Bahrain Oil and Gas Report Q4 2012

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  • November 2012
  • Region: Bahrain
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BMI View:

Always limited in scale, Bahrain’s oil and gas sector is limited in ambition; attempts to produce more oil and gas from its offshore acreage are unlikely to yield material fruit in the near-term.

Perhaps more significant are efforts to move into more lucrative petrochemicals value-adds related to its refining project at Sitra. The prospect of building an LNG receiving terminal is another potentially significant landmark, and the government has served notice that a decision on who to build it is expected before year-end 2012. Political unrest remains a key risk in Bahrain, but under the Saudi-assured security pact, we do not envisage unrest having a significant impact on the sector overall.

We highlight these trends and developments in Bahrain’s oil and gas sector:

- BMI sees Bahraini oil production rising to as much as 95,000 barrels per day (b/d) by 2021, in line with efforts to boost output at the mature Bahrain field. We expect oil consumption to grow to almost 60,000b/d.

- We expect both oil and gas reserves to decline in the period 2012-2021, pending new discoveries. Oil reserves are expected to fall to 112mn barrels (bbl) READ MORE >

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  • Chevron Bahrain
  • Company Monitor
  • Occidental Petroleum
  • Others – Summary
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BMI Industry View 5

SWOT Analysis 7

Bahrain Oil and Gas SWOT 7

Global Energy Market Outlook 8

Oil: Getting Closer To Emerging Markets Inflection Point 8
Table: Oil Consumption Forecasts, 2010-2016 (’000b/d) 10
Table: Oil Production Forecasts, 2010-2016 (’000b/d) 12

Regional Energy Market Outlook 16

Bahrain Energy Market Overview 23

Industry Forecast Scenario 25
Table: Bahrain Oil & Gas – Historical Data & Forecasts, 2009-2016 25
Table: Bahrain Oil & Gas – Long Term Forecast, 2014 - 2021 26

Oil and Gas Reserves 27

Oil Supply And Demand 27

Gas Supply And Demand 28

LNG 28

Refining and Oil Products Trade 29

Revenues/Import Costs 29

Key Risks To our Forecast Scenario 29

Oil and Gas Infrastructure 30

Oil Refineries 30
Table: Refineries In Bahrain 30

Oil Storage Facilities 31

Service Stations 31

Oil Pipelines 31

Gas Pipelines 31

Regional and Country Risk/Reward Ratings 32

Oil and Gas Risk/Reward Ratings 33

Middle East Upstream Oil and Gas Risk/Reward Ratings 34

Middle East Downstream Oil and Gas Risk/Reward Ratings 34

Bahrain Upstream Rating – Overview 35

Bahrain Upstream Rating – Rewards 35

Bahrain Upstream Rating – Risks 35

Bahrain Downstream Rating – Overview 35

Competitive Landscape 36

Executive Summary 36
Table: Key Domestic And Foreign Companies In The Bahrain Oil And Gas Sector 37

Overview/State Role 37

Licensing And Regulation 37

Government Policy 37

Licensing Rounds 38

International Energy Relations 38
Table: Key Upstream Players 38
Table: Key Downstream Players 38

Company Monitor 39

Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) 39

Bahrain National Gas Company (Banagas) 41

Chevron Bahrain 43

Occidental Petroleum 45

Gulf Petrochemical Industries – Summary 47

Others – Summary 47

Middle East – Regional Appendix 48
Table: Oil Consumption, 2009-2016 (’000b/d) 48
Table: Oil Consumption, 2014-2021 (’000b/d) 48
Table: Oil Production, 2009-2016 (’000b/d) 49
Table: Oil Production, 2014-2021 (’000b/d) 49

Table : Refining Capacity, 2009-2016 (’000b/d) 49
Table: Refining Capacity, 2014-2021 (’000b/d) 50
Table: Gas Consumption, 2009-2016 (bcm) 50
Table: Gas Consumption, 2014-2021 (bcm) 51
Table: Gas Production, 2009-2016 (bcm) 51
Table: Gas Production, 2014-2021 (bcm) 52
Table: Net LNG Exports, 2009-2016 (bcm) 52
Table: Net LNG Exports, 2014-2021 (bcm) 52

Glossary Of Terms 53
Table: Glossary Of Terms 53

Methodology And Risks To Forecasts 55

Oil And Gas Risk/Reward Ratings Methodology 56

Ratings Overview 56
Table: BMI’s Oil & Gas Business Environment Ratings – Structure 57

Indicators 57
Table: BMI’s Oil & Gas Upstream Ratings – Methodology 57
Table: BMI’s Oil & Gas Business Environment Downstream Ratings – Methodology 58

BMI Methodology 60

How We Generate Our Industry Forecasts 60

Energy Industry 60

Cross checks 61

Sources 61

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Company Monitor
Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO)
Bahrain National Gas Company (Banagas)
Chevron Bahrain
Occidental Petroleum
Gulf Petrochemical Industries – Summary
Others – Summary

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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