Equipment For Fitting In Or To Aircraft; Flying Suits; Parachutes; Arrangements Or Mounting Of Power Plants Or Propulsion Transmissions - Industry Patent Mapping Report

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  • January 2004
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Dropping, ejecting, releasing, or receiving articles, liquids, or the like, in flight; Aircraft adaptations to facilitate towing or being towed; Aircraft transported by aircraft, e.g. for release or reberthing during flight; Arrangement of military equipment, e.g. armaments, armament accessories, or military shielding, in aircraft; Adaptations of armament mountings for aircraft; Equipment for handling freight; Equipment for facilitating passenger embarkation or the like; Flying suits; Passenger or crew accommodation; Flight-deck installations not otherwise provided for; Arrangements or adaptations of air-treatment apparatus for aircraft crew or passengers, or freight space; De-icing or preventing icing on exterior surfaces of aircraft; Parachutes; Non-canopied parachutes; Testing of parachutes; Training of parachutists; Emergency apparatus or devices, not otherwise provided for; Arrangement or mounting of power plant in aircraft; Aircraft characterized thereby; Power-plant nacelles, fairings, or cowlings; Power plant control; Arrangement thereof; Arrangement in aircraft of power plant parts or auxiliaries not otherwise provided for; Transmitting power from power plant to propellers READ MORE >

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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