Balance of Power Plant ( BoP ) Systems: Market Landscape, Need - Gap, Opportunity and Contracting Practices in India

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  • February 2013
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In this report we will try to:

- Foresee the emerging market for BOP in India that will emerge out of the gap which exists between the huge demand coming from the accelerated capacity addition planning and capacity and capability of existing vendors in the coming decade covering 12th and 13th plan period.

- Spot opportunities for the existing players in mergers and acquisitions/consolidation in the market and how they can go beyond from the traditional product/equipment offerings to become a complete service and solution provider to the utilities.

- Study the inevitability of imported products and solutions in light of timely completion of power projects and the value proposition they would bring with them ( mostly from Chinese and Korean companies)

- Discover best practice in the industry so as to help the project developers in executing the BOP projects in terms of reducing the time and cost over runs in project management and contractual offerings

- Bridge the gap in information by providing critical, authentic and reliable information on BOP players for strategic decision making which would serve the basic premise in selection of BOP players READ MORE >

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  • ABB
  • DC industrial plant
  • Gammon (I)
  • Ion Exchange
  • Macnally Bharat
  • Paharpur
  • MORE

1.Executive Summary

2.Overview of Indian Power Sector
a.Planned Vs Actual Power Capacity Syndrome
b.Major Bottlenecks
- Criticality of Equipment availability and timely supply
- Projects got stuck due to equipment and vendors crunch

3.Power Project Management
a.Project management in power plant construction
- Project management in Govt vs Private Project Developers
b.Flow Chart of Process Flow with time planning
c.Contract management
- Turnkey Execution
- Multi package Vs Single Package Execution
- Case Studies of Failures in Project Management
d.Concerns in Project management
e.Best Practice in Project Management

4. The role of BTG and BOP in Project Execution
a.The difference in BTG and BOP Contracting
b.EPC in Power Project
c.The changing role of Equipment manufacturer
d.Business Strategy of Major Equipment Providers
- Short term Vs Long Term acquisition

5.Drivers for BOP for Indian Power Market
a.Big Push in Planned capacity for 12th and 13th Plan
b.Reform push from central Govt set to ease norms for timely clearance
c.Back logs of power projects given priority
d.Super critical technology needs similar
e.innovations in corresponding BOP design
f.Consolidation of smaller players or Major market players in individual segments
g.Market Cap and Order Books of BOP manufacturers
- Volume of capacity needed to augment the power growth
h.Customised market for BOP providers
- capacity
- Technology suitability
i.Region wise BOP market Size

6.Market Landscape
a.Key characteristics of BoP market,
b. Value chain Analysis
c.Pricing strategy for BOP ( Single Vs Bundled )
d.Organized Vs unorganized market
e.Overall Approach ( Turnkey Vs equipment)
f.Role of imported product and Solution

7. Market Size of BOP
a.Segmentations of BOP market
b.Size of individual package of BOP
c.Size of the integrated market
d.Market for Turnkey provider

8.Major Players Profiles of BOP segments
a.Individual manufacturers of different BOP segments
b.Players providing more than one solution
- Single BOP manufacturing with Civil Constructions
- Multi Package in BOP along with erection and commissioning
- Complete EPC Providers

9.Capacity and Capability Build Up:
a.Existing Capacity of different systems
- In terms of MW size
- Technology wise ( Super critical Vs Sub Critical)
b.Capacity Requirement for 12th and 13th plan
c.Planned Capacity of Existing Vendors
d.Capability Mix of BOP Players
- Financial
- Technical
- Operational
- Personnel
e.How standardization would help create the base

10.Turnkey BOP/Complete EPC solutions
a.Benefits to Stake holders
b.Transfer of Risks to Vendors
c.Successful Turnkey Projects (Case Studies)
d.Issues and Concerns
e.Lessons Learnt
f.Way Ahead

11.Business Value Chain
a.Mapping of complete Value Chain for BOP
b.Who’s who of BOP
c.Role of stake holders in BOP
d.what Lies ahead for each and every stake holders
e.Role of Sub Contractors in BOP

12.SWOT analysis

13. Business Models
a.Various delivery Models of BOP
b.Existing Models Vs Emerging Models
c.Evolving Strategy of Major Players
d.Unlocking Value from backward and Forward Integration

14. Risks and Concerns
a.Contractual Risks
b.Operational Risks
c.Financial Risks
d.Project Management Risks

15. Opportunity for Stakeholders
a.Short to Medium Term Opportunities
b.Long Term Opportunities

16. Outlook of the Market
a.Past trends of orders and its execution
b.Changing Trends in Power Project Development : From Coal to renewables!!
c.On going project execution
d.Order books of players signal a strong market growth
e.Market Outlook for 2030

17. Conclusion

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- Tecpro Systems Ltd
- Indure
- Driplex water
- Paharpur
- Gammon (I)
- L&T
- Mecawber Beekay
- Doshi Ion Exchange
- Gammon (I) Ltd
- Elecon Engg Co Ltd
- DC industrial plant
- Ion Exchange
- Simplex
- Areva
- TRF Ltd
- Tecpro Systems Ltd (Ash Division)
- Thermax Ltd
- Lanco Infra
- Siemens
- ThyssenKrupp
- Macnally Bharat
- Triveni
- L&T
- Tata Honeywell

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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