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5Th Annual Online Retail Payments Forecast 2012–2017: Mobile And Alternative Payments Are Changing The Game Product Image

5Th Annual Online Retail Payments Forecast 2012–2017: Mobile And Alternative Payments Are Changing The Game

  • Published: November 2012
  • 36 Pages
  • Javelin Strategy & Research


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The postrecessionary economy is still far from being healed, but economic indicators suggest continued improvement, and the e-commerce market remains on an upward trajectory.

The U.S. online retail payments market grew from $282 billion in 2011 to $318 billion in 2012, and it is expected to grow an additional $140.5 billion over the next five years. This report evaluates the actual and forecast changes in the e-commerce market, tracking payments mix data from 2011 through the forecast year of 2017 and identifying key drivers of market change.

This report highlights the move to mobile transacting, including Javelin's market-sizing for mobile online retail payment activity. The dynamics of the online share and transaction growth of credit cards (network and private label), debit cards, online alternative payments, prepaid cards, and gift cards is also evaluated.

Primary Questions

- What are the major trends for domestic e-commerce retail payment transactions?

- How will traditional online payments vehicles — credit and debit cards — fare as new payment options are introduced and changing economic factors influence consumer preferences? READ MORE >

Primary Questions
Executive Summary
Online Shopping Moves Beyond the Computer: The Mobile Channel
E-Commerce Activity and Payments Mix Forecast
Payments Mix
Online Alternative Payments: No Longer a Mere ‘Alternative'
Sidebar: PayPal's Price Matching: A Double Punch to Retailers and Credit Card Issuers
Credit Cards Make a Comeback
Use of Debit Cards Will Withstand Market Changes
Prepaid and Gift Cards Continue to Gain Popularity in the Online Arena
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Companies Mentioned

Table of Figures

Figure 1: Traditional and Mobile Online Retail Payments Market Size, 2012
Figure 2: U.S. Retail E-Commerce Transaction Dollar Volume and Share of Purchases Made Online, 2000–2017
Figure 3: Recency of Online Purchasing by Consumers, 2009–2012
Figure 4: Factors That Could Encourage Non-Online Shoppers to Make Online Transactions
Figure 5: Share of Total Online Payments Volume ($) by Key Payment Category, 2011–2017
Figure 6: Online Total Payments Summary, 2012–2016
Figure 7: Average Amount Consumers Typically Spend on an Online Purchase by Payment Method, 2011–2012
Figure 8: Online Alternative Payments Dollar Volume and Share, 2011–2017
Figure 9: Consumer Use of Various Online Alternative Payments Options
Figure 10: Overview of Price-Matching Features Offered by PayPal, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart
Figure 11: Major Credit Card and Store-Branded Credit Card Online Purchase Dollar Volume and Share, 2011–2017
Figure 12: Debit Card Online Purchase Dollar Volume and Share, 2011–2017
Figure 13: Prepaid and Gift Card Online Purchase Dollar Volume and Share, 2011–2017
Figure 14: Products Purchased by Tablet Buyers vs. Mobile Phone Buyers
Figure 15: Consumer-Reported Changes in Financial Behavior in Past 90 Days, 2009–2012
Figure 16: Percentage Market Share for U.S. POS and Online Retail Purchases, 2011–2017
Figure 17: Recency of Online Purchasing by Generation and All Consumers
Figure 18: Ownership of Various Financial Products, 2011–2012
Figure 19: Factors That Could Encourage Consumers to Use a New Form of Payment for Online Transactions, by Online
Shoppers, Non-Online Shoppers, and All Consumers
Figure 20: Reasons Consumers Prefer to Use Online Alternative Payments

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