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Separator for Li-ion Secondary Battery - Technology Trend and Market Forecast - 2012 version Product Image

Separator for Li-ion Secondary Battery - Technology Trend and Market Forecast - 2012 version

  • ID: 2168171
  • May 2012
  • 201 Pages
  • SNE Research


  • Asahi Kasei
  • Entek
  • Mitsui
  • SK Innovation
  • Ube
  • MORE

Separators drawing attention with the expanding market for LIB applications

The global separator market has enjoyed about 29.1% growth each year for recent three years from 2009 to 2011. Despite highly competitive Japanese companies, such as Asahi Kasei and Ube, American companies, such as Celgard and Tonen, Korean companies including SK Innovation, and Chinese companies including BYD and ATL are challenging the incumbent separator manufacturers.

Separators are classified into the dry and the wet-type: such companies adopting the wet type as Asahi Kasei, Tonen, and SK Innovation are occupying 63% of the entire market, while the companies adopting the dry-type including Celgard and Ube, accounting for more than 37%.

The market of separators for small IT devices which adopt wet-type separators showed 17.7% growth from 2009 to 2011 and is expected to grow by 11.2% until 2015. Additionally, the market of EV separators adopting the dry-type separators is expected to show the annual growth rate of 69.3% until 2015.

When it comes to the demand for separators by application, medium-large sized LIBs are expected to exceed small sized LIBs. Along with, the demand for the dry-type separators, which are mostly adopted in medium-large sized applications are also expected to exceed the demand for the wet-type separators from late 2013.

Key points of this report

- The world's first report specialized in separators for Li-ion secondary batteries
- Latest technological trends for separators including the wet, dry type and coating specifications.
- Trend analysis of more than 20 separator manufacturers in the world
- In-depth market analysis from 2009 to 2011
- Forecast of the separator market from 2011 to 2012

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  • Asahi Kasei
  • Entek
  • Mitsui
  • SK Innovation
  • Ube
  • MORE

1. Introduction to separators for lithium ion rechargeable batteries

2. Classification of separators
2.1. Microporous Membranes
2.2. Nonwovens
2.3. Polymer electrolytes
2.4. Ion exchange membranes

3. Separators for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
3.1. Separator Process
3.1.1. Dry Process
3.1.2. Wet Process
3.1.3. Phase separation
3.2. Separator properties
3.2.1. Thickness
3.2.2. Air permeability)
3.2.3. Porosity /Pore size
3.2.4. Ionic conductivity
3.2.5. MacMulin number
3.2.6. Electrical/electrochemical stability
3.2.7. Oxidation stability
3.2.8. Wettability
3.2.9. Tensile strength
3.2.10. Puncture strength
3.2.11. Mix penetration strength
3.2.12. Thermal shrinkage
3.2.13. Shut-down
3.2.14. Melt-down
3.2.15. Skew
3.2.16. Defects
3.2.17. Cell assembly
3.3. Relationship between separators and cells
3.3.1. Cell performances
3.2.2. Cell safeties
3.4 Nonwoven separators

4. Nonwoven separators
4.1. Nonwoven preparation
4.1.1. Dry-laid
4.1.2. Wet-laid
4.1.3. Spun-bond
4.1.4. Melt-blown
4.1.5. Web bonding
4.2. Nonwen properties and Cell application

5. Polymer electrolytes
5.1. Solid polymer electrolytes
5.2. Gelpolymer electrolytes

6. Recent developments in separators
6.1. Polyolefin separators
6.2. Nowoven separators
6.3. Inorganic composite separators

7. Trends in Separator industry
7.1. Separator industry in Korea
7.1.1. SK Innovation
7.1.2. W-Scope Korea
7.1.3 CSTEC
7.2. Separator industry in Japan
7.2.1. Asahi Kasei
7.2.2. Ube
7.2.3. Nitto Denko
7.2.4. Mitsui
7.3. Separator industry in USA
7.3.1. ExxonMobil (Tonen Chemical)
7.3.2. Celgard
7.3.3 Entek
7.3.4. W.L Gore & Associates, Inc
7.3.6. Du Pont
7.3.7. Advanced Membrane Systems (AMS)
7.4. Separator industry in China
7.4.2 Jinhui
7.4.3. Suqian JingHong Color Printing Packing Co
7.4.4. Foshan Donghang Optic-Electric Technology
7.4.5. Tong-Feng Elecronics
7.4.6. Sinoma Science & Technology
7.4.7. Shenzhen Senior Technology Material

8. LIB separator technology trend and market forecast (2009~2015)
8.1. Global usage of separators (2009~2011)
8.2. Current status of global separator supply (2009~2011)
8.3 Change in separator usage by country
8.4 Change in separator supply by country
8.5 Current status of separator usage by LIB manufacturer
8.5.1. Sanyo-current status of separator usage
8.5.2. Samsung-current status of separator usage
8.5.3. LGC-current status of separator usage
8.5.4. Sony-current status of separator usage
8.5.5. BYD-current status of separator usage
8.5.6. Panasonic-current status of separator usage
8.5.7. ATL-current status of separator usage
8.5.8. BAK-current status of separator usage
8.5.9. A123-current status of separator usage
8.6. Current status of separator supply by LIB manufacturer
8.6.1. Asahi kasei- current status of separator supply
8.6.2. Celgard- current status of separator supply
8.6.3. Tonen- current status of separator supply
8.6.4. Ube- current status of separator supply
8.6.5. SK Innovation- current status of separator supply
8.6.6. Entek- current status of separator supply
8.7. Current status of separator supply by separator type
8.7.1. Trend in wet-type separator market
8.7.2. Trend in dry-type separator market
8.8. Market share of LIB separators (2009~2011)
8.9. Global LIB market forecast (2011~2015)
8.9.1. Market forecast of small LIBs for IT
8.9.2.. Market forecast of medium-large sized LIBs for xEV
8.10. Estimated global demand for LIB separators (2011~2015)
8.10.1. Estimated demand for separators for small IT and medium-large EVs (2011~2015)
8.10.2. Market forecast by separator type (2011~2015)
8.10.3. Forecast of LIB separator production (2011~2015)
8.10.4. Current status and forecast of LIB separator price (2011~2015)

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

- SK Innovation
- W-Scope Korea
- Asahi Kasei
- Ube
- Nitto Denko
- Mitsui
- ExxonMobil (Tonen Chemical)
- Celgard
- Entek
- W.L Gore & Associates, Inc
- Du Pont
- Advanced Membrane Systems (AMS)
- Jinhui
- Suqian JingHong Color Printing Packing Co
- Foshan Donghang Optic-Electric Technology
- Tong-Feng Elecronics
- Sinoma Science & Technology
- Shenzhen Senior Technology Material

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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