Weekly Northeast China Coal Tar Pitch Price Tracker

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  • October 2015
  • Region: China
  • Beijing Lian Long Consulting Ltd
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With over 16 years' experience on China market tracking study, we can help you collect the latest, the most comprehensive and first-hand industry product price information. We can provide the reliable and authoritative information in details from different companies all over China, etc.

This Weekly Price Tracker will present you with daily price information for coal tar pitch including mid-temperature pitch and modified coal tar pitch within each week, covering the below companies who are important players in Northeast China area. It is a good information assistant for your trading, investment related to coal tar pitch industry with China.

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1. Jilin Tonghua Jinshan Chemical Ltd.
2. Jilin Changchun Zhenbang Chemical
3. Liaoning Donghao Chemical Ltd.
4. Liaoning Benxi Steel Coking Plant
5. Liaoning Angang Steel Coking Plant
6. Anshan new chemical Co.. LTD
7. Heilongjiang Yichun Longtai Coal Chemical Ltd.
8. Heilongjiang Chemical Coking Plant

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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