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Oil Well Stimulation and Enhanced Oil Recovery Markets in Russia and Forecasts for These Markets Until 2020 Product Image

Oil Well Stimulation and Enhanced Oil Recovery Markets in Russia and Forecasts for These Markets Until 2020

  • Published: December 2012
  • Region: Russia
  • 165 Pages
  • RPI Inc


  • Anega-Burenie
  • BKE Well Services Branch
  • Mamontovsky KRS
  • Schlumberger
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The purpose of this study is to provide a detailed analysis of the markets for oil well stimulation and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) in Russia, including a description of the main indicators of the E&P sector: output of crude oil, exploratory and development drilling, well servicing, stimulation jobs, oil recovery using secondary and tertiary oil recovery methods. Separate analysis will be provided for the following segments: horizontal drilling, side-tracking, hydrofacturing, bottomhole acidizing, chemical flooding, thermal EOR, injecting water and gas into the reservoir, as well as complex tertiary EOR methods. The report estimates the value of this market for each segment under review from 2012 through 2020.

RPI has tracked the development of Russia’s E&P sector for over 20 years, thus enabling the company’s analysts to offer deep insights into the prospects and risks inherent in the country’s production ventures. RPI’s analysts are also well versed in Russia’s hydrocarbon resource base, and this allows them to provide a cutting–edge assessment of EOR techniques.

The study provides detailed information on the main oil service READ MORE >



1 Main Indicators of Russia’s Oil Industry

1.1 Oil Production

1.2. Scopes of Production and Prospecting Drilling

2 Fluid Inflow Stimulation Operations

2.1 Horizontal Drilling

2.2 Sidetracking

2.3 Fracturing

2.4 Hydrochloric bottom hole zone treatment

3 Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods

3.1 Secondary methods

3.2 Tertiary Methods

4 Appraisal of the Production Stimulation and EOR markets

5 Main Customers for EOR Services

5.1 VIOCs

5.1.1 Rosneft

5.1.2 LUKOIL

5.1.3 TNK-BP

5.1.4 Surgutneftegaz

5.1.5 Gazpromneft

5.1.6 Bashneft

5.1.7 Tatneft

5.1.8 Slavneft

5.1.9 RussNeft

6 Analysis of the major providers of stimulation oil production and enhanced oil recovery methods

6.1 Stimulation oil production with sidetracking and horisontal drilling

6.1.1 Burovaya Kompaniya Eurasia (BKE)

6.1.2 Integra-Burenie

6.1.3 Servisnaya Burovaya Kompaniya

6.1.4 Anega-Burenie

6.1.5 Belorusneft-Sibir

6.1.6 BKE Well Services Branch

6.1.7 CAT oil

6.1.8 SGK-Burenie

6.1.9 SSK

6.1.10 FOSKO

6.1.11 Weatherford

6.1.12 Surgutneftegaz well servicing and workover departments

6.1.13 Bashneft-Burenie

6.2 Stimulation oil production with bottomhole acidizing

6.2.1 Belorusskoye UPNP i KRS

6.2.2 KRS-Servis (RU-Energy Group)

6.2.3 RU-Energy KRS-MG (former Megion-Servis)

6.2.4 Permnefteotdacha (Nefteservisholding)

6.2.5 Samotlorneftepromkhim

6.2.6 Surgutneftegaz well servicing and workover departments

6.2.7 TatRemServis

6.2.8 Mamontovsky KRS

6.3 Stimulation oil production with fracturing

6.3.1 Calfrac Well Services Ltd. (CWS)

6.3.2 CAT ?il AG (CATKoneft)

6.3.3 MeKaMineft

6.3.4 PetroAlliance Services Company Limited

6.3.5 Trican Well Services

6.3.6 Weatherford

6.3.7 Halliburton

6.3.8 Schlumberger

6.4 Enhanced oil recovery methods


6.4.2 GeotechnoKIN Research and Development Center

6.4.3 Surgutneftegaz well servicing and workover departments

6.4.4 Zarubezhneft

6.4.5 Halliburton

6.4.6 Schlumberger

6.4.7 Flagsol GmbH

6.4.8 Parker Hannifin Corporation

7 Projections for the dynamics of the production stimulation and EOR market in Russia, 2012-2020

7.1 Horizontal drilling

7.2 Sidetracking

7.3 Fracturing

7.4 Hydrochloric bottom hole zone treatment (HBHZT)

7.5 Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods

- Burovaya Kompaniya Eurasia (BKE)

- Integra-Burenie

- Servisnaya Burovaya Kompaniya

- Anega-Burenie

- Belorusneft-Sibir

- BKE Well Services Branch

- CAT oil

- SGK-Burenie



- Weatherford

- Surgutneftegaz well servicing and workover departments

- Bashneft-Burenie

- Belorusskoye UPNP i KRS

- KRS-Servis (RU-Energy Group)

- RU-Energy KRS-MG (former Megion-Servis)

- Permnefteotdacha (Nefteservisholding)

- Samotlorneftepromkhim

- TatRemServis

- Mamontovsky KRS

- Calfrac Well Services Ltd. (CWS)

- CAT il AG (CATKoneft)

- MeKaMineft

- PetroAlliance Services Company Limited

- Trican Well Services

- Weatherford

- Halliburton

- Schlumberger

- hanced oil recovery methods


- GeotechnoKIN Research and Development Center

- Zarubezhneft

- Halliburton

- Schlumberger

- Flagsol GmbH

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