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US Luxury Jewelry Snapshot Report 2013: Affluent Customers' Jewelry and Jewelers Brand Preferences Product Image

US Luxury Jewelry Snapshot Report 2013: Affluent Customers' Jewelry and Jewelers Brand Preferences

  • ID: 2634706
  • June 2013
  • Region: United States
  • 95 Pages
  • Unity Marketing

A short, but sweet report with key facts and figures on the luxury market for jewelry. Entitled the Luxury Jewelry Snapshot Report 2013. This succinct trend report presents the busy marketer with "just the facts, ma'am" in order to help them assess opportunities and shifts in what jewelry products affluent consumers are buying, how much they are spending and the trends in where they are making their purchases.

It includes details, facts and figures taken from Unity Marketing's Luxury Report 2013: The Ultimate FIve-Year Guide to the Luxury Consumer Market, which is based upon quarterly surveys among 1,000-1,200 affluent consumers (incomes $100,000 and above) conducted throughout 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012.

Contained in this new concise snapshot report are these essential facts and figures that can give direction to luxury marketers' business and strategic plans.

- What jewelry items, including men and women's jewelry items, are of most of interest to affluent consumers and how these items are trending year-over-year both in terms of purchase incidence and spending.
- Trends in men and women's jewelry purchases by material (i.e. gold, silver, platinum, etc.) and READ MORE >

Unity Marketing's annual state of the luxury market report
Affluents in the Driver’s Seat of U.S. Economy
Luxury Tracking Survey Methodology
Figure 1: Survey Sample Income Distribution for Weighting
Figure 2: Real and Weighted Survey Samples, 2008-2012
Luxury Trend Report Included with Luxury Report 2013
Quarterly Compilation of Luxury Consumers’ Purchases
Sample Demographics
Income demographics
Figure 3: Income Sample
Figure 4: Dual-income or single earner
Figure 5: Quarterly Income Averages 2011-2012
Figure 6: Income Changes in Last Recession (U.S. Census Bureau)
Net Worth
Figure 7: Net Worth
Figure 8: Gender distribution
Age Distribution
Figure 9: Age Distribution
Young and Mature Affluents
Figure 10: Generations
Occupation & Employment
Figure 11: Occupation
Other Demographic Variables
Figure 12: Educational Attainment
Figure 13: Marital Status
Figure 14: Home Ownership
Figure 15: Ethnicity

Chapter 1: About the Luxury Market
2013 Sales Year Off to Rocky Start as Affluent Consumer Confidence Tanks
Figure 16: Luxury Consumption Index (LCI)
The Consumer Economy at Large
Figure 17: Personal Consumption Expenditures 2004-2012 (BEA)
Figure 18: Change in Personal Consumption Expenditures, 2004-2012 (BEA)
What’s Hot, What’s Not in the Overall Consumer Economy
Past Five Years of Luxury in Review
Figure 19: Total Luxury Consumer Spending Quarter-to-Quarter 2008 thru 2012
Figure 20: Total Annual Luxury Spending, 2008-2012
Figure 21: Quarterly Percentage Change in Luxury Consumer Spending 2008 thru 2012
Figure 22: Quarterly Luxury Consumer Spending 2009-2012 by Income Segment
Figure 23: Purchase Incidence Luxury 2008-2012
Figure 24: Quarterly Luxury Spending by Age Segments, 2010-2012
Future of Luxury Market
Figure 25: U.S. Households by Income
Figure 26: Household Income Quintiles by Age
Demographics of Affluence
Figure 27: Average Income of Top Quintile Households
Figure 28: U.S. Household Income 2000-2011
More Demographic Characteristics of Affluent Consumer Market
Diversity among Affluents
Figure 29: Number Affluent Households by Ethnicity
Figure 30: Top 20% Income earners by Ethnicity
Age of Affluence
Figure 31: Income by Age
Figure 32: Number of Consumers in Window of Affluence
Figure 33: Population Projections 25-54 through 2020
New Luxury Market Paradigm — From Things to Experiences
Figure 34: Source of Greatest Luxury Satisfactions (2011)
Demographic distinctive
Figure 35: Source of Greatest Luxury Satisfactions by Age
Figure 36: Experiences Source of Greatest Happiness & Satisfaction by Age

Chapter 2: Personal Luxury Purchases Detail
Highlights of Personal Luxury Purchases
Figure 37: Personal Luxuries Percentage Change in Spending 2011-2012
Personal Luxury Demand
Figure 38: Personal Luxury Demand, as measured by Purchase Incidence, 2008-2012
Personal Luxuries Spending
Figure 39: Personal Luxury Spending, 2008-2012
Personal Luxury Spending by Demographic Segments
Figure 40: Personal Luxury Spending by Demographic Spending, 2009-2012
What’s Hot, What's Not in the Personal Luxury Market
Figure 41: Top Ten Fastest Growing Products and Biggest Losers in Personal Luxury Market, 2011-2012
Figure 42: Top Shopping Destinations for Personal Luxury Products, 2011-2012

Chapter 3: Jewelry Purchase Details
Amount Spent on Jewelry
Figure 43: Jewelry Spending by Demographic Segment, 2010-2012
Type of Jewelry Bought
Figure 44: Estimated Spending on Women's & Men's Jewelry, 2008-2012
Type of Women’s Jewelry Bought
Figure 45: Estimated Spending on Women's Jewelry by Product Type, 2008-2012
Women's Material of Composition
Figure 46: Estimated Spending on Women's Jewelry by Material , 2008-2012
Figure 47: Estimated Sales of Women's Jewelry by Gemstone, 2008-2012
Type of Men’s Jewelry Bought
Figure 48: Type of Men's Jewelry Bought, 2008-2012
Men's Material of Composition
Figure 49: Men's Jewelry: Material of Composition, 2008-2012
Where People Shopped for Jewelry
Figure 50: Estimated Spending on Jewelry by Type of Store, 2008-2012
Jewelry Brand Usage
Figure 51: Jewelry Brand Usage, 2008-2012
Jewelry Retailer Brand Usage
Figure 52: Jewelry Store Usage, 2011-2012

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