Implements For Writing Or Drawing - Industry Patent Mapping Report

  • ID: 226134
  • January 2004
  • Region: Global
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Nibs; Writing- points; Nib holders; Pens with ink reservoirs in holders, e.g. fountain-pens; Ball-point pens; Pens with writing-points other than nibs or balls; Filling devices; Devices for removing nibs; Devices for cleaning nibs, e.g. by wiping; Assembling, finishing, or repairing pens; Continuously-adjustable nibs, e.g. for drawing-pens; Holders therefor; Non-propelling pencils; Styles; Crayons; Chalks; Propelling pencils; Holders or connectors for writing implements; Means for protecting the writing-points; Mechanisms for selecting, projecting, retracting or locking writing units; Attaching writing implements to wearing apparel or objects involving constructional changes of the of the implements; Multiple-point writing implements, e.g. multicolor; Combinations of writing implements; Combinations of writing implements with other articles; Writing implement receptacles functioning as, or combined with, writing implements. [More than 1,500 Patents]<BR><BR>Our range of Patent Maps act as a Patent Information Encyclopedia, providing a High-level Summary of Patent Information on patenting activity in various technologies and industries. Organized into an intuitive graphical READ MORE >

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<BR><BR>1. Assignee Patent Map<BR>2. Assignee Country Patent Map<BR>3. Attorney-Agent-Firm Patent Map<BR>4. Application/Filing Year Patent Map<BR>5. Inventor Patent Map<BR>6.Technology Class (IPC) Patent Map<BR>7. Sub-Technology (IPC) Patent Map<BR>8. Publication/Grant Year Patent Map<BR>9. Priority Year Patent Map<BR>10. Technology Class (UPC) Patent Map<BR>11. Sub-Technology (UPC) Patent Map<BR>12. Backward Citation Patent Map<BR>13. Forward Citation Patent Map<BR>

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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