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PV BrandMonitor 2011/2012 - France Product Image

PV BrandMonitor 2011/2012 - France

  • Published: January 2012
  • Region: France
  • 65 Pages
  • Eupd Research

EuPD Research carried out the PV BrandMonitor survey in France to discover the brand awareness of solar manufacturers on one of the European key markets. Knowing what the image of a brand is, as well as finding out how the perception of it is changing is an important foundation stone to successful marketing strategy. These assets can assist in conducting targeted marketing in an atmosphere of competition for end customers.


- Attitude and reception analysis

- Readiness to invest in a solar plant

- Analysis of advertising effects

- Perception of activities in the field of sports sponsorship

- Evaluation of brand awareness by recall and recognition tests (top-of-mind etc.)

- Identification of brand recognition in the form of brand associations (unaided)

- Individual analysis of brands (awareness, associations, attributes)


- Compare the position of your company brand to the brand of your competitors.

- Monitor the success of your advertising

- Advertise on the channels that end customers use to get information about solar energy

- Adjust your advertising to the identified consumer READ MORE >

A. Background to the Survey

B. Objectives, Method and Sample

Starting Point and Contents of the Survey
Selection of the Sample
Weighting of the Sample
Definition: Nielsen-Regions

C. Composition of the Sample

Gender, Age, Education, Occupational Status
Marital Status, Net Household Income, Residential Area, Property
Division of the Sample into Nielsen Regions
Classification of the Sample into Potential PV-Customers

D. Owners and Planners of a PV Plant

Share of Persons Who Own or Plan a Solar Plant
Share of PV Plant Owners according to Property Type
Date when PV Plant was Purchased or will be Purchased
Share of PV Owners and Planners that Know other PV Plant Owners
Reasons for the Purchase or the Planning of a PV Plant (unaided)
Information Sources used during the Purchase of a PV Plant
Deciding Purchase Criteria when choosing a PV Plant (aided)
Reason for the Purchase of a Certain Brand
Importance of the Installer in Brand Selection
Number of Installers Contacted and Offers Considered by
Planners of a PV Plant during the Purchasing Process
Return on Investment Expectations of PV Plant Planners
Decision against an Investment in a PV Plant (unaided)

E. Attitude and Reception Analysis

What do you understand under Solar Energy?
Attitude towards the Topic Photovoltaics (Frequency/Mean)
Communication Channels of the Topic Photovoltaics
Context of the Topic Photovoltaics
Context in Annual Comparison
Context compared by Subgroups
Use of Media (TV and Print Media)
Perception of Advertising Messages from Solar Companies
Companies Known because of Advertising
Repetition of Advertising Messages with the Topic Solar Energy
Repetition of Advertising Messages from Solar Companies
How interested are you in Football?
Perception of Activities in the Field of Sports Sponsoring (Manufacturers and Football Clubs)

F. Brand Analysis

Unaided Brand Awareness of Solar Companies
Unaided Brand Awareness in Annual Comparison/by Subgroups
Requested Solar Companies
Aided Brand Awareness of Solar Companies
Aided Brand Awareness in Annual Comparison
Aided Brand Awareness – Number of Brands Mentioned
Aided Brand Awareness by Subgroups
Aided Brand Awareness – Correlation of Brands Mentioned
Brand Awareness according to Nielsen Regions

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