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Statoil ASA Company Intelligence Report

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  • May 2013
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Statoil ASA Company Intelligence Report


Statoil ASA (Statoil) is an integrated oil and gas energy company with a presence across the entire oil and gas value chain. The company’s headquarters are located in Norway and it has business operations in 41 countries worldwide. Apart from Norway, the company has business operations in the US, Canada, Cuba, the Bahamas, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Suriname, Algeria, Angola, Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, Tanzania, Mozambique, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, the UK, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Sweden and China. The company’s major business activities can be categorized as follows: exploration; development and production of crude oil and natural gas; transportation and processing of gas and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG); and marketing and sale of crude oil and refined products. Statoil’s operations are managed through various operating segments which include Development and Production Norway (DPN), Development and Production North America (DPNA), Development and Production International (DPI), Marketing, Processing and Renewable Energy (MPR), Statoil Fuel and Retail (SFR), and Other.


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1.1 List of Tables
1.2 List of Figures
2 Statoil ASA, Company Overview
3 Statoil ASA, Key Highlights
3.1 Key Projects to Support Production Growth
3.2 Strengthening of Upstream Operations
3.2.1 DPN Projects to Drive Company’s Future Production Growth
3.2.2 International Projects to Drive Company’s Future Production Growth
3.3 Technological Expertise across the Oil and Gas Value Chain
3.3.1 Drilling and Well
3.3.2 Enhancing Downstream Activities
4 Statoil ASA, SWOT Analysis
4.1 Strengths
4.1.1 Substantial Exploration Success Leads to High Resource Base
4.1.2 Strong Development of Reserves
4.1.3 Strong Position in Gas
4.1.4 Robust Financial Performance
4.2 Weaknesses
4.2.1 Low Reserve Replacement Ratio
4.2.2 Growth in Production Lagging Behind Growth in Reserve Base
4.3 Opportunities
4.3.1 Exploring Renewable and Unconventional Energy Sources
4.3.2 Diversified Asset Portfolio
4.3.3 NCS Revitalization
4.3.4 Extensive Offshore Footprint Driven by Technology
4.4 Threats
4.4.1 Energy Resources in Harsh Environments
5 Statoil ASA, Goals and Strategies
5.1 Increased Global Focus on Upstream Activities with Emphasis on the NCS
5.2 Focus on US Unconventional Plays
5.3 Creating Value from Gas
5.4 Developing Renewable Sources of Energy for Sustainable Long-Term Growth
6 Statoil ASA, Production and Asset Profile
6.1 Production Profile
6.2 Asset Profile
6.2.1 Norwegian Continental Shelf
7 Statoil ASA, Exploration and Development Overview
7.1 Norwegian Continental Shelf
7.1.1 North Sea
7.1.2 Norwegian Sea
7.1.3 Barents Sea
7.2 International Exploration
7.2.1 Canada
7.2.2 The US
7.3 Brazil
7.4 Angola
7.5 East Africa
7.6 Algeria
7.7 The UK
7.8 Ireland
7.9 Azerbaijan
7.10 Russia
7.11 Iraq
7.12 Egypt
7.13 Indonesia
8 Marketing Processing and Renewable Energy
8.1.1 MPR Activities
9 Capital Expenditure
9.1 Costs Incurred
10 Acreage
11 Statoil ASA, M&A Highlights
12 Statoil ASA, Forecast Production and Financial Statements
12.1 Income Statement (2010–2017)
12.2 Balance Sheet (2010–2017)
12.3 Cash Flow Statement (2010–2017)
12.4 Financial Ratios
13 Statoil ASA, Valuation
13.1 Discounted Cash Flow Methodology
14 Statoil ASA, Peer Comparison
14.1 Share Price Performance
14.2 Operational and Financial Performance
14.3 Key Financial and Operational Ratio
15 Appendix
15.1 Abbreviations
15.2 Sources
15.3 Methodology
15.3.1 Coverage
15.3.2 Secondary Research
15.3.3 Primary Research
15.4 Contact Us
15.5 Disclaimer

1.1 List of Tables
Table 1: Statoil ASA, Prospects in Norway, 2014-2018
Table 2: Statoil ASA, Prospects Outside Norway, International, 2011-2017
Table 3: Statoil ASA, Production Estimates and Forecast (mmboe), 2009–2017
Table 4: Statoil ASA, Total Liquids and Natural Gas Production, mmboe, 2009–2012
Table 5: Statoil ASA, Costs Incurred, (US$m), 2009–2012
Table 6: Statoil ASA, Reserve Replacement Ratio and Finding and Development Cost, 2009–2012
Table 7: Statoil, Major Transactions as a Buyer, 2011–2012
Table 8: Statoil, Major Transactions as a Seller, 2011–2012
Table 9: Statoil ASA, Historical and Forecast Production, 2010–2017
Table 10: GlobalData, Price Forecasts, 2013–2017
Table 11: Statoil ASA, Income Statement (US$m), 2010–2017
Table 12: Statoil ASA, Balance Sheet (US$m), 2010–2017
Table 13: Statoil ASA, Cash Flow Statement (US$m), 2010–2017
Table 14: Statoil ASA, Profitability Ratios, 2010–2017
Table 15: Statoil ASA, Other Financial Ratios, 2010–2017
Table 16: Statoil ASA, Free Cash Flow Calculation (US$m), 2012
Table 17 : Statoil ASA, DCF Calculation, 2012
Table 18: Statoil ASA and its Peers, Operational and Financial Performance, 2011
Table 19: Statoil ASA and its Peer Group Comparison, Financial Ratios, 2012

1.2 List of Figures
Figure 1: Statoil ASA, Operational Overview, 2012
Figure 2: Statoil ASA, Performance Charts, 2009–2012
Figure 3: Statoil ASA, Share Price Performance, March 2012–March 2013
Figure 4: Statoil ASA, Outside Norway
Figure 5: Statoil ASA, Research Centers and Offices, Norway and Canada
Figure 6: Statoil ASA, Global Exploration Activity, 2012
Figure 7: Statoil ASA, Capital Expenditure and Cash Flow from Operations Pattern
Figure 8: Statoil ASA, Total Liquids and Gas Production (mmboe), 2009–2017
Figure 9: Statoil ASA, Total Liquids and Natural Gas Production Mix (%), 2009–2012
Figure 10: Statoil ASA, Fields Under Development in the NCS, 2012
Figure 11: Statoil ASA, Operations North, NCS, 2012
Figure 12: Statoil ASA, Operations West, Norway, 2012
Figure 13: Statoil ASA, Operations North Sea East, NCS, 2012
Figure 14: Statoil ASA, Operations North Sea South, NCS, 2012
Figure 15: Statoil ASA, Canada Operations, 2012
Figure 16: Statoil ASA, US Operations, 2012
Figure 17: Statoil ASA, Angola Operations, 2012
Figure 18: Statoil’s International Exploration and Production Areas, 2012
Figure 19: Statoil ASA, Operational Map, Brazil, 2012
Figure 20: Statoil ASA, Operational Map, Indonesia, 2012
Figure 21: Statoil’s Capital Expenditure Outlook 2013–2016
Figure 22: Statoil ASA, Capital Expenditure by Segment (%), 2012
Figure 23: Statoil ASA, Costs Incurred (US$m), 2009–2012
Figure 24: Statoil ASA, Reserve Replacement Ratio and Finding and Development Cost, 2009–2012
Figure 25: Statoil ASA Versus Peers Acreage Comparison (Million Acres), 2011
Figure 26: Statoil ASA and its Peers, Relative Share Price Performance, %, January 2012– December 2012
Figure 27: Statoil ASA and its Peers, Total Production and Reserves (mmboe), 2011
Figure 28: Statoil ASA, Financial Parameters, 2012
Figure 29: Statoil Reserve Life Index (in Years), 2012
Figure 30: Statoil and its Peers, Valuation Ratios, 2011

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown