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Ultra Clean Processing of Semiconductor Surfaces XI - Product Image

Ultra Clean Processing of Semiconductor Surfaces XI

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  • January 2013
  • 350 Pages
  • Trans Tech Publications Inc
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Series: Solid State Phenomena, Volume 195

Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 11th International Symposium on Ultra Clean Processing of Semiconductor Surfaces (UCPSS), September 17-19, 2012, Gent, Belgium

This volume covers various aspects of ultra-clean technology for the large-scale integration of semiconductors. These include cleaning and contamination control in both front-end-of-line (FEOL) and back-end-of-line (BEOL) processing, as well as cleaning for semiconductor photo-voltaic applications. Also covered are studies of general topics such as particle removal using acoustic enhancement, the removal of metallic contamination, pattern collapse of fine flexible and fragile features, wetting and drying, contamination control and contamination metrology. The FEOL and BEOL contributions also treat the surface chemistry of silicon and other semiconductors, cleaning related to new gate stacks, cleaning at the interconnect level, resist strip and polymer removal, cleaning and contamination control for various new materials and cleaning following CMP (chemical mechanical polishing).
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Table of Contents (74 papers, 10 per page listed)

Silicon & beyond CMOS: The Path of Advanced Electronic Structure Engineering for Low-Voltage Transistors
Aaron Thean p3

Cleaning Technology for Advanced Devices beyond 20 nm Node
Yoshihiro Ogawa p7

Dummy Oxide Removal in High-K Last Process Integration how to Avoid Silicon Corrosion Issue
Farid Sebaai, Anabela Veloso, Hiroaki Takahashi, Antoine Pacco, Martine Claes, Marc Schaekers, Stefan de Gendt, Paul W. Mertens, Herbert Struyf p13

Implanted Photoresist Remover for Advanced Nodes Including SiGe, Ge and High K-Metals
Simon Braun, Rita Vos, Andreas Klipp, Martine Claes, Christian Bittner, Johan Albert, Naoto Horiguchi, Herbert Struyf p17

Development of a Integrated Dry/Wet Hybrid Cleaning System
Jong Seok Lee, Geun Min Choi, Ji Nok Jung, Dong Duk Lee, Gin Yung Hur, Jai Ho Lee, Che Hyuk Chi, Dae Hee Gimm p21

New Chemical Vapor Delivery Systems for Surface Cleaning
Dan Alvarez Jr., Jeff Spiegelman, Ed Heinlein, Chris Ramos, Russell J. Holmes, Zohreh Shamsi p25

Removal of UV Cured Resin Using Hybrid Cleaning Method
Min Su Kim, Bong Kyun Kang, Jae Kwan Kim, Byung Kyu Lee, Jin Goo Park p30

Selective Nickel Silicide Wet Etchback Chemistry for Low Temperature Anneal Process
Tan Yong Siang, Seah Boon Meng, Leong Lup San, Liu Huang, Zainab Ismail, Alex See p37

Wet Etching Behavior of Poly-Si in TMAH Solution
Hiroaki Takahashi, Masayuki Otsuji, Jim Snow, Farid Sebaai, Kenichiro Arai, Masanobu Sato, Soichi Nadahara p42

Novel Wet Etching of Silicon Nitride in a Single Wafer Spin Processor
Bill Yu, Stanley Huang, Matt Yeh, C.C. Chen, S.M. Jang, Anthony Ratkovich, David Yang, Jeffrey M. Lauerhaas, Jeffery W. Butterbaugh p46

Selective Nitride Etch by Using Fluorides in High Boiling Point Solvent
Hsing Chen Wu, Emanuel I. Cooper, Heng Kai Hsu p50

SiO2 Etch Rate Modification by Ion Implantation
E. Bellandi, V. Soncini p55

Surface Preparations Impact on 248nm Deep UV Photo Resists Adhesion during a Wet Etch
Mathieu Foucaud, Philippe Garnier, Vincent Joseph, Erwine Pargon, Névine Rochat, Raluca Tiron p58

Chemical Control of Surfaces: From Fundamental Understanding to Practical Application
Melissa A. Hines p65

Surface Preparation of Poly-Si Using Dry Cleaning for Minimizing Interfacial Resistance
Choong Kee Seong, Tae Soo Lim, Jeong Gil Lee, Jin I Lee, Ki Jong Park, Kyung Hyun Kim, Yu Gyun Shin p71

A Comparative Study for the Backside Illumination (BSI) Technology Using Bonding Wafer Cleaning Process for Advanced CMOS Image Sensor
Chung Kyung Jung, Sung Wook Joo, Seoung Hun Jeong, Sang Wook Ryu, Han Choon Lee, Jin Youn Cho, Gun Woo Park, Yeon Jong Lee, Yong Won Cha, Jae Won Han p75

Clean Process Mechanism of HKMG during N-PMOS Patterning
Autumn Yeh, Kai Ping Wang, Zhi Jian Wang, Chin Cheng Chien, Ted Guo, Michael Chan, Chan Lon Yang, Jun Yuan Wu, Samantha S.H. Tan, Alex Kabansky, Tehtien Su, Jack Kao p79

Study of Highly Selective and Sensitive Microarray Structure Based on Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic SAMs (Self-Assembled Monolayers)
Jung Hwan Lee, Si Hyeong Cho, Hyun Woo Lim, Sung Woo Kim, Ahmed A. Busnaina, Hea Yeon Lee, Jin Goo Park p82

Evaluation of CD Fluctuation on QC Monitor
Chuan Yu Yen, Mu Chien Luo, Kuo Bin Huang, Ting Chun Wang p86

In Situ Studies of III-V Surfaces and High-K Atomic Layer Deposition
B. Brennan, S. McDonnell, D. Zhernokletov, H. Dong, C.L. Hinkle, J. Kim, R.M. Wallace p90

ALD Growth Behavior of High-K Nanolayers on Various Substrates Characterized by X-Ray Spectrometry in Gracing Incidence Geometry
Matthias Müller, Sonja Sioncke, Annelies Delabie, Burkhard Beckhoff p95

Cleaning of III-V Materials: Surface Chemistry Considerations
Dennis H. van Dorp, Daniel Cuypers, Sophia Arnauts, Paul W. Mertens, Stefan de Gendt p98

Unique Size-Dependent Challenges for BEOL Cleans in the Patterning of Sub-20 nm Features
Kanwal Jit Singh p103

The Risk of Pattern Collapse for Structures in Future Logic Devices
M. Sankarapandian, B. Peethala, D. Canaperi, Daniel Peter, Philipp Engesser, Harald Okorn-Schmidt p107

Determination of Surface Energy Characteristics of Plasma Processed Ultra Low-K Dielectrics for Optimized Wetting in Wet Chemical Plasma Etch Residue Removal
Nicole Ahner, Sven Zimmermann, Matthias Schaller, Stefan E. Schulz p110

Wet Removal of Post-Etch Residues by a Combination of UV Irradiation and a SC1 Process
Els Kesters, Q.T. Le, I. Simms, K. Nafus, H. Struyf, S. de Gendt p114

Analysis of Oxidized Copper Surface and its Evolution
Francesca Milanesi, Francesco Pipia, Simona Spadoni, Salvo Grasso, Enrica Ravizza, Mario Pistoni, Mauro Alessandri p119

Introduction of a Dynamic Corrosion Inhibitor for Copper Interconnect Cleaning
Atsushi Otake, Akira Kuroda, Roger Luo, Paul R. Bernatis p124

Removing W Polymer Residue from BEOL Structures Using DSP+ (Dilute Sulfuric-Peroxide-HF) Mixture – A Case Study
Hun Hee Lee, Min Sang Yun, Hyun Wook Lee, Jin Goo Park p128

UV-Induced Modification of Fluorocarbon Polymer: Effect of Treatment Atmosphere and Aging on Dissolution in Organic Solvent
Quoc Toan Le, E. Kesters, T. Conard, H. Struyf, S. de Gendt p132

One-Step Wet Clean Removal of Post-Etch Fluoropolymer Residues
William R. Gemmill, Els Kesters, Quoc Toan Le p136

Determination of Fluoride Concentration on Aluminum Bond Pads Using Liquid Phase Extraction Ion Chromatography
Roy Te Brake, D. Martin Knotter, Miranda Leenders–van Hees p139

Selective High-Throughput TiN Etching Methods
Emanuel I. Cooper, Rekha Rajaram, Makonnen Payne, Steven Lippy p143

The Effect of Ar/H2 Plasma Pretreatments on Porous K=2.0 Dielectrics for Pore Sealing by Self-Assembled Monolayers Deposition
Y. Sun, J. Swerts, P. Verdonck, A. Maheshwari, J.L. Prado, S. de Feyter, S. Armini p146

Development of Integrated Wet Cleans for 3D-SIC Technologies
Samuel Suhard, Ihsan Simms, Ian Brown, Mizota Shogo, Kagawa Koji, Martine Claes, Thibault Buisson, Anne Jourdain, Gerald Beyer, Stefan de Gendt p150

Post Chemical Mechanical Polish Cleaning Chemistry for through Silicon via Process
Cass Shang, Taishih Maw, Fadi Coder p154

Acoustic Bubbles: Control and Interaction with Particles Adhered to a Solid Substrate
Robert Mettin, P.E. Frommhold, X. Xi, F. Cegla, H. Okorn-Schmidt, A. Lippert, F. Holsteyns p161

Single Bubble Cleaning and Vortex Flow
F. Reuter, Robert Mettin, A. Lippert, F. Holsteyns, H. Okorn-Schmidt p165

Acoustic Cavitation Behavior in Isopropyl Alcohol Added Cleaning Solution
Bong Kyun Kang, Ji Hyun Jeong, Min Su Kim, Hong Seong Sohn, Ahmed A. Busnaina, Jin Goo Park p169

Towards an Improved Megasonic Cleaning Process: Influence of Surface Tension on Bubble Activity in Acoustic Fields
Elisabeth Camerotto, Steven Brems, Marc Hauptmann, Jelle Lurquin, Herbert Struyf, Paul W. Mertens, Stefan de Gendt p173

Influence of Dissolved CO2 on Bubble Activity in Pulsed Acoustic Fields
Steven Brems, Marc Hauptmann, Elisabeth Camerotto, Antoine Pacco, Herbert Struyf, Marc M. Heyns, Paul W. Mertens, Stefan de Gendt, Christiane Gottschalk p177

Evaluation of Very Dilute Alkaline Solutions for Wafer Cleaning with Megasonic Irradiation
Ji Hyun Jeong, Bong Kyun Kang, Min Su Kim, Hong Seong Sohn, Ahmed A. Busnaina, Jin Goo Park p181

Removal of Fine Particle Using SAPS Technology and Functional Water
David H. Wang, Yue Ma, Fu Ping Chen, Liang Zhi Xie, Xi Wang, Xiao Yan Zhang, Ju Young Lee, Dong Joo Kim, Jeong Yun Lee, Pyo Leem, Geun Min Choi p185

Non Destructive Nanoparticle Removal from Submicron Structures Using Megasonic Cleaning
Pegah Karimi, Ahmed A. Busnaina, Bong Kyun Kang, Jin Goo Park p191

Physical Cleaning Enhancement Using Advanced Spray with Uniform Droplet Control
Ying Hsueh Chang Chien, Matt Yeh, Scott Ku, C.M. Yang, C.C. Chen, S.M. Jang, K. Izumoto, K. Sotoku, T. Tanaka, M. Sato, H. Shirakawa, M. Tanaka p195

CO2-Dissolved Water Cleans for 2xnm-Node Silicon Devices in a Single Wafer Megasonic System
Chan Geun Park, Hong Seong Sohn p198

Direct vs. Indirect Megasonic Tank Cleaning Systems; Uniformity, Cleaning Efficiency and Cost of Ownership
J. Desagher, D. Dussault, M. Beck, R. Lillard, Eric Liebscher p201

Development of a Near-Field Megasonic Cleaning System for Nano-Particle Removal
Hyun Se Kim, Yang Lae Lee, Eui Su Lim p205

Megasonic Cleaning to Remove Nano-Dimensional Contaminants from Wafer Surfaces: An Analytical Study
R. Nagarajan, S. Jain, M.A. Prabhudesai, A. Khanolkar, M.P. Reddy, M.S. Kumar, R. Vetrimurugan, P. Sundin, S. Thottathil, M.J. Goodson p209

Frictional Analysis of PVA Brush for Post CMP Cleaning: Effects of Rotation Speed, Compression Distance, and Fluid Viscosity
Takashi Fujiwara, Toshiyuki Sanada, Akira Fukunaga, Hirokuni Hiyama p213

A New Retention Method for Sub-10 nm Liquid Filtration Using Fluorescent CdSe QDs
Su Wen Liu, Hai Zheng Zhang p217

Investigation of the Evaporation and Wetting Mechanism of IPA-DIW Mixtures
Xiu Mei Xu, Jens Smeers, Guy Vereecke, Herbert Struyf p223

Effect of the Surface/Water Chemistry on the Creation of Watermarks
N. Belmiloud, A.H. Tamaddon, Paul W. Mertens, Herbert Struyf p227

Influence of Ammonia Gas Ambient in IPA Drying Process of the Single Wafer Cleaning System
Yoshiya Hagimoto, Hayato Iwamoto, Yosuke Kawabuchi, Teruomi Minami p231

Wetting Challenges in Cleaning of High Aspect Ratio Nano-Structures
Xiu Mei Xu, Guy Vereecke, Erik van den Hoogen, Jens Smeers, Silvia Armini, Tinne Delande, Herbert Struyf p235

Evaluation of High-Speed Linear Air-Knife Based Wafer Dryer
Amir Hossein Tamaddon, Naser Belmiloud, Geert Doumen, Herbert Struyf, Paul W. Mertens, Marc M. Heyns p239

Improved Drying Technology of Single Wafer Tool by Using Hot IPA/DIW
Chang Hyun Kim, Min Sang Yun, Tae Ho Hwang, Chang Hyeon Nam, Si Chul Kim, Jung Hun Roh, Mong Sup Lee, Jung Soo An p243

Effects of Substrate Temperature on the Leaning of Micropatterns during Rinse-Dry Process
Tae Hong Kim, Jung Chul Kim, Seung Ho Kim, Ho Young Kim p247

Advanced Vacuum Wafer Drying for Thermal Laser Separation Dicing Assessment Results from European Collaborative “SEAL” Project
Olivier Le Barillec, Magali Davenet, Arnaud Favre, Bertrand Bellet, Matthias Koitzsch, Dirk Lewke, Martin Schellenberger, Hans Ulrich Zühlke p252

Diffusion Behavior of Transition Metals Penetrating Silicon Substrate through Silicon Dioxides by Dopant Ion Implantation
Koichiro Saga p261

Evaluation of Hafnium Contamination on Wafer Surfaces after the Wet Cleaning Process
Suguru Saito, Yoshiya Hagimoto, Hayato Iwamoto p265

Real-Time Analyses of Metal Contaminations in the ppb-Range
Albert Hutterer, Michael Bauhuber, Helmut Hummel, Alfred Lechner p269

X-Ray Induced Depth Profiling of Ion Implantations into Various Semiconductor Materials
Philipp Hönicke, Matthias Müller, Burkhard Beckhoff p274

Characterization of Surface Metal Contaminations on Fused Quartz
Shi Liu, Bin Liu p277

Cleaning in Crystalline Si Solar Cell Manufacturing
Juergen Schweckendiek, Ronald Hoyer, Sebastian Patzig-Klein, Franck Delahaye, Gerry Knoch, Hartmut Nussbaumer p283

How to Overcome the Effects of Silicon Build-Up during Solar Cell Wet Chemical Processing
Ismail Kashkoush, J. Rieker, G. Chen, D. Nemeth, A. Danel p289

'Just Clean Enough': Wet Cleaning for Solar Cell Manufacturing Applications
Kurt Wostyn, Wouter Baekelant, Jens Rip, Michael Haslinger, Karine Kenis, Herbert Struyf, Martine Claes, Paul W. Mertens, Stefan de Gendt p293

Optimized Wet Processes and PECVD for High-Efficiency Solar Cells
I. Kashkoush, G. Chen, D. Nemeth, J. Rieker p297

Wet-Chemical Conditioning of H-Terminated Silicon Solar Cell Substrates Investigated by Surface Photovoltage Measurements
Heike Angermann, U. Stürzebecher, J. Kegel, C. Gottschalk, K. Wolke, Abdelazize Laades, E. Conrad, C. Klimm, B. Stegemann p301

Combined Ozone/HF/HCI Based Cleaning and Adjusted Emitter Etch-Back for Silicon Solar Cells
Anamaria Moldovan, Katrin Birmann, Jochen Rentsch, Martin Zimmer, Thomas Gitte, Jens Fittkau p305

Wet Chemical Oxidation of Silicon Surfaces Prior to the Deposition of All-PECVD AlOx/a-SiNx Passivation Stacks for Silicon Solar Cells
Abdelazize Laades, Heike Angermann, Hans Peter Sperlich, Uta Stürzebecher, Carlos Alberto Díaz Álvarez, Mario Bähr, Alexander Lawerenz p310

Surface Charge and Interface State Density on Silicon Substrates after Ozone Based Wet-Chemical Oxidation and Hydrogen-Termination
Heike Angermann, Klaus Wolke, Christiane Gottschalk, Anamaria Moldovan, Maurizio Roczen, Jens Fittkau, Martin Zimmer, Jochen Rentsch p314

Aspects of Surface Conditioning for High-Efficient Hetero-Junction Silicon Solar Cells
Lena Breitenstein, Kurt Ulrich Ritzau, Martin Hermle, Wilhelm Warta p318

Improved Surface Cleaning by In Situ Hydrogen Plasma for Amorphous/Crystalline Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells
Stefano Nicola Granata, Twan Bearda, Frederic Dross, Ivan Gordon, Jef Poortmans, Robert P. Mertens p321
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown