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mobileYouth Briefing - How can Samsung beat Apple? Product Image

mobileYouth Briefing - How can Samsung beat Apple?

  • Published: January 2013
  • Region: Global
  • 25 Pages
  • MobileYouth


Samsung has one-third of the global smartphone market share - twice as much as Apple - but it still lags behind Apple in customers' mind share. As the two brands battle out a patent war inside courtrooms, the long term future of both brands will depend on how young customers using their products view the rivalry in their minds.

This briefing answers the following key questions on how Samsung can take steps to effectively compete with Apple:

1. What does it mean to beat Apple? Is it having a larger market share or profit share?
2. What marketing pitfalls should Samsung avoid in its quest to dethrone Apple?
3. What are the key marketing metrics that Samsung needs to pay attention to?
4. How can Samsung identify and nurture its most passionate advocates, not just to beat Apple, but stay #1 in the long term?

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3. In this briefing
4. Executive summary
5. Executive summary (Contd.)
6. Section 1. Why is youth perception of Samsung Galaxy smartphones different from Apple’s iPhone?
7. Samsung smartphones lag behind Apple iPhones in emotional appeal to the customer
8. Apple is well ahead of smartphone brands in customer satisfaction ratings
9. Customer satisfaction depends on device quality and customer service, not price and features
10. Apple Stores: A social space that promotes product discovery to drive sales
11. Apple store revenues surpass those of established retailers like Tiffany and Best Buy
12. Section 2. How can Samsung effectively challenge Apple’s dominance?
13. Samsung cannot beat Apple using clever advertising campaigns
14. Samsung has a third of the global smartphone market share; but it’s still chasing Apple
15. Apple’s iPhone accounts for 70% of the smartphone industry profits
16. Peer recommendation measured by SMART Index directly co-relates with industry profit shares
17. Section 3. Which youth demographic should Samsung focus on to nurture its Fan community?
18. Samsung needs to nurture its Fans to recommend the Samsung brand to their peers
19. Samsung beats Apple in Fan recommendation among 24-29 year olds
20. Samsung’s most vocal Fans are male professionals followed by female teens
21. Avoid fighting for male teens & college students where Apple has built a strong beachhead over the years
22. Section 4. How can Samsung involve its Fans in the marketing process?
23. Tap the Android developer community to recruit male developers as Samsung advocates
24. Google Technovation Challenge: Empower young girls with skills instead of pink products
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