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Computational Mechanics, Materials and Engineering Applications

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  • June 2012
  • 340 Pages
  • Trans Tech Publications Inc
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Series: Applied Mechanics and Materials, Volume 147

Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2011 International Workshop on Computational Mechanics, Materials and Engineering Applications (CMMEA 2011), July 23-24, 2011 in Kunming, P.R. China

Following the great progress made in Computational Mechanics and Materials, the 2011 International Workshop on Computational Mechanics, Materials and Engineering Applications (CMMEA 2011) aimed at providing a forum for the presentation and discussion of state-of-the-art developments in Computational Mechanics and Engineering Applications, Building Materials, Geotechnical & Soil Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering Applications. The emphasis was placed on basic methodologies, scientific developments and engineering applications.
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Table of Contents (61 papers, 10 per page listed)

Using of Furfural to Modify the Ordinary Portland Cement
Haleem K. Hussain, Liu Gui Wei, Hameed A. Hamdi, Dawood S. Abed

The Use of Stress Reduces in suddenly Changed Section of Rounded Shafts
S.R. Mohebpour, Mohammad Vaghefi

Influence of Compressive Strength of Self-Compacting Concrete on Shear Behavior of Prestressed RC Beams
Jie Shen, Ismail Yurtdas, Cheikhna Diagana, Alex Li

Strengthening of Concrete Beams Having Shear Zone Openings Using Orthotropic CFRP Modeling
Ashraf Mohamed Mahmoud

Secondary Reinforcement in Concrete Corbel
Mehdi Rezaei, S.A. Osman, N.E. Shanmugam

Strength Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Mixed with Polypropylene Fiber
Seong Uk Hong, Yong Taeg Lee, Seung Hun Kim, Sang Ki Baek, Young Sang Cho

Study on the Behaviors of CFRP Confining Concrete Specimens Exposed to Fire, Acid and Alkaline Environments
Ching Chang Lin, Cheng Hou Liu, Cho Liang Tsai

Mechanical Properties of Concrete Added with Chicken Rachis as Reinforcement
Ezahtul Shahreen Ab Wahab, Siti Fatimah Che Osmi

Chongqing Bridge and its Combination Bridge
Zhong Fu Xiang, Yong Zeng

The Sustainable Indoor Environment Research and Design of Earth Buildings for Rural People
Liang Bin Tan

Concrete Bridge Durability Design and Maintenance
Hao Tian, Guo Ping Li, Ai Rong Chen

Structural Analysis of the First Iron Bridge in the World Using the Finite Element Method
Chang J. Wang, Guo Ning Tang, Ibiye A. Roberts, Diane J. Mynors

Deflection Analysis of Sleeve Jointed Purlin Systems with Non-Linear Rotational Stiffness
Chang J. Wang, Diane J. Mynors, Tertia Morgan, Brian Cartwright

Application of Genetic Programming for Estimation of Soil Compaction Parameters
Navid Naderi, Pedram Roshani, Masoud Zabihi Samani, Mohammad Amin Tutunchian

Experimental Study on the Effect of Froude Number on Temporal Variation of Scour around a T Shaped Spur Dike in a 90 Degree Bend
Mohammad Vaghefi, Masoud Ghodsian, Arash Adib

Comparing Steel Plate Shear Wall Behavior with Simple and Corrugated Plates
M. Gholizadeh, Y. Yadollahi

Safety Evaluation of Pier under Impact of Bridge Girder Erection Machine
Yi Tang Zhou, Kun Yan

Three Dimensional, Linear and Nonlinear Finite Element Modeling of FRP to Concrete Pull-Off Test
Majid Noori Hamedani

Comparative Analysis of Axially Loaded Composite Columns
Moftah Almadini, Dusan Kovacevic, Vlastimir Radonjanin

Study on the Effect of Sewage Concentration on Treatment Efficiency of Artificial Wetland of Plateau Lake
Zhen Ling, Ju Rui Yang, Ji Min Hu, Guo Rong Yu, Hao Liang Cheng

Singular Perturbation Method for Solving Non-Linear Vibration of Stay Cable (I) - Theory Research
Zhi Hong Ran, Jun Tong Qu, Fei He, Sheng Miao

Singular Perturbation Method for Solving Non-Linear Vibration of Stay Cable (II) - Engineering Application
Zhi Hong Ran, Jun Tong Qu, Fei He, Sheng Miao

Double Non-Linear Mechanical Characteristics of Transmission Tower Structure Based on Model Amendment
Jia Zhu Xue, Xiang Cao Zhi, Yv Zhang Chi

An Experimental Study on Material and Structural Properties of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
Jian Yang, Zhen Li, Qiang Du

Study and Practice on the Performance of Soundproofing for Office Building Wall
Ping Cao, Wei Hong Xia, Chao Nan Liu

Symplectic Solutions in Singularity Problems of Anisotropic Beams
You Zhen Yang

The Finite Element Analysis on Mechanical Properties of the Meridians Stair Skeleton of Medical Exhibition Center in Taizhou City
Jia Zhu Xue, Yv Zhang Chi, Xiang Cao Zhi

Structural Defects of Existing RC Buildings in Eskisehir Province
A.Emre Cengiz, Yücel Güney, Onur Kaplan, Ahmet Topçu, Yunus Özçelikörs, Erk Ekin

Reliability Assessment of Fatigue Life of Hangers in Large-Span Suspension Bridges
Yong Zeng, Hong Mei Tan

Maintenance Strategies of Main Cable for Large Span Suspension Bridges Considering Different Scales
Yong Zeng, Hong Mei Tan

Fatigue Evaluation of Flat Steel Box Girders with Closed Stiffeners of Large-Span Suspension Bridges under Different Heavy Trucks
Yong Zeng, Hong Mei Tan

Temperature Change Influence on Strands Tensile Force in Anchor-Span Suspension Bridge
Hong Mei Tan, Yong Zeng, Shu Hong Sun

Explosive Compaction of Sand Foundation: Laboratory Test
Jun Tong Qu, Zhi Hong Ran, Sheng Miao

Explosive Compaction of Sand Foundation: In Situ Trails
Jun Tong Qu, Zhi Hong Ran, Sheng Miao

Comparison between Generated Data by Different Markov Chain Methods in the Mola Sany Station of the Karun River in Iran
Arash Adib, Soheil Sohldoost, Mojtaba Labibzadeh, Mohammad Vaghefi, Afshin Ghanbarzadeh

Optimization of Released Water from the Dez Dam for Supply of Water Demands in the Downstream of Dam
Arash Adib, Iman Ahmadeanfar, Meysam Salarijazi, Mojtaba Labibzadeh, Mohammad Vaghefi

Evaluation of Undrained Shear Strength of Converting Dredged Material to Agricultural Soil
Yue Gui, Jing Cao, Zhi Gang Song, Qing Zhang

Reliability Analysis of Foundation Pit by Improved Response Surface Method
Jiang Zhou, Jing Cao, Yu He, Jie Song

Numerical Simulation Analysis of Groundwater of the Proposed Iron and Steel Base in Xichang
Jing Cao, Yue Gui, Bao Zhu Li, Fei Shen

Drying (Consolidation) Porous Ceramic by Considering the Microscopic Pore Temperature Gradient
Dan Wang, David Gethin

The Hydraulics Similarity Criteria of Anaerobic Bio-Fluidized Bed Design
Xun Wang, Lin Wang, Yong Sheng Shi

Workability Characteristics of Porous Concrete in Pavement Applications
Noureddine Elguemri, Ying Fang Fan

Settlement of Foundations Located on Compacted Soil for TMM Projects
Oulapour Masoud

Study on Seismic Behavior of Steel Frame with Different Brace Patterns
Yun Zou, Tian Qi Li, Da Lin Zhang, Peng Fei Zhang

Relationships between Resonant Frequency and some Dynamic Properties of Marble and Brick Waste-Substituted Concrete
Mehmet Serkan Kirgiz

Root Biomass Characteristics of Paronychia Kurdica Boiss for Using in Soil Protection in Shanjan Rangelands, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Ghassem Habibi Bibalani, Leila Joudi, Hamideh Shadkami

Risk Matrix for Factors Affecting Time Delay in Road Construction Projects: Consultants’ Perspective
Ibrahim Mahamid

Seismic Behaviors of Suspend Dome Structure
Qing Zhang, Jing Cao, Zhi Gang Song, Yue Gui, Cheng Wei Huang

Preliminary Research on Particle Size Analyses Method of the Quicklime-Stabilized Dredged Material
Yue Gui, Qing Zhang, Hai Wei, Qi He Wang, Hua Hai Yhang

Analysis of Dynamic Response for Suspend-Dome Structure
Qing Zhang, Yue Gui, Jing Cao, Zhi Gang Song, Cheng Wei Huang

A Model for Seismic Vulnerability Score Assignment of Road Infrastructure Using Linear Regression Technique
Yadollahi Mohammadreza, Rosli Mohammad Zin, Vafaei Mohammadreza

A Parametric Study of the Reinforced Concrete Slab Subjected to Dynamic Excitation
Saddam M. Ahmed, Gunasekaran Umarani, Gregory A. MacRae

Seismic Performance Assessment of an Existing Road Bridge Using Standard Pushover Analysis
Teresa A. Roseenid, N. Premavathi, Gunasekaran Umarani

Application and Comparsion of Mathematical and Physical Models on Inspecting Slab of Stilling Basin Floor under Static and Dynamic Forces
Behzad Mohammadzadeh, Mahmoud Bina, Hooshang Hasounizadeh

Compressive Strength Estimation of Recycled Coarse Aggregate Concrete Using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity
Yong Taeg Lee, Seong Uk Hong, Hyun Suk Jang, Sang Ki Baek, Young Sang Cho

Eight Types of HSC
Rena C. Yu, Luis Saucedo, Gonzalo Ruiz, Xiao Xin Zhang

Numerical Simulation of Random Wind-Excited Response Analysis of Henan TV Tower
Yong Zeng, Hong Mei Tan

The Economics Analysis of Large-Scale Project Organization
Yong Hong Chen, Ning Xu

Design and Simulation of Transconductance with Capacitances Feedback Compensation Amplifier
Ming Yuan Ren, Chun Xiang Zhang, Jing Ying Zhao, Hai Guo

Analysis and Inspiration on Typical Damage Characteristic of Bridges
Wen Xue Zhang, Lu Yang

An Efficient Two-Factor User Authentication Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks
Jing Ying Zhao, Hai Guo, Wei Wei
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