China Defence and Security Report Q1 2013

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  • January 2013
  • Region: China
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The China Defence and Security Report examines the country's strategic position in Asia and the wider world. It provides an overview of the contemporary geopolitical challenges facing the country, and the challenges it may face in the future.

The report examines the trends occurring in the country's current and future defence procurement, and the order of battle across its armed forces. The intention is to provide a clear and concise discussion of these issues. The report's general conclusion is that China remains firmly on its long-established course of military modernisation, in spite of the friction that this modernisation path is causing.

Domestically, China faces some uncertainty as a new generation of top leaders begins to take over in November, and as the country faces up to the 'normalisation' of its economic growth rate. The security implications of these changes cannot be foreseen.

Regionally, territorial disputes continue to hamper China's relations with its neighbours. Beijing's relationship with Japan hit a recent low in Q3 as the dispute over the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands flared up,
leading to mass anti-Japanese protests across China. These undoubtedly READ MORE >

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  • Chengdu Aircraft Company
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Executive Summary 5

SWOT Analysis 7

China Security SWOT 7

China Defence Industry SWOT 9

China Political SWOT 10

China Economic SWOT 11

China Business Environment SWOT 11

Global Political Outlook 12

North East Asia Security Overview 15

North East Asia: The Strategic Outlook For The 2010s 15

The Geopolitical Importance Of North East Asia 15

Flashpoints And Faultlines In North East Asia 16

The China-North Korea Border 19

The Taiwan Strait 20

Disputed Islands 21

The Russia-China Border 23

China's Western Periphery 23

The Evolution Of North East Asia 24

Security Risk Analysis 28
Table: Asia Pacific Regional Security Ratings 28
Table: Asia Pacific State Vulnerability To Terrorism Index 29

China's Security Risk Rating 29

Political Overview 31

Domestic Politics 31

Foreign Relations 33

China Security Overview 36

Internal Security Situation 36

China-Tibet Relations 37

External Security Situation 37

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation 39

China-US Relations 40

China-Japan Relations 43

China-Taiwan Relations 46

China-Korea Relations 47

China-Russia Relations 48

China-India Relations 49

China-ASEAN Relations 51

EU Arms Embargo 52

China's Aircraft Carrier Programme: Global Implications 53

Armed Forces And Government Spending 58

Joint Operations And Exercises 61

International Deployments 62
Table: China's Deployments 62

Peace Missions 62

Weapons Of Mass Destruction 62

Recent Changes 67

Arms Trade Overview 68

Industry Trends And Developments 71

Procurement Trends And Developments 72

Competitive Landscape 73
Table: Key Players In China's Defence Sector 74

Industry Forecast Scenario 76

Armed Forces 76
Table: China's Armed Forces, 2002-2009 ('000 personnel, unless otherwise stated) 76
Table: China's Manpower Available For Military Service, 2010-2017 (aged 16-49, unless otherwise stated) 76

Defence Expenditure 77
Table: China's Defence Expenditure, 2010-2017 77
Table: Defence Expenditure Scenario - Changing % Of GDP (US$mn) 78

Defence Trade 78
Table: China's Defence Exports, 2010-2017 (US$mn) 79
Table: China's Defence Imports, 2010-2017 (US$mn) 79
Table: China's Defence Trade Balance, 2010-2017 (US$mn) 80

Key Risks To BMI's Forecast Scenario 80

Macroeconomic Outlook 80

Company Profiles 85

Chengdu Aircraft Company 85

China Aviation Industry Corporation 86

China National Nuclear Corporation 88

China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation 89

China South Industries Group Corporation (CSG) 91

BMI Methodology 92

How We Generate Our Industry Forecasts 92

Defence Industry 92

Sources 93

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Company Profiles
Chengdu Aircraft Company
China Aviation Industry Corporation
China National Nuclear Corporation
China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
China South Industries Group Corporation (CSG)

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