Waterborne Disease. Epidemiology and Ecology

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  • October 1997
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Control of waterborne disease is a multi–disciplinary function relying on co–operation between engineers, public health professionals, toxicologists, environmental health officials and other professionals. With this in mind, Waterborne Disease: Ecology and Epidemiology provides a comprehensive overview of waterborne–related health problems for all such professionals with an interest in this significant world–wide problem. Each chapter follows a logical structure, focusing upon a specific disease group and presenting a detailed and authoritative examination of a given pathogen's microbiology, clinical aspects and diagnosis. Chapters also review the distribution of each pathogen in the aquatic environment and discuss outbreaks and sporadic disease from microbiological, epidemiological and water supply perspectives. With increasing awareness of environmental problems throughout the world, this unique volume provides timely and invaluable reading for medical practitioners, environmental health officers, public health professionals, water quality engineers, scientists and environmental regulators.

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Acknowledgments vii

Introduction viii

1 An Introduction to the Science and Art of Epidemiology 1

2 Water Supply and Distribution 17

3 Drinking Water and Waterborne Disease 27

4 Illness Associated with Recreational Contact with Water 42

5 Dracunculiasis (Guinea Worm Infestion) 52

6 Schistosomiasis 57

7 Giardiasis 68

8 Cryptosporidiosis 80

9 Cyclospora 91

10 Naegleria 93

11 Cyanobacteria 95

12 Cholera and Other Vibrios 103

13 Typhoid and Paratyphoid Fevers and Other Salmonella Infections 116

14 Shigellosis (Bacillary Dysentery) 124

15 Campylobacteriosis 133

16 Escherichia coli 143

17 Yersinia Infections 151

18 Plesiomonas Infections 157

19 Aeromonas Infections 160

20 Pseudomonas Infections 165

21 Melioidosis 172

22 Legionnaire s Disease 175

23 Leptospirosis 182

24 Mycobacterial Disease 189

25 Tularaemia 199

26 Heliocobacter Infections 202

27 Viral Hepatitis 206

28 Viral Gastroenteritis 222

29 Enterovirus Infections Including Poliomyelitis 232

30 Adenoviral Infections 240

31 Chemical Poisoning and Drinking Water 245

32 Cancer and Water 274

33 Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes and Water 293

References 301

Index 365

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"It is well written, clearly laid out and easily understood. If you come across a water–related disease problem, this should be the first book to turn to." (Environmental Health Journal, March 1999)

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