Basic Health Physics. Problems and Solutions. 2nd Edition

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  • March 2010
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Designed to prepare candidates for the American Board of Health Physics Comprehensive examination (Part I) and other certification examinations, this monograph introduces professionals in the field to radiation protection principles and their practical application in routine and emergency situations. It features more than 650 worked examples illustrating concepts under discussion along with in-depth coverage of sources of radiation, standards and regulations, biological effects of ionizing radiation, instrumentation, external and internal dosimetry, counting statistics, monitoring and interpretations, operational health physics, transportation and waste, nuclear emergencies, and more.
Reflecting for the first time the true scope of health physics at an introductory level, Basic Health Physics: Problems and Solutions gives readers the tools to properly evaluate challenging situations in all areas of radiation protection, including the medical, university, power reactor, fuel cycle, research reactor, environmental, non-ionizing radiation, and accelerator health physics.

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Part I Radiation Protection Fundamentals
1. Introduction

Part II Introduction to Radiation Protection
2. Dosimetric Quantities and Units
3. Natural and Human-Made Sources of Radiation Exposure
4. Standards and Regulations
5. Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation
6. Instrumentation
7. External Dosimetry -
Basic Source Geometries and Attenuation Relationships
8. Internal Dosimetry
9. ALARA and Shielding
10. Counting Statistics

Part III Applications
11. Monitoring and Interpretation
12. Operational Health Physics
13. Transportation and Waste
14. Nuclear Emergencies

Part IV Specialty Health Physics Areas
15. Medical Health Physics
16. University Health Physics
17. Fuel Cycle Health Physics
18. Research Reactor Health Physics
19. Power Reactor Health Physics
20. Environmental Health Physics
21. Accelerator Health Physics
22. Nonionizing Radiation

Part V Answers and Solutions

Part VI Appendices
I. Mathematical Review
II. Physical Constants
III. Particle Properties
IV. Supplementary Information for Gamma-Ray Dose Calculations
V. Selected Data on Radionuclides and Decay Relationships
VI. Electromagnetic and Mechanics Relationships
VII. Conversion Factors
VIII. Physical Quantities and their Units
VIV. Production Equations


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Joseph John Bevelacqua, PhD, CHP, is the President of Bevelacqua Resources. A theoretical nuclear physicist by training, Dr. Bevelacqua is a Certified Health Physicist and Certified Senior Reactor Operator and has over 30 years of professional experience. This experience includes the medical, fuel cycle, accelerator, power reactor, environmental, and non-ionizing areas. He was a key player in the Three Mile Island and Hanford cleanup activities, and is an active researcher with over 75 publications. His research areas include heavy ion cancer therapy, theoretical physics, and health physics applications. He recently received California University's Professional Excellence Award for his accomplishments.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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