Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine

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  • January 2010
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The potential use of stem cells in transplantation for the purpose of tissue regeneration is an exciting area of research currently undergoing rapid development. Implantation of human embryonic or autologous, ex vivo-expanded adult stem cells, particularly in older individuals, could circumvent the limited availability of organs/tissues as well as prevent complications related to immune rejection and disease transmission. Musculoskeletal tissue degeneration is closely associated with aging. Strategies employing autologous adult MSCs from older individuals for transplantation in order to regenerate their own ailing organ or tissues require that we vigorously define MSCs capacity to maintain growth potential and differentiation potential into the desirable cell lineages. We are currently restricted by the limited knowledge about physical parameters, such as biomechanical forces, that influence MSC growth and differentiation capacities. This is particularly important for MSCs isolated from older individuals, for whom little information is available. This special volume aims to serve as an impetus in generating more interest among stem cell researchers and biotechnologists to improve and develop the cell-based therapies of damaged tissue using stem cells.

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1 Justice and Vulnerability in Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research 1
Isaac H. Ritter, Robin N. Fiore and Kenneth W. Goodman

2 Stem Cells and their Contribution to Tissue Repair 9
Carmen Rios, Elisa Garbayo, Lourdes A. Gomez, Kevin Curtis, Gianluca D'Ippolito and Paul C. Schiller

3 The Role of Microenvironments Stromal Cells in Regenerative Medicine 23
Ian McNiece and Josh M. Hare

4 The Role of Mechanical Forces on Stem Cell Growth and Differentiation 29
Daniel Pelaez, Jason R. Fritz, and Herman S. Cheung

5 Functional Cartilage Tissue Engineering with Adult Stem Cells: Current Status and Future Directions 40
Alice H. Huang, Clark T. Hung, and Robert L. Mauck

6 Therapeutic Angiogenesis for Coronary Artery Disease: Clinical Trials of Proteins, Plasmids, Adenovirus and Stem Cells 65
Keith A. Webster

7 Use of Progenitor Cells in Pain Management 75
M.J. Eaton, Stacey Quintero Wolfe and Eva Widerström-Noga

8 Neural Stem Cells: New Hope for Successful Therapy 100
Denis English, Akshay Anand, Rama S. Verma and Stephan Gluck

9 Diabetes and Stem Cells 120
Juan Domínguez-Bendala and Camillo Ricordi

10 Stem Cells in Dentistry 140
Li Wu Zheng and Lim Kwong Cheung

11 Corneal Progenitor Cells and Regenerative Potential 149
Gary H-F Yam, Sharon K Lee and CP Pang

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Editor: Herman Cheung

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