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Country Report Congo (Democratic Republic) 1st Quarter

  • ID: 2425025
  • March 2016
  • Region: Democratic Republic of Congo
  • The Economist Intelligence Unit
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The president, Joseph Kabila, and his allies will maintain domination over formal politics, but tensions with the opposition will rise as the authorities seek to delay the November 2016 elections. Violent confrontations are likely.

Weak government control and a lack of effective political reforms mean that militia activities in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will continue to undermine security there.

The government will seek to improve management of the public finances and implement structural reforms, but political instability, vested interests, corruption and bureaucratic inefficiency mean that progress will be slow.

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Country Report Congo (Democratic Republic) 1st Quarter

Outlook for 2016-17

Basic data
Land area
Main towns
Weather in Kinshasa (280 metres above sea level)
Public holidays

Political structure
Official name
Form of state
National legislature
National elections
Head of state
National government
Main political parties
Deputy prime ministers
Key ministers
Central Bank governor

Economic structure: Annual indicators

Economic structure: Quarterly indicators

Outlook for 2016-17: Political stability

Outlook for 2016-17: Election watch

Outlook for 2016-17: International relations

Outlook for 2016-17: Democracy index: Democratic Republic of Congo
Popular trust in state institutions is eroding
Note on methodology

Outlook for 2016-17: Policy trends

Outlook for 2016-17: Fiscal policy

Outlook for 2016-17: Monetary policy

Outlook for 2016-17: International assumptions

Outlook for 2016-17: Economic growth

Outlook for 2016-17: Inflation

Outlook for 2016-17: Exchange rates

Outlook for 2016-17: External sector

Outlook for 2016-17: Forecast summary

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown