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CPV(Concentrated Photovoltaics) Technology and Market Forecast (2009-2020) Product Image

CPV(Concentrated Photovoltaics) Technology and Market Forecast (2009-2020)

  • ID: 2485530
  • October 2012
  • 179 Pages
  • SNE Research


  • Abengoa Solar (Spain)
  • Circadian Solar (UK)
  • Energy Innovations (USA)
  • JX Crystals (USA)
  • Silicon CPV PLC (UK)
  • Soliant Energy Inc. (USA)
  • MORE

The CPV (concentrated photovoltaic) technology started from the concept that inexpensive optical systems can be used to concentrate an equal amount of light as an attempt to reduce silicon consumption when the price of c-Si solar cells was very high in 1980 to 1990s

Concentrated photovoltaics mainly use III-V compound semi-conductor solar cells based on GaAs and InGaP. Due to direct band gaps, they have higher optical absorbance than existing silicon solar cells. Besides, covalent bonds lead to excellent properties. GaAs as a compound semi-conductor is proved to show high reliability even under extreme conditions in the field of semiconductor laser, which has a much more complex structure than solar cells. The biggest advantage of concentrated photovoltaics is that it is possible to remarkably reduce the price of power generation systems by drastically reducing the area of solar cell modules, which are expensive. They are aimed at remarkable reduction in the cost of power generation through low-cost optical systems.

Despite the global economic recession, the CPV market has continued to grow rapidly. For this reason, it is expected that there will be a rapid increase in READ MORE >


  • Abengoa Solar (Spain)
  • Circadian Solar (UK)
  • Energy Innovations (USA)
  • JX Crystals (USA)
  • Silicon CPV PLC (UK)
  • Soliant Energy Inc. (USA)
  • MORE

1. Overview and Basic Principle of Concentrated Photovoltaics (CPVs)
1.1. Overview of CPVs
1.2. Basic Principle of CPVs
1.2.1. Basic Principle of Concentrated System
1.2.2. Basic Principle of Concentrated Optics
1.2.3. CPVs
1.2.4. CSP (Concentrated solar power)
1.3. Components of CPV System
1.3.1. Optics
1.3.2. Thermal Management Unit
1.4. Type of CPV System
1.4.1. Type depending on Concentrating Cost
1.4.2. Type depending on Optical System
1.5. Requirements for CPV Installation
1.5.1. Considerations for Optical Systems
1.5.2. Considerations for PV Efficiency

2. CPV Technology and Price Trend
2.1. CPV Technology Trend by Component
2.1.1. Optics High Concentration Medium Concentration Low Concentration
2.1.2. High efficiency Cells High-efficiency III-V Compound Semiconductor Solar Cell Basic Principle and Structure of III-V Compound Semiconductor Solar Cell Technology Development Trend of III-V Compound Semiconductor Solar Cell
2.1.3. Thermal Management Air Cooling Method Water Cooling Method
2.1.4. Tracker Fixed Tracker
2.1.5. High Concentrating PV Lens type Dish type
2.2. Issue of CPVs
2.3. Empirical Result of CPVs
2.4. Application of CPVs
2.4.1. Application of HCPVs
2.4.2. Application of LCPVs
2.5. CPV Cost Analysis
2.5.1. CPV System Cost Analysis
2.5.2. LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy)
2.5.3. Percentage of Components of CPV System
2.6. Multi-junction III-V Solar Cell Cost Analysis
2.6.1. Epitaxial Process Cost
2.6.2. Fab Process Cost
2.6.3. Device Process Cost
2.6.4. Triple-junction III-V Solar Cell Cost

3. Patent Trend Analysis
3.1. Medium-low Concentrated PV Technology Patent Trend
3.1.1. Technology Development of Major Countries
3.1.2. Analysis by Technology Type History Analysis- ENTECH SOLAR INC History Analysis-SHARP History Analysis-SOLBEAM INC History Analysis-MORI TAKASHI History Analysis-Mario Rabinowitz, Redwood City History Analysis by Key Technology (Solar Cell (AA)) History Analysis by Key Technology (Concentrated System (AB))
3.2. High Concentrated PV Technology Patent Trend
3.2.1. Technology Development of Major Countries
3.2.2. Analysis by Specific Technology History Analysis-Emcore Solar Power History Analysis-SHARP History Analysis- CANON History Analysis-Concentrix Solar History Analysis-Emcore Corporation

4. CPV Company Trend by CPV Technology
4.1. Lens-type CPV
4.1.1. Amonix Inc. (USA)
4.1.2. Guascor Foton (Spain)
4.1.3. Concentrix Solar GmbH (Germany)
4.1.4. Emcore Corporation (USA)
4.1.5. Sol 3G (Spain)
4.1.6. Opel International Inc. (Canada)
4.1.7. Arima Ecoenergy (Taiwan)
4.1.8. Everphoton Energy Corporation (Taiwan)
4.1.9. Soliant Energy Inc. (USA)
4.1.10. Sunrgi (USA)
4.1.11. ES System (Korea)
4.1.12. Solar Tec International AG (Germany)
4.1.13. Circadian Solar (UK)
4.1.14. Energy Innovations (USA)
4.1.15. Silicon CPV PLC (UK)
4.1.16. Pacific Solartech Inc. (USA)
4.1.17. Green & Gold Energy (Australia)
4.1.18. Pyron Solar (USA)
4.1.19. Sempra?�s (USA)
4.2. Dish type CPV
4.2.1. SolFocus Inc. (USA)
4.2.2. Greenvolts (USA)
4.2.3. Solar Systems PTY, Ltd. (Australia)
4.2.4. Megawatt Solar (USA)
4.2.5. C Power SRL (Italy)
4.2.6. Whitfield Solar Ltd (UK)
4.2.7. Zytech Solar (Spain)
4.2.8. JX Crystals (USA)
4.2.9. Abengoa Solar (Spain)
4.2.10. Skyline Solar (USA)
4.2.11. Prism Solar Technologies, Inc. (USA)
4.2.12. Cool Earth Solar (USA)

5. Current Status and Forecast of CPV Market
5.1. Global PV Market Forecast (2006~2020)
5.2. CPV Market and Price Forecast (2009~2020)
5.2.1. CPV Market Size and Market Share (2009~2020)
5.2.2. Classification of CPV System by Type (2009~2020)
5.2.3. CPV Price and Revenue (2009~2020)

6. Index
6.1. Figure
6.2. Table

- Abengoa Solar (Spain)
- Amonix Inc. (USA)
- Arima Ecoenergy (Taiwan)
- C Power SRL (Italy)
- Circadian Solar (UK)
- Concentrix Solar GmbH (Germany)
- Cool Earth Solar (USA)
- Dish type CPV
- ES System (Korea)
- Emcore Corporation (USA)
- Energy Innovations (USA)
- Everphoton Energy Corporation (Taiwan)
- Green & Gold Energy (Australia)
- Greenvolts (USA)
- Guascor Foton (Spain)
- JX Crystals (USA)
- Megawatt Solar (USA)
- Opel International Inc. (Canada)
- Pacific Solartech Inc. (USA)
- Prism Solar Technologies, Inc. (USA)
- Pyron Solar (USA)
- Sempra?�s (USA)
- Silicon CPV PLC (UK)
- Skyline Solar (USA)
- Sol 3G (Spain)
- SolFocus Inc. (USA)
- Solar Systems PTY, Ltd. (Australia)
- Solar Tec International AG (Germany)
- Soliant Energy Inc. (USA)
- Sunrgi (USA)
- Whitfield Solar Ltd (UK)
- Zytech Solar (Spain)

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