade Terms Explanation of Urban Heating Industry

2.3.2 Labor productivity of Urban Heating 2011

2.3.3 Heating Source Technology Development Status

2.4 Analysis of Social Environment of China Urban Heating Market in 2011

4.1 China Energy Resources Atmospheric Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation

2.4.2 Technology Improvement and Sustainable Development

Chapter Three Comparative analysis of Urban Heating Industry Heating Mode in 2011

3.1 China Heating Mode

3.1.1 Central Heating mode

3.1.2 Decentralized Heating mode

3.2 Comparison of Heating Modes

3.2.1 Heating energy consumption indicators

3.2.2 Pollutant emission indicators

3.2.3 Economic indicators

Chapter Four Analysis of New Trend of China's Reform of Urban Heating Industry in 2011
4.1 Reform of Urban Heating system

4.1.1 Content of reform

4.1.2 Reform Trend of Heating system

4.2 Urban Heating franchising system

4.2.1 Guiding ideology and Purpose

4.2.2 Open The Market of public service industries
4.2.3 Establishing municipal utility Industry franchise system

4.2.4 Transformation of government management mode

4.3 Urban heating metering charges Method

4.3.1 Basic situation

4.3.2 Promote Urban Heating metering and charging work

4.3.3 Selection of heat metering mode

4.3.4 Encourage, support, develop Heating metering and instrumentation etc products development and production

4.3.5 Put heat metering facilities into housing cost

4.3.6 Improvement of personnel, equipment

4.5 Price reform 58
4.5.1 Current price Management system

4.5.2 Reform, perfect price System of Heating

Chapter Five Development Analysis of Urban Heating Industry in 2011

5.1 2011 Urban Heating Industry Scale Analysis
5.2 Supply analysis and forecast of Urban Heating Industry, 2011

5.2.1 Analysis of total supply and Growth Rate

5.2.2 Changes Analysis of Urban Heating Structure

5.2.3 Urban Heating Supply Forecasting

5.3 Demand analysis and forecasting of Urban Heating Industry

5.3.1 Analysis of total demand and Growth rate

5.3.2 Changes Analysis of Urban Heating Demand Structure

5.3.3 Urban Heating Demand forecast

5.4 Analysis of supply and demand balance and price of Urban Heating Industry

5.4.1 Analysis and forecast of balance between supply and demand

5.4.2 Analysis and forecast of Heating price changes

5.5 Analysis of Urban Heating Industry Mergers and Acquisitions Situation

Chapter Six Monitoring and Analysis of China Heat Production and Supply, 2007-2011

6.1 Analysis of heat production and supply industrial scale

6.1.1 Analysis of growth in number of firms

6.1.2 Growth analysis of number of practitioners

6.1.3 Growth Analysis of Asset Size

6.2 Structure Analysis of China Heat production and supply

6.2.1 Structural analysis of Enterprises Number

6.2.2 Structural analysis of sales income

6.3 Analysis of heat production and supply Industry output Value,2007-2011

6.3.1 Analysis of finished product growth
6.3.2 Analysis of industrial sales output value

6.3.3 Analysis of export delivery value

6.4 Analysis of cost of heat production and supply Industry, 2007-2011

6.4.1 Analysis of sales Cost

6.4.2 Operating Cost analysis

6.5 Analysis of profitability of heat production and supply Industry, 2007-2011

6.5.1 Analysis of main profitability indicators

6.5.2 Analysis of main profitability indicators

Chapter Seven Analysis of developments of Urban Heating Industry Sub-sectors

7.1 Analysis of developments of cogeneration Industry

7.1.1 Industry scale

7.1.2 Advantages of cogeneration
7.1.3 Problems of Thermal power Enterprises

7.1.4 Development trend of Cogeneration

7.2 Development Analysis of Ground Source Heat Pump Industry
7.2.1 Industry scale

7.2.2 Operation characteristics

7.2.3 Development trend

7.3 Development Analysis of Solar Heating Industry

7.3.1 Industry scale

7.3.2 Characteristics of Solar Heating

7.3.3 Development trend

Chapter Eight China Urban Heating Industry key Areas Market Analysis

8.1 Liaoning Province Urban Heating Industry Analysis

8.1.1 Heating technology

8. 1.2 Heating management

8. 1.3 Heating Reform

8. 1.4 Energy saving and emission reduction

8. 1.5 Heating problems

8. 1.6 Related Cities Heating News

8.2 Xinjiang Autonomous Region Urban Heating Industry Analysis

8.2.1 Heating technology

8.2.2 Heating management

8.2.3 Heating Reform

8.2.4 Energy saving and emission reduction

8.2.5 Heating problems

8.2.6 Related Cities Heating News

8.3 Beijing City Urban Heating Industrial Analysis

8.3.1 Heating technology

8.3.2 Heating management

8.3.3 Heating Reform
8.3.4 Energy saving and emission reduction

8.3.5 Heating problems

8.3.6 Related Cities Heating News

8.4 Anhui Province Urban Heating Industry Analysis

8.4.1 Heating Technology

8.4.2 Heating management

8.4.3 Heating Reform

8.4.4 Energy saving and emission reduction

8.4.5 Heating problems

8.4.6 Related Cities Heating News

Chapter Nine Urban Heating Industry Competition Analysis

9.1 2011 Analysis and Forecast of Urban Heating Industry Concentration

9.2 2011 Urban Heating Industry Entry and Exit Barriers Analysis

9.3 2011 Urban Heating Industry Competitive Structure Analysis

9.3.1 Porter's Five Forces Analysis

9.3.2 Summary of Urban Heating Industry Current Competitive Features

9.4 2011 Urban Heating Industry Life Cycle Analysis

Chater Ten China Key Urban Heating Enterprises Analysis

10.1 Dongfang Thermoelectric (Shijiazhuang)

10.1.1 Basic situation of enterprises

10.1.2 main economic indicators of enterprises

10.1.3 Profitability analysis

10.1.4 Analysis of corporate solvency

10.1.5 Capacity analysis of business operations

10.1.6 Capacity analysis of business growth

10.2 Jingneng Thermal Power (Beijing)

10.2.1 Basic situation of enterprises

10.2.2 main economic indicators of enterprises

10.2.3 Profitability analysis

10.2.4 Analysis of corporate solvency

10.2.5 Capacity analysis of business operations

10.2.6 Capacity analysis of business growth

10.3 Shenyang Jinshan Thermoelectric Co., Ltd.(Shenyang)

10.3.1 Basic situation of enterprises

10.3.2 main economic indicators of enterprises
10.3.3 Profitability analysis

10.3.4 Analysis of corporate solvency

10.3.5 Capacity analysis of business operations

10.3.6 Capacity analysis of business growth

10.4 Chifeng Fulong Heating-pow Co.,ltd (Inner Mongolia)

10.4.1 Basic situation of enterprises

10.4.2 main economic indicators of enterprise
10.4.3 Profitability analysis

10.4.4 Analysis of corporate solvency
10.4.5 Capacity analysis of business operations

10.4.6 Capacity analysis of business growth

Chapter Eleven Urban Heating Industry Chain Analysis
11.1 Introduction of Industry Chain of Urban Heating

11.2 Analysis of Coal Industry, 2011-2012

11.2.1 Characteristics and Development Trend of Coal Industry

11.2.2 Coal Industry Price Situation and Future Trend

11.3 Impact analysis of Coal on Urban Heating Industry

Chapter Twelve China Coal Industry Operating Analysis

12.1 China Coal Supply and Demand Analysis

12.1.1 2011 Coal supply and demand analysis

12.1.2 Merger of planned coal and market coal

12.1.3 China Future Coal Supply Forecast

12.2 Operation status of coal Industry in 2011

12.2.1 Analysis of operating conditions of coal Industry

12.2.2 price of coal Industry

12.3 Development Prospect of China's coal Industry, 2012-2016

Chapter Thirteen 2012-2016 China Urban Heating Industry Forecast and Investment Strategies Analysis

13.1 Analysis and Forecast of China City Heating Industry, 2012-2016

13.1.1 Broad prospects of urban low-temperature nuclear Heating

13.1.2 Prospects for development of city electricity Heating center

13.1.3 Prospects for development of central Heating technology progress

13.1.4 China's Urban Heating Industry Investment risk warning

Chapter Fourteen Risks and Prevention strategies of 2012-2016 China Urban Heating Industry
14.1 Risk of macroeconomic volatility

14.2 Policy Risks

14.3 Technology Risk

14.4 Supply and Demand Risk

14.5 Relevant Industry Risk

14.6 Risk of Default of Heat Fee

-Dongfang Thermoelectric (Shijiazhuang)

-Jingneng Thermal Power (Beijing)

-Shenyang Jinshan Thermoelectric Co., Ltd.(Shenyang)

-Chifeng Fulong Heating-pow Co.,ltd (Inner Mongolia)

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