The Future of Mobile Health Market in Korea

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This report is written to review the latest trends, boundaries and definition of mobile health based on the paradigm shift in the health care industry. In addition, this report will provide a forecast on the market size with the assumption that full introduction will take place, as well as analyze the changes brought by mobile health from the perspective of users.

Also major strategies and current status of players in the field will be reviewed. In terms of mobile health, various coalitions are being forged among health service and communications service providers. On the other hand, more and more device vendors and solution providers are moving in the direction. This report reviews specific examples of each segment for that purpose.

Mobile technologies and devices are expanding beyond telecommunications industry very rapidly. It is no exaggeration to say that mobile industry is being converged with almost all industries for a further development. Health care is not an exception. It is true that health care has been an exclusive industry because it is heavily based on the expertise of doctors and strictly limited to hospitals. As of now, however, active information transactions READ MORE >

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Executive Summary

1. Changes in Health Care Industry

2. Definition and Scope of Mobile Healthcare

3. Mobile Health Market Size and Prospect

4. Changes in Ecosystem of Health Care Market due to Mobile Health
4.1 Ecosystem of Conventional Medical Care Market
4.2 Ecosystem of Mobile Healthcare Service
4.3 Changes in Perspective of Users Thanks to Mobile Healthcare
4.3.1 Locations without Offline Medical Service Facilities
4.3.2 Various New Medical Services
4.3.3 Medical Cost Reduction
4.4 Changes in Perspective of Service Providers Due to Mobile Healthcare
4.4.1 Changes in Provision of Medical Service
4.4.2 Restructuring of Hospitals
4.4.3 Increasing Cooperation with New Entrants

5. Strategies and Directions of Mobile Health Service Providers
5.1 Hospitals
5.2 Mobile Carriers
5.3 Device Vendors
5.4 Solution Providers

6. Application of Mobile Health

7. Conclusion and Suggestions
7.1 Challenges for Mobile Healthcare
7.2 Opportunities for Mobile Healthcare

List of Figures

Figure 1. Changes in Health Care Industry
Figure 2. Scope of Mobile Healthcare
Figure 3. Definition of Mobile Healthcare
Figure 4. Growth of Medical Cost in Korea
Figure 5. Assumption and Methodologies to Project Mobile Health Market in Korea
Figure 6. Mobile Healthcare Market in 2013
Figure 7. Domestic Mobile Healthcare Market 2013~2017
Figure 8. Ecosystem of Conventional Medical Care
Figure 9. Ecosystem of Mobile Health Service
Figure 10. Local Medical Facilities in 2011
Figure 11. Number of Hospitals per 100,000 Users in 2011
Figure 12. Population Growth of the Elderly and Others
Figure 13.Changes in Medical Service Use before and after the Introduction of Mobile Healthcare
Figure 14. Changes in Hospital Visit before and after Mobile Healthcare Service
Figure 15. Close Cooperation among Mobile Health Service Providers
Figure 16. Mobile Health Strategy of Each Industry
Figure 17. Influence of Each Industry in the Mobile Health Market
Figure 18. Priority Areas
Figure 19. Challenges for Mobile Healthcare

List of Tables

Table 1. Possible Mobile Healthcare Services (Examples)
Table 2. Medical Cost Growths Compared to GDP
Table 3. Representative Mobile Health Services
Table 4. Mobile Health Services of Mobile Carriers
Table 5. Mobile Health Business of Device Vendors
Table 6. Mobile Health Service Direction of Major Solution Providers
Table 7. Medical Service Processes
Table 8. Symptoms
Table 9. Current Regulations and Required Improvements

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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