The Future of Mobile Payments: Continuation of Commerce during Global Economic Crisis

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  • August 2012
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The modern financial world has evolved from a relatively resilient system to one that is highly interconnected and subject to cascading failures. For example, global banks have become increasingly interconnected, which means that a failure in one bank can have ramifications for many more. There are many potential triggers that could cause a domino effect including sovereign default, changes in international currency settlements regime, war, competitive currency debasement, and others.

This report evaluates the risk factors that may lead to a disruption in global commerce and the use of mobile payment systems to provide for continuity of commerce in such situations. Emphasis is placed on the need for independent back-office accounts, settlement and clearing mechanisms, and a flexible mobile wallet system. This report also provides a market overview and forecast for mobile payments.

Target Audience:

- Social Commerce Vendors
- Mobile Network Operators
- Mobile Software Developers
- OSS/BSS Solution Providers
- Department of Homeland Security
- Handset and Tablet Manufacturers
- Mobile Payment Service Providers
- Content and Applications Aggregators
- Mobile Marketing and Advertising Providers
- Telecommunications Infrastructure Providers

Keywords: Mobile Payments, Mobile Wallet, Commerce Security, Continuity of Commerce, Financial Emergency Preparedness

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Executive Summary

Current State of the Global Economy

Potential Threats that could Cause a Major Disruption to Commerce

Counterparty Risks

Financial Derivatives

System and Liquidity Problems = Cash Problems

Alternative to Cash and Cards: Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments, Mobile Network Operators, and Banks

The Problem with Banks

Alternatives to Banking: Independent Bi-lateral Payment Processing

Introduction to Electronic Payment Systems



Paybox Disadvantages

M-payment Markets

Money Transfers

Mobile Payments Developments in Emerging Markets

The Role of the Devices

The Role of Mobile Operators

Banks Role


Future Trends




Management Challenge

Customers Expectations

Security Problems

Technical Challenges


Mobile Payments Systems: The End of the Credit/Debit Cards

ISIS wallet

Google Wallet and its SWOT Analysis

Google Wallet Challenges and how to overcome it

PayPal and Google Wallet

Visa Wallet SWOT Analysis

Serve by American Express E-wallet and its SWOT Analysis

Google Wallet verses ISIS Wallet

Comparison between Current Wallet Systems

Advantages of the M-payments Systems

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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