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Global Smart Infrastructure - Smart Grids and Smart Meter Trends and Statistics Product Image

Global Smart Infrastructure - Smart Grids and Smart Meter Trends and Statistics

  • Published: December 2013
  • Region: Global
  • 25 Pages
  • Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd

In 2014 there is a much better understanding of the concept of the smart grid and few energy companies would now embark on isolated smart meter rollouts; however some still continue to do so. It has become increasingly clear that smart grids are able to transform the energy industry, and that a much broader group of industries are also affected by this including IT, telecoms, white goods, renewables, management consultants, storage, transport, etc.

The electricity grid is becoming the enabler in all these changes, and by making it an intelligent grid and adding telecoms to it, the power will shift away from the electricity companies to the customers – and the appliances that will be developed will assist this process; some of that on a M2M basis using networked sensors and SCaDa technology. Another term being used for these broader developments is the Internet of Things (IoT).

This BuddeComm report is designed to provide a current smart grid market overview as well as insightful observations supported by statistics and examples, which may assist investors, analysts and industry participants in making investment and business decisions.

Latest developments:


1. Synopsis
2. Smart grids analysis
2.1 Smart Grid 2.0
2.1.1 Industry started off on the wrong foot
2.1.2 Escalating costs beyond the meter
2.1.3 Strategic mistakes from governments and the energy industry
2.1.4 This is resulting in a rethink and a regrouping
3. Smart grid vision
3.1 Smart grids in need of strategic plans
3.2 Trans-sector policies and an holistic approach required
4. Global smart grid market
4.1 Overview
4.2 Smart grid equipment statistics
4.3 Smart grid benefits and challenges
4.4 Smart grid market value
4.5 smart grid cyber security
4.6 Smart grid global investment
4.7 Smart energy
4.8 Interest in smart grids by utilities grows
4.8.1 Two examples of utility led projects
4.9 ITU approves smart grid standards
4.10 Partnerships and consolidation
5. Global smart meter market
5.1 Smart meter shipments and installed base
5.2 Smart meter revenues
6. Where are the government leaders?
6.1 No smart grids without government leadership
6.2 Confusion regarding regulations
6.3 Muni Smart Grids
7. Remember the consumer
7.1 What’s in it for the customer?
7.1.1 Social and economic benefits
7.1.2 Privacy issues
7.1.3 Technology concerns
7.1.4 Safety issues
7.1.5 Vulnerable consumer groups
7.1.6 More transparency required
7.1.7 A need to re-invent the customer relationship
8. A concept, not a single technology
8.1 Electricity companies and the Internet of Things
8.2 M2M a key component
8.3 From SCaDa to IoT
9. Smart grids, smart infrastructure, smart buildings and smart cities
9.1 Opportunities for the smart infrastructure
10. Related reports
Table 1 – Value of the global smart grid market – 2012; 2016; 2020
Table 2 – Worldwide smart meter shipments – 2012 - 2017
Exhibit 1 – Smart grid applications
Exhibit 2 – Global Smart Grid Federation (GSGF)
Exhibit 3 – Challenges smart grids can address
Exhibit 4 – Field trials led by FINESCE
Exhibit 5 - International Smart Grid Action Network
Exhibit 6 – Replacing old electricity meters
Exhibit 7 – Examples of leading smart meter manufacturers
Exhibit 8 - Smart grid as a cloud service

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