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PG&E Corporation,(PCG) Profile and Financials, plus Alternative Energy Industry Trends Analysis, Operating Ratio and Financial Averages Product Image

PG&E Corporation,(PCG) Profile and Financials, plus Alternative Energy Industry Trends Analysis, Operating Ratio and Financial Averages

  • Published: January 2013
  • 52 pages
  • Plunkett Research Ltd

Why You Should Buy This Report:
A value-packed package of corporate financial analysis, for PG&E Corporation (PCG), plus vital industry benchmarks and extensive operating ratios, along with an analysis of key industry trends. This is an extraordinarily useful and comprehensive package at a terrific price.

Key Benefits:

- Corporate financial analysis
- Complete set of important operating ratios, including EBITDA and Sales Per Employee as well as ROI, ROA, etc.
- Includes financials and ratios for this company and a vital set of comparisons to averages for all firms in its industry NAIC code
- In-depth analysis of this industry's key trends
- Competitive intelligence
- Market forecasts and industry statistics
- Link to our 5-minute video overview of this industry

By Reading This Report, You Will:

- Corporate financial analysis
- What is this firm's multi-year financial performance?
- How do its performance, balance sheet, cash flow and operating metrics compare to the averages for its industry?
- How is the industry evolving?
- How is the industry being shaped by new technologies?
- How is demand growing in emerging READ MORE >

Solar Power and Photovoltaics
Wind Power
Hydroelectric Power
Geothermal Power
Biomass, Waste-to-Energy, Waste Methane and Biofuels such as Biodiesel
Ethanol Production Soared, But U.S. Federal Subsidy Expires
Tidal Power
Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Power Research Continues
Electric Cars and Plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs) Enter Market in Low Numbers
Major Research in Advanced Lithium Batteries
Natural Gas-Powered Vehicles off to a Slow Start
Clean Diesel Technology Gains Acceptance
Homes and Commercial Buildings Seek Green Certification
Proposals for U.S. Electricity Grid Enhancements include a “Smart Grid,” Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs) and Technologies such as Flow Cell Batteries
The Industry Takes a New Look at Nuclear Power
Hybrid Cars Command Low Market Share
Nanotechnology Sees Applications in Fuel Cells and Solar Power/Micro Fuel Cells to Power Mobile Devices
Fuel Efficiency Becomes a Key Selling Element/Stiff Emissions Standards Adopted in the U.S. and Abroad
New Display Technologies with PLEDs
Clean Coal and Coal Gasification Technologies Advance/Carbon Capture (CCS) Proves Costly
Production of Synthetic Crude from Kerogen Trapped in Shale Advances Through New Technologies
Superconductivity Comes of Age
Energy Intensity is a Prime Focus in China/U.S. Achieves Dramatic Energy Intensity Results
Canada’s Oil Sands Production Reaches 1.7 Million Barrels per Day, But Operating Costs Are High
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PG&E Corporation
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