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Market Ratio in Europe between the Motor and Sailing Boats is 64.3% to 35.7% In Favour of Motor Boats

The report Market Tracking Pleasure Boats analyzes the market of Pleasure Boats and the manufacturers.

You get an overview of the development of the total market and the different segments, for example boat types like Sailboats or Motorboats, different sizes and build types concerning these boat types. We differente between build types such as Cruiser, Performance Cruiser and others within the sailboats and Fly Bridge, Open, Sport Fishing, Hard Top and others within the motorboats. The report presents market forecasts for all product segments and regions for the upcoming three years, based on econometric models. The Competition Analysis shows Market shares of the TOP manufacturers for the total market and for different segments in term of quantity and value for the last two business years as well as rankings and changes in market shares.

You also receive Information about the most important Factors of Influence concerning this market.

1) Market Structure: Definition and demarcation of segments.
2) Market Drivers: Executive summary of the most important factors of influence
3) Total Market Analysis: Overview about the development of the total market and READ MORE >

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1) Introduction
1.1) Market Structure
1.2) Methodology
1.3) DefinitAions and Demarcation

2) Executive Summary
2.1) Market at a Glance
2.2) Market Summary
2.3) Porters Five Forces

3. Economic Environment
3.1) General Economy
3.2) Employment and Income
3.3) Luxury Segment

4) Total Market Analysis
4.1) Market Analysis and Forecast
4.2) Competiton Analysis

5) Pivot-Table

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Where is Sailing Pleasure Boat Industry?

Pleasure Boat Market in Europe in 2015 can be characterized by the word - stabilization. In terms of quantity, 18.072 boats were sold in sizes from 26 to 80 ft. (7,8m – 24,5m) and the total value for 2015 was at EUR 2.989,6 million. Forecast for 2016 shows rather growth of 2.3% in terms of value, but still very little (0.9%) growth in quantity. Situation Worldwide is slightly better, where China is still driving demand, but 20%+ growth in quantity is rather past, (2015-2016 at 10.1%) however, it is still in numbers which are almost unimaginable for European Markets.

Germany as the Leader in Europe

The USA is the largest single market Worldwide with 28.169 Pleasure Boats Sold in 2015. Pleasure boat market here was not hit as hard as the one in Europe or Brazil per se, but stayed rather stable even with small growth. In Europe, the largest and strongest region in both – value and quantity is Germany, covering 18.5% in terms of value. In Europe, it is followed by UK, France, Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) and Italy, which after years of decrease covers only 10.5%, but for example, in 2009, Italian market was No.1 with 16.7% share.

Most of the Sales in the Smallest Segment

The author in order to offer detailed and valuable information to professionals and businesses in Boat Industry split the study among following categories in terms of length – 26 - 32 ft.; 33 - 36 ft.; 37 - 42 ft.; 43 - 50 ft.; 51 - 60 ft. & 61 - 80 ft. and even further with distinction of motor and sail boats. The typical sale of the boat is in category of 26 - 32 ft. and the boat is motor. In Europe, out of all boats sold, 49 % in terms of quantity are in this smallest segment. On the other hand, large sailing boats – 61 - 80ft. are sold very rarely, the market for this category in most of the regions is in single digits of new sales per year. Overall, the market ratio in Europe between the motor and sailing boats is 64.3% to 35.7% in favour of motor boats. The trend is also set, as it is expected that the share out of all sold boats will slightly increase towards motor ones.

Performance Variations Emerged With Ability to Handle Crisis

The worst situation by far in terms of development was recorded in Brazil. In late of 2008, all eyes, including the one from Boating industry were at countries of BRICS. However, the development after was a big disappointment. The market drop by almost 50% over this period and in 2016, when the bottom is expected, it is forecasted to sell in terms of quantity only 1.544 boats, which is far away from Brazil’s potential. In Europe, similar development was recorded in Italy where in season of 2008-2009 sales were reaching way above 3.300 pleasure boats and then the drop continues until today. However, it is expected that in 2017, Italian market will experience some stabilization and very fragile growth (1.0% in 2017) will kick in.

Where Are Winds Blowing

Indisputably, the past few years were quite dramatic in most of the markets for the Boat Industry. The author, however predicts not rapid, but still improvement of this situation. Total market in 2018 in terms of value is expected at 3.3 billion euros and all markets outside of Europe are expecting increase as well.

Expert Opinions also confirm forecast, where for example in China for next 12 months, 86.7% of the experts do not expect decline of the market. The most of the negativism comes from France, where 60.6% of respondents expects worsening of the situation in next 12 months, but this rate drops to 37.3% in respect of 36 month period. To conclude, for overall market, the “worst stormy winds” seems gone, but we haven’t reached “good winds and streams” quite yet.

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