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Frozen foods in Italy - Main players

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  • Report
  • June 2014
  • Region: Italy
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  • Databank Cerved Group
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  • Agritech S.P.A.
  • Bonduelle Italia S.R.L.
  • Est Surgelati S.P.A.
  • Mantua Surgelati S.P.A.
  • Panapesca S.P.A.
  • Righi S.R.L.
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This report supplies information on the competitors typologies of the Frozen foods Italian market: types of operators, by segment, by nationality or ownership structure, ranking of companies in terms of turnover, net income, competitive positions, breakdown by business segment, regional breakdown, are studied in depth in this report.

This sector report covers the business of producing and marketing frozen foods, which can be described via the following factors:
- Product technology: Many foods can be preserved through deep freezing. In this process, foods are exposed to very low temperatures that rapidly bring the centre of the product down to -18°C. Deep freezing is distinct from simply freezing both because temperature is lower and because the time of exposure is different. Normally, deep freezing is done in one of the following ways:
- indirect contact with a refrigerant;
- direct contact with a refrigerant;
- circulation of cold air.
- The more modern deep freezing techniques include:
- Ready-made frozen stir-fry dishes. This is used not only for pasta and rice based meals, but also for foods like mashed potatoes, spinach, mixed vegetables and meals with other ingredients like ham, cheese and tomatoes. With this technique, the product has a relatively natural appearance and is therefore more appetising. However, there are sometimes drawbacks to products prepared by this method: when the consumer adds sauces (often supplied in separate packets in the packaged product), the proportions may not turn out ideal (e.g. too much sauce for the amount of pasta).
- Individual quick freezing (IQF). Frozen dishes produced by this method do not pose the same problem of mixing, as sauce is already pre-applied to the frozen food. On the other hand, the visual appearance of these products is less natural.
- Function: The main functional advantage of deep freezing is that it allows foods to be preserved and stored for rather long periods of time. Consequently, some basic foods like vegetables, fruits and fish can be kept long past their traditional season of availability on the market. Furthermore, since frozen products are generally pre-washed, often pre-cooked and in many cases only need to be heated prior to eating, this makes it fast and easy for meals to be prepared.
- Client categories: the two main categories are households (retail customers), served through both supermarkets and door-to-door sales, and caterers, restaurants and hotels (hereafter referred to as the ho.re.ca channel).

- Vegetables (individual and mixed)
- peas
- French beans
- spinach
- artichokes
- mixed vegetables for minestrone and other mixes
- other vegetables and legumes, including grilled and seasoned vegetables (e.g. courgettes, carrots, onions, etc.)
- Fish and seafood
- fish filets (flounder, cod, hake, etc.)
- breaded fish, including fish sticks
- other fish and seafood: whole trout, sole fish, dogfish, cuttlefish, octopus, squid (usually pre-gutted and cleaned), mixed seafood packages, etc.
- White meats
- whole or in large parts (chickens, turkeys, chicken and turkey breasts, legs and wings; rabbits and rabbit legs and others)
- breaded or floured parts of white meat
- Red meats
- ground meat and hamburger patties
- breaded cutlets, sliced meat, pre-cut meat for roasts
- Ready-made meals
- ready-made pasta, rice and vegetable based dishes
- simple pasta/rice dishes: lasagne, linguine, trenette, pasta with beans, risotto, gnocchi, etc.
- filled pasta-based dishes: ravioli, tortellini, cannelloni, etc.)
- rice & seafood dishes
- vegetable soups
- ready-made meat and fish based dishes
- fish soup
- white meat and vegetable stir-fry
- braised red meat
- other ready-made meals, e.g. cordon bleu
- ready-made vegetable based side dishes, including: spinach and cheese dishes, peas with tomatoes or ham, aubergine and cheese dishes, various potato-based dishes, peperonata (stewed bell peppers with tomato and onion) and bean-based dishes
- Snack foods, e.g. calzones, bruschetta, mini pizzas, sandwiches, etc.
- Pizza - with various toppings
- Potato-based products
- chips
- 'natural' frozen potatoes (pre-peeled, pre-boiled or dehydrated and cut for deep-frying)
- tater tots and hash browns
- gnocchi
- Pastries: cakes, croissants (baked or raw), doughnuts, pies, cream puffs and other desserts
- Other foods: bread, various types of dough for baking, etc.
By product destination channel, the sector can be broken down into the following two business areas:
- Retail: including both the "short" chain (sales to intermediaries of supermarket chains that then serve consumers directly) and the "long" chain (independent distributor-retailer-consumer).
- Food service industry: includes both the collective catering sector (to school, company and military canteens, hospitals, etc.) and the commercial hotel, restaurant and catering (ho.re.ca) sector, which also includes establishments like bars, cafés and delis. Ho.re.ca is considered a "long" channel in that it is not served directly by producers, but rather by specialised distributors that supply to these types of establishments. Collective catering, on the other hand, can be considered in part a "short" channel, at least for larger clients, which generally obtain supplies directly from producers, although some are served by specialised wholesalers.

The methodology for Competitors reports begins with a careful screening to identify the main organisations that are representative of a given sector. Several one-to-one interviews are then conducted with the selected organisations. Questionnaires are sent to all the leading companies on an annual basis. The information collected is then verified by an expert in the particular sector using a system of counterchecks to guarantee that the information is entirely reliable and consistent. The process is then completed using Cerved Group’s proprietary information about Italian enterprises. All Competitors reports also include details concerning the strategies and performances of the leading companies in each sector.
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  • Agritech S.P.A.
  • Bonduelle Italia S.R.L.
  • Est Surgelati S.P.A.
  • Mantua Surgelati S.P.A.
  • Panapesca S.P.A.
  • Righi S.R.L.
  • MORE
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List Of Tables And Graphs:
Frozen Foods: Sector-Specific Sales Of Leading Companies, 2011-2013
Frozen Foods: Leading Companies' Brands, 2014
Frozen Foods: Total Sales Of Leading Companies, 2011-2013
Frozen Foods: Incidence Of Sector-Specific Sales Of Leading Companies, 2013
Frozen Foods: Value Of Goods Produced For Third Parties By Major Companies In The Sector, 2011-2013
Breakdown Of Leading Companies' Sales In Sector By Business Area, 2011-2013
Frozen Foods, Retail Channel: Leading Companies' Diversification By Segment Interms Of Value, 2013
Frozen Foods: Diversification Into Other Sectors Of Leading Companies, 2013
Frozen Foods: Location, Ownership And Workforce Of Leading Companies, 2014
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- A.I.A. Agricola Italiana Alimentare S.P.A.
- Agritech S.P.A.
- Appetais Italia S.P.A.
- Arbi Dario S.P.A
- Az Surgelati S.P.A.
- Bofrost Italia S.P.A.
- Bonduelle Italia S.R.L.
- C.S.I.-Compagnia Surgelati Italiana S.P.A.
- Cameo S.P.A.
- Cgm S.R.L.
- Ciao Gelati S.R.L.
- Dolciaria Acquaviva S.P.A.
- Eismann S.R.L.
- Est Surgelati S.P.A.
- Forno D'asolo S.P.A.
- Forno Della Rotonda S.P.A.
- Fruttagel Scpa
- Gesco Consorzio Cooperativo Scarl
- Gias - Gruppo Industriale Alimentari Surgelati S.P.A.
- Inalca S.P.A.
- Industrie Rolli Alimentari S.P.A.
- Italpizza S.R.L.
- Koch Di Gojer Peter & C. Snc-O.H.G.
- Mantua Surgelati S.P.A.
- Mc Cain Foods Europe Bv
- Nestle' Italiana S.P.A.
- Orogel S.P.A. Consortile
- Pan Surgelati S.R.L.
- Panapesca S.P.A.
- Pescanova Italia S.R.L.
- Pizzoli S.P.A.
- Plusfood Italia S.P.A.
- Proda S.P.A.
- Righi S.R.L.
- S.I.P.A. Prodotti Alimentari S.P.A.
- Sammontana S.P.A.
- Soavegel S.R.L.
- Surgital S.P.A.
- Valsoia S.P.A.
- Vis Industrie Alimentari S.P.A.
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown