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Windows 8 Five Minutes at a Time

  • ID: 2246174
  • December 2012
  • 384 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd

The perfect Windows 8 guide for today's busy learners

Get more out of Windows 8 at your own pace with this great new guide that's perfect for busy learners. Helpful information is presented in quick, easy-to-digest, individual tasks that you can read and learn in five minutes or less, per task. Boost your productivity with hundreds of smart techniques, which include step-by-step instructions, full-color screenshots, and plenty of practical tips and sidebars sprinkled throughout the book. The attractive design brings everything in clear focus and helps you quickly locate the information you need.

- Provides quick, five-minute nuggets of information to help you get more out of the Windows 8 operating system
- Covers the new user interface and all new features, as well as the basics
- Also includes step-by-step instructions, helpful sidebars, and screenshots to guide you through tasks and concepts
- Full-color, attractive design makes it easy for you to find what you're looking for

Open Windows 8 in 5 Minutes, and you're just five minutes away from getting more out of Windows 8.

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The Basics 2

Navigating the Windows 8 Start Screen 4

Pinning an Application to the Start Screen 7

Creating and Naming Groups of Apps 10

Resizing a Start Screen Tile 13

Searching for Apps, Settings, and Files 15

Searching for Apps in the Windows Store 18

Downloading Apps from the Windows Store 20

Working with Multiple Windows 8 Apps 23

Shutting Down or Restarting Windows 26

Putting Windows to Sleep 29

Hibernating Windows 31

Customizing the Desktop 34

Using the File Explorer Ribbon 37

Opening Two Instances of File Explorer 40

Copying or Moving Files 42

Customizing the Taskbar 45

Adding a Taskbar Toolbar 47

Re-creating the Quick Launch Toolbar 49

Searching for Items in File Explorer 52

Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar 56

Managing Columns in File Explorer 58

Modifying the Windows Send to Menu 61

Pinning Desktop Items to the Start Screen 64

Creating a Desktop Shortcut for All Apps 67

Connecting to a Wi-Fi or Cellular Network 70

Managing a Wi-Fi or Cellular Network 75

Setting Ease of Access Features 79

Displaying Administrative Tools 82

Dual-Booting with Another Version of Windows 84

Setting Up Windows 8 after Installation 87

Updating Windows 8 91

Be Imaginative 96

Adding a Microsoft Account to Windows 98

Adding a Local Account to Windows 105

Logging in with Different Accounts 109

Managing Your User Accounts 113

Changing Your Account Picture 116

Switching to a Local Account 120

Switching to a Microsoft Account 123

Changing Your Password Protection 126

Creating a Picture Password 129

Customizing Your Start Screen 133

Personalizing the Windows Lock Screen 135

Trusting a Windows 8 Computer 139

Syncing Your Windows Settings 142

Adding Files to Your SkyDrive Page 146

Using the Windows 8 SkyDrive App 150

Setting Up the SkyDrive for Windows App 154

Opening Files with Specifi c Applications 157

Printing Content from a Windows 8 App 162

Sharing Content from a Windows 8 App 165

Searching for Content in a Windows 8 App 168

Surfing the Web with Windows 8 Internet Explorer 170

Adding Accounts to the Mail App 176

Adding Accounts to the People App 179

Contacting People via the People App 184

Viewing Appointments with the Calendar App 186

Adding Online Accounts to the Photos App 189

Playing Music with the Music App 195

Adding Album Art to Your Music 199

Finding Places Using the Maps App 202

Getting the News with the News App 207

Following Favorite Teams with the Sports App 212

Tracking Your Investments with the Finance App 218

Planning a Trip with the Travel App 223

Beat the Clock 228

Creating a Tile to Restart Windows 230

Creating a Tile to Shut Down Windows 232

Creating a Tile to Hibernate Windows 234

Accessing the Power User Tasks Menu 236

Customizing the Power User Tasks Menu 238

Logging in to Windows Automatically 241

Changing the Icon for a Desktop Tile 243

Changing the Number of Start Screen Rows 246

Turning Windows Features On or Off 249

Forcing an Application to Shut Down 251

Managing Open Applications in Task Manager 253

Monitoring the Performance of Your Apps 256

Viewing a History of Your Windows 8 Apps 259

Managing Your Start-up Programs 261

Tracking Down Problems with Event Viewer 265

Checking Your Computer for Memory Problems 268

Creating a Windows 8 Restore Point 270

Restoring Windows from a Restore Point 273

Backing Up Your Files through File History 277

Refreshing Windows 281

Refreshing Windows from an Image 285

Resetting Windows 288

Booting into Safe Mode 291

Booting into the Options Menu 294

Creating a Tile for the Options Menu 297

Running an Automatic Repair in Windows 300

Adding Another Language to Windows 8 302

Pooling Your Hard Drives with Storage Spaces 306

Using the Windows 8 Remote Desktop App 310

Using the Remote Desktop Connection Tool 314

Installing Hyper-V to Create Virtual Machines 318

Using Hyper-V to Create Virtual Machines 320

Inquiring Minds 324

Q&A 326

Appendix A: Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts 346

Appendix B: Mouse Movements 349

Appendix C: Resources 350

Glossary 353

Index 356

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

Lance Whitney wears a few different technology hats? journalist, web developer, and software trainer. He's a freelance reporter for CNET, where he writes breaking news stories and other articles. He's also a contributing editor for Microsoft TechNet Magazine and writes for other computer publications and websites.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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