Brazilian Market for Orthopedic Trauma Devices

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In 2011, the total Brazilian market for orthopedic trauma devices was valued at over $460 million. This market includes plates and screws, intramedullary nails, hip intramedullary nails, compression hip screws, cannulated screws and external fixation devices. All of these segments experienced positive growth in 2011, as the aging population and the high number of motor vehicle accidents in Brazil continued to drive demand. The overall market is largely divided in terms of pricing set by the public SUS system and prices influenced by private insurance companies. The ASPs of products purchased through public healthcare are stable; however, there has been a gradual decline in ASPs in the private healthcare sector. Overall, the strong positive growth in all segments will allow the entire market to grow rapidly over the 2011–2018 forecast period.

Scope: This report pertains to a forecast period of 10 years (2008 – 2018) for Brazil.

Report Contents:
- Competitor Analysis
- Identified Strategic Opportunities
- Market Overview by Segment
- Trend Analysis by Segment
- Market Drivers & Limiters
- Mergers & Acquisitions
- Customer Feedback READ MORE >

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  • Acumed
  • Biomecanica
  • GE Hospitalar
  • IOL
  • Orthofix
  • Osteomed
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Executive Summary
1.1 Brazilian Market For Orthopedic Trauma Devices
1.2 Plate & Screw Market
1.3 Intramedullary Nail Market
1.4 Hip Intramedullary Nail Market
1.5 Compression Hip Screw Market
1.6 Cannulated Screw Market
1.7 External Fixation Market
1.8 Leading Competitors

Research Methodology
2.1 Research Scope
2.2 Idata’S 9-Step Methodology
Step 1: Project Initiation & Team Selection
Step 2: Prepare Data Systems And Perform Secondary Research
Step 3: Preparation For Interviews & Questionnaire Design
Step 4: Performing Primary Research
Step 5: Research Analysis: Establishing Baseline Estimates
Step 6: Market Forecast And Analysis
Step 7: Identify Strategic Opportunities
Step 8: Final Review And Market Release
Step 9: Customer Feedback And Market Monitoring

Brazilian Orthopedic Trauma Devices Market
3.1 Introduction Anatomy Pathology And Healing
3.1.2 Treatment Overview Internal Fixation External Fixation
3.1.3 Internal Fixation Plates And Screws Intramedullary Nails Cannulated Screws Compression Hip Screws Hip Intramedullary Nails Pins, Wires And Cables
3.1.4 External Fixation
3.2 Currency Exchange Rate
3.3Market Overview
3.4 Trend Analysis By Segment
3.5Market Drivers And Limiters
3.5.1 Market Drivers
3.5.2 Market Limiters
3.6 Competitive Analysis
3.6.1 Leading Competitors
3.6.2 Market Concentration
3.7Mergers And Acquisitions

Plate & Screw Market
4.1 Introduction
4.1.1 General Product Description
4.1.2 Locking Plates
4.1.3 Hybrid Plates
4.2Market Overview
4.3Market Analysis & Forecast
4.3.1 Plate & Screw Market By Technology Hybrid Plate & Screw Market Locking Plate & Screw Market Standard Plate & Screw Market
4.3.2 Plate & Screw Market By Fragment Size Large Plate & Screw Market Small Plate & Screw Market Mini Plate & Screw Market Plate & Screw Market By Material Stainless Steel Plate & Screw Market Titanium Plate & Screw Market
4.4 Drivers And Limiters
4.4.1 Market Drivers
4.4.2 Market Limiters

Intramedullary Nail Market
5.1 Introduction
5.1.1 Product Description
5.1.2 Efficacy
5.2Market Overview
5.3Market Analysis & Forecast
5.3.1 Intramedullary Nail Market By Technology Humeral Intramedullary Nail Market Femoral Intramedullary Nail Market Tibial Intramedullary Nail Market
5.3.2 Intramedullary Nail Market By Material Stainless Steel Intramedullary Nail Market Titanium Intramedullary Nail Market
5.4 Drivers And Limiters
5.4.1 Market Drivers
5.4.2 Market Limiters

Hip Intramedullary Nail Market
6.1 Introduction
6.2Market Overview
6.3Market Analysis & Forecast
6.3.1 Hip Intramedullary Nail Market By Material Stainless Steel Hip Intramedullary Nail Market Titanium Hip Intramedullary Nail Market
6.4 Drivers And Limiters
6.4.1 Market Drivers
6.4.2 Market Limiters

Compression Hip Screw Market
7.1 Introduction
7.1.1 Product Description
7.1.2 Efficacy
7.2Market Overview
7.3Market Analysis & Forecast
7.3.1 Compression Hip Screw Market By Material Stainless Steel Compression Hip Screw Market Titanium Compression Hip Screw Market
7.4 Drivers And Limiters
7.4.1 Market Drivers
7.4.2 Market Limiters

Cannulated Screw Market
8.1 Introduction
8.1.1 Product Description
8.1.2 Headless Cannulated Screws
8.2Market Overview
8.3Market Analysis & Forecast
8.3.1 Cannulated Screw Market By Size Large Plate & Screw Market Medium Cannulated Screw Market Small Cannulated Screw Market
8.3.2 Cannulated Screw Market By Material Stainless Steel Cannulated Screw Market Titanium Cannulated Screw Market
8.4Market Drivers And Limiters
8.4.1 Market Drivers
8.4.2 Market Limiters

External Fixation Market
9.1 Introduction
9.1.1 Product Description
9.1.2 Efficacy
9.1.3 Radiolucency
9.1.4 Reusability
9.2Market Overview
9.3Market Analysis & Forecast
9.3.1 External Fixation Market By Technology Unilateral External Fixation Market Circular External Fixation Market Hybrid External Fixation Market
9.4 Drivers And Limiters
9.4.1 Market Drivers
9.4.2 Market Limiters

Appendix: Public And Private Market Asps


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- Orthofix
- Baumer
- DePuy
- Biomet
- Smith & Nephew
- Biomecanica
- NeoOrtho
- Osteomed
- Zimmer
- Hexagon
- GM Reis
- Acumed
- GE Hospitalar
- Ortocir
- Sartori
- Ortosintese
- Aesculap
- Traumedica
- Synthes
- Stryker

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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