The Indian Software Products and Packages Market

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  • January 2001
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Information technology has revolutionized the Indian industry just like its counterparts in other global markets. Since the advent of liberalization in the Indian economy in the early ‘90s, growth in the software industry, especially the exports segment has been phenomenal (a Cagr of over 50.0 percent per annum). While most of the domestic majors have done extremely well in the software services segment, the products segment continues to be elusive to domestic majors.

This report offers an in-depth analysis of this hitherto elusive segment of the software industry. The report offers the reader a general overview of the software industry and the value chain that exists in the industry. India’s position in the value chain and its competitive advantages vis-à-vis other global players in the software industry are highlighted.

Details on the overall segmentation of the products segment have also been provided. At the same time, the report focuses mainly on the major segments in the products market where domestic majors have an edge but at the same time offer global majors tremendous potential. For instance, in-depth analysis on the financial accounting category, READ MORE >

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<SPAN class=para><B>" Made In India" - No Longer An Impossible Dream Historical Perspective</B><BR><BR><UL><BR><LI>Huge Population- A Viagra for the Software Industry <BR><LI>The Infant Years <BR><LI>The Growth Phase </LI></UL><BR><P><B>An Overview Of The Indian Software Industry</B><BR><BR><UL><BR><LI>The Indian Advantage <BR><LI>India's Position in the Value Chain </LI></UL><BR><P><B>An Analysis Of The Software Products And Package Market</B><BR><BR><UL><BR><LI>"Bits" of the Software Products and Solutions Market <BR><LI>Domestic Companies Who Make a Difference <BR><LI>The Financial Accounting Segment- Forte of the Domestic Companies <BR><LI>Technology, Economic Considerations & Market Shifts- Key Demand Drivers </LI></UL><BR><P><B>The Emerging Areas Of Growth</B><BR><BR><UL><BR><LI>The Telecom Software Segment- India Rings a Bell <BR><LI>The Embedded Software Segment- Leaving an Impression <BR><LI>The Enterprise Software Segment- Know Thy Customer Well <BR><LI>The Consumer Software Segment- New Windows in the Offing <BR><LI>Software Components- A Small But a Growing Segment </LI></UL><BR><P><B>Offshore Development- Rapidly Gaining Prominence</B><BR><BR><UL><BR><LI>Outsourcing of R&D- An Area of Opportunity for Indian Companies <BR><LI>Hurdles that Prevent the Large-scale Deployment of Outsourced R&D </LI></UL><BR><P><B>Government Initiatives- Catalyzing Growth <BR>Profile Of The Stars In The Products & Packages Market</B><BR><BR><UL><BR><LI>Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)- The Mysterious Market Leader <BR><LI>Infosys Technologies Ltd- A Software Professional™s Dream Job <BR><LI>Ramco Systems- iyMarshallaling its Focus <BR><LI>Geometric Software and Solutions Limited (GSSL) Œ Designing its Future <BR><LI>VisualSoft Technologies Limited- An Unique Revenue Mix <BR><LI>Polaris Software Lab Limited- Banking on Alliances <BR><LI>Hughes Software and Systems Limited- Calling Rapidly </LI></UL><BR><P><STRONG>Prognosis </STRONG><BR><P>Glossary <BR><P>Annexure (1): List of Tables <BR><P>Annexure (2): List of Exhibits </SPAN></P>

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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