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ITS in Public Transport – 2nd Edition Product Image

ITS in Public Transport – 2nd Edition

  • ID: 2279683
  • October 2012
  • 185 Pages
  • Berg Insight AB


  • 21st Century
  • FARA
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How will the market for intelligent transport systems (ITS) for public transport in Europe evolve in 2012 and beyond? Now in its second edition this strategic research report in the M2M Research Series from Berg Insight covers the latest trends and developments in the dynamic telematics industry. Get up to date with the latest information about vendors, products and markets.

ITS in Public Transport is the second consecutive report from Berg Insight analysing the latest developments on the intelligent transportation systems market for public transport in Europe. This strategic research report from Berg Insight provides you with 190 pages of unique business intelligence, including 5-year industry forecasts, expert commentary and real-life case studies on which to base your business decisions.

Highlights from this report:
- Insights from 30 new executive interviews with market leading companies.
- New data on vehicle fleets and public transport utilisation in Europe.
- Comprehensive description of the public transport ITS value chain and key applications.
- In-depth analysis of market trends and key developments.
- Profiles of 49 aftermarket ITS solution providers.
- Summary READ MORE >


  • 21st Century
  • FARA
  • Indra
  • Moviken
  • R&G
  • Thales
  • MORE

Executive summary
1 Public transport in Europe
1.1 Modal split of passenger transport
1.2 Bus fleets and public transport utilisation
1.3 Market shares for bus and coach OEMs
1.4 Rail-borne public transport modes
1.4.1 Trams and light rail
1.4.2 Metro
1.5 Organisation and contracting in public transport
1.5.1 Legal framework
1.5.2 Organisational forms and regional differences
1.6 Major public transport operators
2 ITS technologies and solutions
2.1 Public transport ITS infrastructure
2.1.1 Vehicle segment
2.1.2 Roadside segment
2.1.3 Backoffice segment
2.1.4 Traveller segment
2.1.5 GNSS segment
2.1.6 Network segment
2.2 Public transport management
2.2.1 Planning and scheduling tools
2.2.2 Computer aided dispatch systems
2.2.3 Traffic signal priority
2.3 Traveller management
2.3.1 Passenger information
2.3.2 Entertainment
2.3.3 Fare payment
2.4 Driver management
2.4.1 Driving data registration and analysis
2.4.2 Eco-driving schemes
2.4.3 Insurance risk management
2.5 Vehicle management
2.5.1 Vehicle diagnostics and maintenance planning
2.5.2 On-board security solutions
2.6 Business models and strategies
3 Market forecasts and trends
3.1 Market analysis
3.1.1 Market value forecast
3.1.2 Regional markets
3.1.3 Major vendors
3.2 Market drivers and barriers
3.2.1 Macroeconomic environment
3.2.2 Regulatory environment
3.2.3 Competitive environment
3.2.4 Technology environment
3.3 Value chain analysis
3.3.1 ITS and telematics industry players
3.3.2 Automotive industry players
3.3.3 Telecom industry players
3.3.4 IT industry players
3.4 Future industry trends
4 OEM products and strategies
4.1 Daimler
4.2 Iveco
4.3 MAN
4.4 Scania
4.5 Volvo Group
4.6 Other bus manufacturers
4.6.1 Alexander Dennis
4.6.2 VDL
4.6.3 Van Hool
5 Aftermarket solution providers
5.1 International
5.1.1 GIRO
5.1.2 INIT
5.1.3 IVU
5.1.4 Swarco
5.1.5 Thales
5.1.6 Trapeze Group
5.1.7 Xerox
5.2 Germany and Eastern Europe
5.2.1 Atron
5.2.2 PSI Transcom
5.2.3 R&G
5.2.4 Radcom
5.2.5 Siemens
5.2.6 UTI
5.3 France, Benelux and the UK
5.3.1 Actia
5.3.2 Comatis
5.3.3 GreenRoad
5.3.4 Ineo Systrans
5.3.5 Lumiplan
5.3.6 MiX Telematics
5.3.7 Moviken
5.3.8 Navocap
5.3.9 Omnibus
5.3.10 Prodata Mobility Systems
5.3.11 SPIE
5.3.12 Vix
5.4 The Mediterranean
5.4.1 AP Systems
5.4.2 Digigroup
5.4.3 GMV
5.4.4 Goal Systems
5.4.5 Grupo Etra
5.4.6 Indra
5.4.7 Link Technologies
5.4.8 PluService
5.4.9 Prointec
5.4.10 Selex Elsag
5.4.11 T&T
5.4.12 Tecmic
5.5 The Nordics
5.5.1 FARA
5.5.2 Hogia
5.5.3 Pilotfish
5.5.4 Thoreb
5.5.5 Trivector
5.5.6 Vehco
5.6 Partial solution providers
5.6.1 21st Century
5.6.2 DILAX
5.6.3 Hanover Displays
5.6.4 Höft & Wessel
5.6.5 Luminator Technology Group
5.6.6 Nettropolis

List of Figures
Figure 1.1: Modal split of passenger transport on land (EU23+2 2009)
Figure 1.2: Bus statistics – vehicle stock, new registrations & passenger-km (EU23+2)
Figure 1.3: Bus & coach (>16t) market shares, by group & brand (EU27+2 2011)
Figure 1.4: Bus & coach (3.5–16t) market shares, by group & brand (EU27+2 2011)
Figure 1.5: Statistics on metro systems in Europe (EU23+2 2010)
Figure 1.6: Key figures on major public transport operators in Europe
Figure 1.7: Market presence in Europe for major transport operators (EU23+2 2012)
Figure 2.1: Public transport ITS infrastructure overview
Figure 2.2: Examples of on-board equipment installed in public transport vehicles
Figure 2.3: Example of public transport ITS backoffice segment
Figure 2.4: Examples of journey planner for iPhone and smartcard payment solution
Figure 2.5: Mobile network operators (EU23+2 2011)
Figure 3.1: Public transport ITS market value and penetration (EU27+2 2011–2016)
Figure 3.2: Major public transport ITS providers on the European market
Figure 3.3: Financial data for leading ITS and telematics industry players
Figure 3.4: Key data for companies and groups active in ITS for public transport
Figure 3.5: Mergers and acquisitions among companies active in public transport ITS
Figure 3.6: Top five M2M communication providers in Europe (Q4-2011)
Figure 5.1: Product overview of INIT's offering
Figure 5.2: Overview of IVU.suite
Figure 5.3: Trapeze's Intelligent Touch Terminal and Trapeze-Elgeba's Ticontrol 500
Figure 5.4: Podium dashboard with driverAID function
Figure 5.5: Ineo Systrans' TACTILEO driver interface
Figure 5.6: MiX Telematics' RIBAS display
Figure 5.7: Pilotfish's Vehicle Gateway VG200


  • 21st Century
  • FARA
  • Indra
  • Moviken
  • R&G
  • Thales
  • MORE

Public transport ITS market in Europe expected to reach € 1.5 billion by 2016

According to a new research report from the analyst firm Berg Insight, the market value for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) deployed in public transport operations in Europe was € 0.76 billion in 2011. Growing at a compound annual growth rate of 15 percent, this number is expected to reach € 1.5 billion by 2016. Berg Insight is of the opinion that the European market for ITS for public transport is in a growth phase which will last for several years to come. The fluctuating economic climate has in most countries had little effect on the market as the public investments which underpin a major part of the ITS initiatives have remained stable throughout the periods of crisis. The vendor landscape for public transport ITS consists of a variety of actors. The companies INIT, Trapeze Group and IVU have emerged as leaders in Europe, having broad product portfolios and large numbers of installed systems in many countries. There are also local players with considerable market shares on regional markets in Europe, including Ineo Systrans and Vix. Another group of vendors are focused on specific parts of complete ITS such as specialised hardware units or software applications. ”The public transport ITS market in Europe is favoured by several concurrent developments, including UITP’s sought-after doubling of the public transport ridership, the EBSF EU project, and generally higher expectations among travellers”, said Rickard Andersson, telecom analyst, Berg Insight. “Increasingly sophisticated solutions for traffic management and passenger information are available which – if implemented correctly – eventually can put public transport on par with private transportation modes in terms of travelling times and flexibility”. Mr. Andersson adds that a noteworthy development is the increasing integration of smartphone-based solutions in public transport ITS, used for various traveller-centric applications as well as business performance overviews for operators, and most recently also as affordable tracking solutions enabling real-time passenger information (RTPI). “Travellers increasingly expect real-time information also from smaller operators with low propensity to invest in ITS”, concluded Mr. Andersson.

- 21st Century
- Actia
- Alexander Dennis
- AP Systems
- Atron
- Comatis
- Daimler
- Digigroup
- Goal Systems
- GreenRoad
- Grupo Etra
- Hanover Displays
- Höft & Wessel
- Hogia
- Indra
- Ineo Systrans
- Iveco
- Link Technologies
- Luminator Technology Group
- Lumiplan
- MiX Telematics
- Moviken
- Navocap
- Nettropolis
- Omnibus
- Pilotfish
- PluService
- Prodata Mobility Systems
- Prointec
- PSI Transcom
- R&G
- Radcom
- Scania
- Selex Elsag
- Siemens
- Swarco
- T&T
- Tecmic
- Thales
- The Nordics
- Thoreb
- Trapeze Group
- Trivector
- Van Hool
- Vehco
- Vix
- Volvo Group
- Xerox

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