Super Sectors. How to Outsmart the Market Using Sector Rotation and ETFs. Wiley Trading

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  • October 2010
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"John does an excellent job explaining how to make money using sector ETFs. He has outlined a great plan for those seeking to win with the current super sectors." DAMIEN and DEREK HOFFMAN, cofounders, WallStCheatSheet.com

"Super Sectors offers investors a clear and practical plan for navigating today's markets . . . a must–read for those looking for a new approach in a volatile financial world." STEVE GEAR, Editor, Business/Financial News, BeforeItsNews.com

"Investors new to ETFs will appreciate this easy–to–understand book as it has an excellent overview of sector ETF selections as well as alternative asset classes, trading systems, and psychology. My favorite part of the book is the interviews with the experts." GRACE CHENG, founder, DailyMarkets.com; author, 7 Winning Strategies for Trading Forex

"This book offers a complete guide for those with little knowledge of exchange traded funds. It explains what they are and what's available as well as outlines many practical strategies that can be used for profitable investing. John Nyaradi has explained READ MORE >

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Part I Five Wall Street Fairy Tales and Why the Conventional Wisdom is Flawed.

Chapter 1 The Bear Facts about Bear Markets.

The Bear Facts: Another Bear is Out There Waiting to Maul Your Portfolio.


Chapter 2 The Fairy Tale of Buy and Hold.

Ten Years of Negative Returns.

Impact on Retirement.

The World is Changing.


Chapter 3 Four More Wall Street Fairy Tales: Conventional Wisdom That Could Cost You Money.

Is Asset Allocation the Answer?

The Fairy Tales Revealed.


Part II Why Exchange Traded Funds?

Chapter 4 History and Growth of Exchange Traded Funds.

From Zero to 836 in 19 Short Years.


Chapter 5 Types of Exchange Traded Funds.

Standard Exchange Traded Funds.

Index Funds.

Market Cap and Style Funds.

Bond Funds

Sector Exchange Traded Funds.

Global Regions and Country Specific Exchange Traded Funds.

Inverse Exchange Traded Funds.

Leveraged Exchange Traded Funds.

Actively Managed Exchange Traded Funds.

Currency Exchange Traded Funds and Exchange Traded Notes.


Part III Sector Rotation: What It Is and Why It Works.

Chapter 6 Sector Rotation The Traditional View.

There's Always a Bull Market Somewhere.

Nine Basic Sectors.

Will This Time be Different?

The Business Cycle Has Not Been Repealed.

Why Use Sector Rotation?


Chapter 7 The New Science of Sector Rotation.

It's A Brave New World.

Are There Only Nine Sectors?

The Velocity of Money and The Incredible Disappearing Investor.


Part IV Trading Systems Designed to Outperform the Indexes.

Your Personality.

Your Lifestyle.

Your Goals.

Chapter 8 Almost Like Buy and Hold.

But It's Not That Easy.

Cut Your Losses and Let Your Winners Run.

Almost Like Buy and Hold Trading Rules.


Chapter 9 The Simple Trading System.


Chapter 10 The Golden Crossover Trading System.


Part V The Sector Scoring System: Trading Concepts, Challenges and Conundrums.

Chapter 11 The Five Signals for Entering a Trade.

Signal No. 1: Point and Figure Charts Buy Signals.

Signal No. 2: Point and Figure Charts Trend and Bullish Price Objective.

Signal no. 3: Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD).

Signal No. 4: Relative Strength Index (RSI).

Signal No. 5: Relative Strength.


Chapter 12 Scoring Your Trades.

Selecting What You Want To Trade.

Scoring Your Trades: The Heart of the System.

Scoring the Indicators.


Chapter 13 Getting Out is Harder Than Getting In.

Selecting What You Want To Trade: The Other Side of the Coin.

Getting Out of a Trade: How, When, Where.

Risk Management and Position Size.

Exiting a Trade or What Now?

Signs of Weakness.


Chapter 14 The Psychology of Trading.

The Biggest Single Risk to your Trading and Investing Success is You.

Begin at the Beginning.

Greed, Fear, and the Herd.

Three Secrets to Trading Success.

Trading and the Art of War.

The Five Essentials for Victory.

Trading With the Buddha.

What Happens When Your System Stops Working.

How to Manage Drawdowns.


Part VI Super Sectors: Five Super Sectors That Could Change Your Life.

Chapter 15 Super Sector No. 1: The Rise of Asia.

A Closer Look at China.

The Story Doesn't End with China.

How Can You Participate?


Chapter 16 Super Sector No. 2: Energy.

The Bad News about Supply.

The Bad News about Demand.

Economic, Political, and Social Impacts.

Possible Solutions.

Possible Outcomes.

How Can You Participate?


Chapter 17 Super Sector No. 3: Health Care.

The Aging Baby Boomers.

Baby Boomers and the Cost of Health Care.

Growth in National Health Care Expenditures.

Possible Solutions and Outcomes.

The Ever Growing Medical Monster.

How Can You Participate?


Chapter 18 Super Sector No. 4: Technology.

A Connected World.

Highways in the Sky.

Emerging Technologies.

How Can You Participate?


Chapter 19 Super Sector No. 5: Financials.

The Financial Sector.

Warren Buffetology.

The Dollar and Global Currency Markets.

Interest Rates.

Precious Metals.

How Can You Participate?


Chapter 20 Ask the Experts Insights and Advice from Today s Top Investors, Traders and Managers.

Dr. Marc Faber.

Keith Fitz–Gerald.

Todd Harrison.

Gene Inger.

Carl Larry.

Timothy Lutts.

Tom Lydon.

John Mauldin.

Lawrence G. McMillan.

Paul Merriman.

Robert Prechter.

Jim Rogers.

Matthew Simmons.

Sam Stovall.

Cliff Wachtel.

Gabriel Wisdom and Michael Moore.



ETF Resources.

Web Sites.

Exchange Traded Funds Providers.



About the Author.


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If you had to choose just one investment book to read this year, this could be it. Included in Year s Top Investment Books in the 2011 Stock Trader s Almanac,
Super Sectors provides useful background on ETFs, the pros/cons of each sector, basic technical tools, trading strategies, and psychology – really a masterpiece of overview of sound investing and trading with plenty to learn and review for those on all levels of expertise.
. Cliff Wachtel, FXinsights.com, November 2010

If you have considered investing by sectors using ETFs, then Super Sectors is the book for you. . Stockerblog.com, October 2010

"This book provides a highly accessible and pragmatic approach to the subject of investment vehicles. For the relative newcomer to active investing, it offers several nuggets of useful information. For veteran system developers interested in further honing their trading acumen, it serves as a refresher of key concepts.". Bruce C. Greig, Financial Analysts Journal, January 2011

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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