Toys, Dolls, Hoops, Building Blocks - Industry Patent Mapping Report

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  • January 2004
  • Region: Global
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Tops; Whip tops; Top whips; Hopping, dancing, or curve-drawing tops; Double tops; Multiple tops mounted in or on one another; Color tops; Musical tops; Climbing tops, e.g. Yo-Yo; Whirling or spinning discs driven by twisted cords; Dolls; Air-filled or inflatable toy figures; Flat toy figures provided with limbs, with or without arrangements for making them stand up; Double-faced dolls; Jumping jacks; Drinking dolls; Dolls producing tears; Wetting dolls; Floating dolls; Arrangements of sound-producing means in dolls; Means in dolls for producing sounds; Details; Accessories; Musical or noise-producing devices for additional toy effects other than acoustical; Pistols or machine guns operated without detonators; Crackers; Toy figures led or propelled by the user; Special methods or compositions for the manufacture of dolls, toy animals, toy figures, or parts thereof; Self-movable toy figures; Toy figures with self-moving parts, with or without movement of the toy as a whole; Other gravity-operated toy figures; Toy vehicles, e.g. with self-drive; Accessories therefor; Highways or track ways for toys; Propulsion by special interaction between vehicle and track; Model railways; Other toy READ MORE >

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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