Venezuela Retail Report Q4 2012

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  • November 2012
  • Region: Venezuela
  • 71 pages
  • Business Monitor International
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The Venezuelan retail report examines the long-term potential of the local consumer market, but flags short-term concerns about the impact on Venezuela’s economic outlook of extremely low productive capacity and a potential currency devaluation.

The report examines how best to maximise returns in the Venezuelan retail market while minimising investment risk, and also explores the impact of deteriorating regional credit risk on the Venezuelan consumer, and on the ability of producers and exporters to realise returns in the short term.

The report also analyses the growth and risk management strategies being used by the leading players in the Venezuelan retail sector, as they seek to maximise the growth opportunities offered by the local market.

Venezuelan per-capita consumer spending is forecast to decrease by an alarming 38% to 2016, compared with a regional growth average of 17%. The country comes fifth (out of seven) in BMI’s Latin American retail risk/reward ratings, although it underperforms significantly for risk.

Among all retail categories, consumer electronics will be one of the strongest performers through to 2016 in growth terms, with READ MORE >

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Executive Summary 5

SWOT Analysis 7

Venezuela Retail Business Environment SWOT 7

Venezuela Political SWOT 7

Venezuela Economic SWOT 8

Market Overview 9

Current Trends 9

Key Players 10

Industry Forecast Scenario 12

Consumer Outlook 12

Retail Growth Outlook 13
Table: Venezuela Retail Sales Indicators, 2009-2016 14
Table: Retail Sales Breakdown By Key Segments, 2012f 16

Organised Retail 16

Macroeconomic Outlook 17
Table: Venezuela – Economic Activity, 2011-2016 18

Regional Retail Outlook 20
Table: Latin America Retail Trends, 2009-2016 20
Table: Regional Retail Sales, 2009-2016 (US$bn) 20
Table: % Of Regional Retail Sales, 2009-2016 21
Table: Regional Food Consumption, 2009-2016 (US$bn) 21
Table: Regional Mass Grocery Retail, 2009-2016 (US$bn) 22

Regional Retail Trends 22

Risk/Reward Ratings 31
Table: Latin America Retail Business Environment Ratings 31

Venezuela’s Retail Rating 32

Limits To Potential Returns 32

Risks To Realisation Of Returns 32

Mass Grocery Retail 34

Venezuela Mass Grocery Retail Industry SWOT 34

Market Overview 35
Table: Structure Of Mass Grocery Retail Market – Estimated Number Of Outlets 36
Table: Structure Of Venezuela’s Mass Grocery Retail Market – Sales Value By Format (US$bn) 36
Table: Average Annual Value Sales By Unit Per Format (2009) 37

Industry Forecast Scenario 37
Table: Mass Grocery Retail Value Sales by Format – Historical Data & Forecasts 37
Table: Sales Breakdown By Retail Format Type 38

Industry Developments 39

Consumer Electronics 41

Venezuela Consumer Electronics Market SWOT 41

Market Overview 42

Computers 43
Table: PC Sales, 2009-2016 43

AV Devices 46
Table: AV Sales, 2009-2016 46

Mobile Handsets 49
Table: Mobile Communications,2009-2016 49

Industry Forecast Scenario 53

Consumer Electronics Market 53
Table: Consumer Electronics Overview, 2009-2016 (US$mn) 54

Industry Developments 55

Automotives 57

Venezuela Autos Industry SWOT 57

Industry Forecast Scenario 58

Sales 58
Table: Venezuela Autos Sales, 2009-2016 58

Production 59
Table: Venezuela Autos Production, 2009-2016 60

Trade 61
Table: Venezuela Autos Trade, 2009-2016 61
Table: Venezuela Car Ownership Rate, 2010-2016 62

Passenger Cars 62
Table: Venezuela Passenger Car Segment, 2009-2016 62

Company News 63

Demographic Outlook 65
Table: Venezuela's Population By Age Group, 1990-2020 ('000) 66
Table: Venezuela's Population By Age Group, 1990-2020 (% of total) 66
Table: Venezuela's Key Population Ratios, 1990-2020 67
Table: Venezuela's Rural And Urban Population, 1990-2020 67

BMI Methodology 69

How We Generate Our Industry Forecasts 69

Sources 70

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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