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2012 Deep Research Report on China Power Cable Industry Product Image

2012 Deep Research Report on China Power Cable Industry

  • ID: 2208040
  • August 2012
  • Region: China
  • 164 Pages
  • QYresearch


  • Baosheng Group Co,Ltd
  • China Wanda Group Co,Ltd
  • Hengtong Group Co,Ltd
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The 2012 Deep Research Report on China Power Cable Industry is a professional and depth research report on the Chinese Power Cable Industry.

This report has introduced:

- Power Cable definition classification industry chain etc related information

- Power Cable manufacturing technology and product specifications

- Summary statistics

- China major Power Cable manufacturers

- 2009-2013 Power Cable capacity production, supply and demand shortage

- Power Cable selling price cost profit margin and production value

- 32 Chinese Manufacturers company basic information

- 2009-2013 Power Cable capacity production price cost profit margin production value China market share etc details information

- 500KV Power Cable project feasibility analysis and investment return analysis

- Research Conclusions and Development trend analysis of China Power Cable Industry.


  • Baosheng Group Co,Ltd
  • China Wanda Group Co,Ltd
  • Hengtong Group Co,Ltd
  • Shanghai Fujikura Co, Ltd
  • Teba Cable Co, Ltd
  • Walsin Lihwa Co,Ltd
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Chapter One Power Cable Industry Overview
1.1 Power Cable Material Definition
1.2 Power Cable Structure
1.3 Power Cable Material Classification and Application
1.4 Related Terms
1.5.Basic knowledge of wire and cable
1.6 Industry policies and regulations
1.7 Industry Chain Structure
1.8 The global industrial pattern and technology trends
1.9 Domestic industry overview and development trend

Chapter Two Power Cable Production Technology and Cost Analysis
2.1 Process Analysis
2.2 Production flow
2.3 The cost structure analysis
2.4 The main production equipment
2.5 Technology trends

Chapter Three Power Cable Production, Supply, Sales, Demand Market Status and Forecast Analysis
3.1 Power cable production and supply overview
3.2 Power cable demand overview
3.3 Power cable supply and demand
3.4 List of power cable average cost, price, output value, profit margin
3.5 Power cable imports and exports statistics

Chapter Four China power cable core enterprise research
4.2 Wuxi and Shanghai Electric Wire & Cable Co.,Ltd
4.3 Tianjin Suli Wire & Cable Co.,Ltd
4.4 BAOSHENG GROUP CO.,LTD(Stock Code:600973)
4.6 Hebei NewBaoFeng Wire & Cable Co.,Ltd
4.7 Walsin Lihwa Co.,Ltd
4.8 Nexans Group Co.,Ltd(China)

4.9 Zhejiang Wanma Cable Co.,Ltd(Stock Code:002276)

4.10 AnHui JiangHuai Cable Group Co.,Ltd
4.11 Hengtong Group Co.,Ltd

4.12 Wuxi Jiangnan Cable Co.,Ltd(Stock Code:01366)

4.13 Huayang Wire & Cable Group Co.,Ltd

4.14 Yangzhou Shuguang Cable Co.,Ltd

4.15 Jiangsu New Yuancheng Cable Co., Ltd
4.16 Jiangsu ShangShang Cable Group Co., Ltd

4.17 Ningbo ORIENT Cable Co., Ltd

4.19 TEBA Cable Co., Ltd(Stock Code:600089)

4.19 China Nanyang Cable Group Co., Ltd(Stock Code:002212)

4.20 Jiangsu Zhongchao Cable Co., Ltd(Stock Code:002471)

4.21 Guangdong Lingnan Cable Co., Ltd
4.23 QINGDAO HANHE CABLE CO.,LTD(Stock Code:002498)

4.24 Prysmian Group Co., Ltd(China)
4.25 Goldcup Electric Apparatus Co., Ltd(Stock Code:002533)

4.26 Sichuan Star Cable Co., Ltd(Stock code:603333)


4.28 FUJIAN NAN PING SUN CABLE CO.,LTD(Stock Code:002300)

4.30 Shanghai Morn Electric Equipment Co., Ltd(Stock Code:002451)

4.31 Shenyang Guhe Cable Co., Ltd

4.32 Shanghai Fujikura Co., Ltd

Chapter Five 500kv EHV XLPE Power Cable Project Investment Feasibility Analysis
5.1 500kv EHV XLPE Power Cable project competitive environment analysis
5.2 500kv EHV XLPE Power Cable project opportunity and risk analysis
5.3 500kv EHV XLPE Power Cable project feasibility analysis
5.3.1 Project Name
5.3.2 Project proposed scale
5.3.3 Project Products
5.3.4 Project construction content
5.3.5 Project Schedule
5.3.6 Project Investment content
5.3.7 Project implementation progress
5.3.8 List of equipment and materials of 500kv EHV XLPE Power Cable project

Chapter Six Power Cable Industry Conclusion

- Far East Holding Group Co,Ltd
- Wuxi And Shanghai Electric Wire & Cable Co,Ltd
- Tianjin Suli Wire & Cable Co,Ltd
- Baosheng Group Co,Ltd
- Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Co,Ltd
- Hebei Newbaofeng Wire & Cable Co,Ltd
- Walsin Lihwa Co,Ltd
- Nexans Group Co,Ltd(China)

- Zhejiang Wanma Cable Co,Ltd

- Anhui Jianghuai Cable Group Co,Ltd
- Hengtong Group Co,Ltd

- Wuxi Jiangnan Cable Co,Ltd
- Huayang Wire & Cable Group Co,Ltd

- Yangzhou Shuguang Cable Co,Ltd

- Jiangsu New Yuancheng Cable Co, Ltd
- Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group Co, Ltd

- Ningbo Orient Cable Co, Ltd

- Teba Cable Co, Ltd

- China Nanyang Cable Group Co, Ltd
- Jiangsu Zhongchao Cable Co, Ltd
- Guangdong Lingnan Cable Co, Ltd
- Qingdao Hanhe Cable Co,Ltd
- Goldcup Electric Apparatus Co, Ltd

- Sichuan Star Cable Co, Ltd

- China Wanda Group Co,Ltd

- Fujian Nan Ping Sun Cable Co,Ltd

- Shandong Qixing Group Co,Ltd
- Shanghai Morn Electric Equipment Co, Ltd
- Shenyang Guhe Cable Co, Ltd

- Shanghai Fujikura Co, Ltd

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