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iConnected. Use AirPlay, iCloud, Apps, and More to Bring Your Apple Devices Together

  • ID: 2330329
  • April 2013
  • 320 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd

Bring your Apple products together and enjoy an orchard of intelligent, unified technology!

Whether at work or at home, syncing multiple Apple devices can help you achieve an organized, streamlined, harmonized life. With this unique resource, you discover how to get the most out of AirPlay and iCloud, Apple's streaming and cloud services. Featuring a four-color design and packed with helpful codes, tips, and tricks, this accessible book shows you how to write a document on an iMac at home and then continue editing it on an iPad while on the go without worrying about synching the devices to each other. Perhaps you're interested in watching a movie on an iPhone during the commute home and then stream that movie to an HDTV via an Apple TV once you're back on the couch. Those are just a sneak preview of the tutorials in this book that will show you how to take full advantage of the cross-family integration of Apple's products.
- Walks you through how to keep your documents, apps, e-mails, messages, and photos in sync across all of your iOS and Mac OS X devices
- Shows you how to DJ your own event with music streaming via AirPlay to multiple speakers across your home or venue READ MORE >

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Introduction: A Brief History of Apple Online

We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby xvii

The eWorld Debacle xvii

New Beginnings with iTools xix

The Year of Mac xix

It’s Not You, It’s MobileMe xx

And Then There Was iCloud xxi

Notes on This Book xxi

Chapter 1: iCloud Explained

Why Do You Need iCloud? 4

What Hardware and Software Do You Need? 6

SIDEBAR: iCloud Compatibility 7

Do You Need to Buy Storage? 8

What Is an Apple ID? 9

Do You Already Have iCloud? 10

Set Up iCloud on All Your Devices 12

On a new iOS device 12

On an existing iOS device 15

On a Mac 15

Add an iCloud account to a Windows PC 16

Add an iCloud account to an Apple TV 17

What Is AirPlay? 17

What hardware and software do you need? 18

Set up an AirPlay network 19

SIDEBAR: Use Siri to Get More Information 20

Where Is the AirPlay Button? 21

Chapter 2: Access Your Music and Movies on All Your Devices

Download Your Previous iTunes Purchases on Any iCloud Device 23

Download previous music, movie, and TV purchases 24

Download previous iBooks purchases 27

Download previously purchased apps 28

Download podcasts 30

Download iTunes U courses 30

Turn on Automatic iTunes Downloads 31

Sync iTunes Store Previews with iCloud 33

Use iTunes Match 34

Make the most of iTunes Match 35

SIDEBAR: The Benefits of Cleaning Your iTunes Library 37

Subscribe to iTunes Match on a Mac or PC 40

Access your music through iTunes Match 41

SIDEBAR: A Day in the Life: iCloud Music and Movies 42

Chapter 3: Stream Music and Movies across Your Home

The AirPlay Alternative 45

Are You AirPlay-Ready Already? 46

What Do You Want AirPlay to Do for You? 47

The dream AirPlay setup 48

The more realistic AirPlay setup 49

Test Your AirPlay Network 50

Stream Music and Other Audio 52

Stream audio from your iOS device via AirPlay 52

Stream audio from iOS apps 53

Use the Remote app to control streaming music 54

Stream music from iTunes with the Remote App 56

Stream to multiple AirPlay devices from the Remote app 56

Stream Audio from iTunes 58

Stream Audio from Other Apps 60

Stream audio from your Mac 60

Stream audio from a computer to AirPlay devices via Airfoil 61

Use a computer or mobile device as an AirPlay speaker 64

Stream audio from TVs, radios, and other analog devices via a computer 67

Stream audio from TVs, radios, and other analog devices via an iOS device 68

SIDEBAR: Get Your Video Ready for Streaming 69

Control Airfoil streaming on an iOS device with Reemote 70

Stream Video via AirPlay 71

Stream video stored on an iOS device to an Apple TV 72

SIDEBAR: Android and AirPlay 72

Stream web video from an iOS device to an Apple TV 74

Stream video from an iOS app to an Apple TV 74

Stream only audio in video streaming from an iOS device 76

Stream video via AirPlay from a computer 77

Slingbox and Other Streaming Alternatives 78

SIDEBAR: A Day in the Life: Streaming Music and Movies 79

The Bluetooth Alternative to AirPlay 80

Pair Bluetooth devices 81

Use Bluetooth speakers in an AirPlay network 85

Chapter 4: Entertain Yourself from the Couch

Play Games 88

Mirror games to an Apple TV 89

Play multiplayer games 90

Play multiplayer games online 91

Play with others via Game Center 92

Use gaming subscription services and stores 94

Accessorize your gaming 95

Remote-Control Your Entertainment 96

Control an Apple TV from an iOS device 97

SIDEBAR: The Miracle of Music Recognition 100

Access your iTunes content through an Apple TV 101

Play content from your iTunes library from your Apple TV 102

Use the iTunes Store on an Apple TV 103

Change the default video resolution on an Apple TV 103

SIDEBAR: Watch Cable and Satellite TV on Your iOS Device 104

Rent or buy movies and TV shows on an Apple TV 105

SIDEBAR: TV Guide Apps 106

Add movies and TV shows to your Apple TV’s wish list 107

Get movie and TV recommendations from your Apple TV 107

SIDEBAR: Watch More Sports with Your iOS Device 108

Control Set-Top Boxes and Other Devices 110

Chapter 5: Take, Sync, and Share Photos

Set Up Photo Stream 116

SIDEBAR: Share Video Streams 119

Test your Photo Stream 120

Extra features for iPhoto users 120

Share Photo Streams 121

Create a Shared Photo Stream on an iOS device 123

Create a Shared Photo Stream in iPhoto or Aperture 125

Create a Shared Photo Stream on a PC 126

Invite more people and remove subscribers from a Shared Photo Stream 127

Viewing Shared Photo Streams shared by others 129

“Like” and comment on Shared Photo Stream photos 130

Share Photo Journals with the iPhoto App 130

Create and share a Photo Journal to iCloud 132

Send Photos via E-mail on an iOS Device 134

Send Photos to Social Media Sites from an iOS Device 136

Store Images in Your Photo Stream 137

Save images from websites in Safari 137

Take a screenshot on an iOS device 138

Assign a Photo to an iCloud Contact 138

Stream Photos to a TV 140

Display photos from an iOS device on an Apple TV 140

Stream a slideshow of photos from an iOS device to an Apple TV 141

Give Presentations via AirPlay 143

Access Your Photos on an Apple TV 145

Access photos stored on your computer on an Apple TV 146

Access Photo Stream photos on an Apple TV 147

Play Photo Stream photos or iPhoto albums as a slideshow on an Apple TV 148

SIDEBAR: A Day in the Life: Photos that Share Memories 149

Set Photo Stream photos or iPhoto albums as an Apple TV screen saver 150

Chapter 6: Stay in Touch

Check Your Connections 153

Use Contacts with iCloud 154

Keep Contacts up to date anywhere 155

Enhance contact information for Siri 156

SIDEBAR: Share Contacts with a Bump 158

Integrate Facebook contacts 159

Text and Video-Chat 161

Enable iMessage 161

Enable FaceTime 163

Use Skype as Your Universal Phone 165

Get Local with Location Services 166

Set up Find My iPhone 169

Locate devices with Find My iPhone 169

Use the Find My Friends app 172

E-mail Wherever You Are 175

Set an out-of-office message for iCloud mail 177

SIDEBAR: Sync Contacts and Calendars with Android 177

Use iCloud e-mail forwarding 178

Set iCloud mail rules 179

SIDEBAR: A Day in the Life: Contacts, Messages, and E-mail 179

Stay Connected While Traveling 180

Get maps and directions 181

Connect to your car’s stereo 182

Keep devices charged 183

Use portable speakers 185

Get wireless accessories for travelers 186

Use an iPhone or iPad as a personal Wi-Fi hotspot 188

Chapter 7: Staying Organized on the Move

Connect Your Calendars 191

Set up Calendars for iCloud 192

Add other calendar services 193

SIDEBAR: Check the Status of iCloud Services 195

Add a new iCloud calendar 196

Share calendars 197

Sync Notes and Reminders 200

Create reminders 202

Create reminders with Siri on an iOS device 204

Create reminder lists 205

Share reminder lists 206

Set the default reminders list and sync frequency 207

Create and Share Notes 207

Apply formatting and add attachments to notes 208

Change the default notes font 210

Create notes folders 211

Share notes 212

Use non-iCloud notes with the Notes app 212

Set the default Notes account 213

Dictate Text 214

SIDEBAR: Translate Foreign Languages 216

Surf the Web More Easily with Bookmarks 216

Get your bookmarks in order 218

Add bookmarks individually 219

Edit the bookmarks bar 219

Add bookmarks to your iOS device’s Home screen 220

Sync bookmarks from different browsers to iCloud 220

SIDEBAR: Stay Stealthy with Private Browsing 221

Create a Reading List for access anywhere on any device 222

Access open tabs in Safari on any device with iCloud Tabs 223

Quickly store all open tabs as bookmarks in Safari 224

Organize Yourself with Evernote 225

SIDEBAR: A Day in the Life: Calendars, Notes, Reminders, and Bookmarks 225

Chapter 8: Back Up, Store, and Share Files

Back Up via iCloud 229

Manually back up to iTunes 230

Manage iCloud storage 232

Restore devices from iCloud backups 233

Buy more iCloud storage 235

Use iCloudcom 236

SIDEBAR: Back Up Your Mac, Too 236

Edit iCloud settings online 238

Access iCloudcom on an iOS device 239

Use iCloud Documents 240

Turn on iCloud Documents 241

Share iCloud documents on a Mac 242

Share iCloud documents on an iOS device 243

Transfer files via iCloudcom 244

Create folders for iCloud documents 245

Use Cloud Storage Services 246

Use File Sharing 247

Access files remotely with Back to My Mac 247

Share files between Macs with AirDrop 249

Share files between computers and iOS devices 250

Use Remote Disc to access another Mac’s optical drive 251

Chapter 9: Do Even More with iCloud and AirPlay

Mac Mini Media Center 257

Network 257

Network drives 258

Wireless range extenders 258

Powerline networking 259

Printers 259

Remote Control 261

Share screens with a remote Mac using Back to My Mac 261

Control a Mac or PC from an iOS device 263

Control cameras with an iOS device 268

Smart Watch 269

Home Automation 269

Wireless CCTV 271

Meat Thermometer 271

Fitness Gear 272

iPad Headrest Mount 273

GarageBand 274

iA Writer 275

E-cards 276

Memo Sticky Notes 277

Ridiculous Luxuries 277

Appendix: Apple TV Tips and Tricks

Get More While Watching Movies and TV Shows 280

Get More While Listening to Music and Podcasts 283

Get More While Listening to Internet Radio Stations 283

Set Up and Use a Remote Control 285

Make the Apple TV Play More than Apple Wants 289

Index 293

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

Ben Harvell is a consumer technology writer and magazine editor. A regular contributor to major international publications and websites, he is also the author of several books, including Make Music with Your iPad and Teach Yourself VISUALLY Facebook, both published by Wiley.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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